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1 The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Wed Nov 22, 2017 10:47 am

On a ship about to dock on a new island someone hasn't been on was fast a sleep on the deck. A boy who had never seen the outside world or know much about it, all he wanted to do was to travel and work his way up to be this king of the pirates he had heard so much about in the stories. He liked only one of them, even though he was long dead it would have been amazing to meet them. This boy name was Rell and he lived on an island his whole life training, learning, and dreaming about the world he will step on one day. The captain of the ship walked over to him and woke him up without any effort, Rell opened his eyes and rushed over to the side of the ship. He look at an island he had never seen before with a big smile on his face. The captain told him this  was called the island of dreams, Rell didn't care for the name, right now his stomach his empty and he wanted to eat something fast.

After thanking the captain for bringing him here, he jumped off the ship, landing on the docks and ran into the town on the island. So many new faces and so many new things to see, Rell couldn't be more happier to explore this land. He still had a few objectives to make in order to advance. Find a crew, get a ship, and set sail. This are the tree things on his mind mainly right now, but right now food is on the brain. He ran around for a bit until he found himself a bar, Rell only known about the bar on his island, he eagerly walked inside with so many strangers around talking, eating, and drinking.Walking to the bar and taking a seat on the stool he asked the bartender to cook up the house special.

After waiting for a while for his food finally came, he took the plate of food and looked at it closely with hungry eyes. It appeared to be a seafood special, a plate full with nothing but different kinds of seafood. He payed the bartender the amount of beli for the food and started eating. The way he ate was almost like an animal, he just kept on eating like it was going to run away if he didn't.

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2 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:48 am

Taking a drink thinking things over. Zeal loved to.come to this bar to relax after all he owned the place. Smiling as he gotten closer to his goal at large. But Still was having trouble about that damn celestial dragon. He jugged down the sake asking the bartender to pour him up another. Within no time he drunk ateast 10 cups of the stuff. Yet he was not drunk not even a little. Zeal saw some strange boy come into the bar than ask for some food. What he received was the bars famous seafish dish. After paying the bartender off the boy began to eat at a rapid pace. Easily devouring all in his sight. Zeal wondering how a underage boy got into the bar to began with. But really didn't think much on it. Seeing the young lad Zeal walked and sat by him. Looking at the young lad eat, dn kiddo you really eating like you ain't eat in days. Tell me your attire you wearing. Is not of this island kingdom. So what brings a lad like you to these parts of paradise aye. Zeal looked at the young lad with the fur hat smiling. He took another sip of his sake looking on at the boy. Wondering just who is he and where did he come from. A far away place maybe. This island is known to get some pretty strange people now and then. Zeal wonder who could this one be.

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3 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Wed Nov 22, 2017 12:36 pm

As he ate his food he notice a stranger sitting next to him, he didn't know what anything about this guy, but he looked beat up for some reason. He ate the whole plate by the time he talked to him. He licked the plate a little and asked for another order of the same thing. He listened to the man's question, so he gave him answers. He adjusted his hat a bit and smiled "Heh, well stranger, my name is Seeker D. Rell, but you can call me Rell. I'm from an island in the east blue, I was brought here so I can start my journey. Plus this food he just to good not to eat!" He bartender brought another plate of food and Rell happily paid him, then started to eat.

As he ate he kept talking. "My journey is to find a ship,
find a crew, and set sail and work my way up to be king of the pirates!"
He said that last part a little to loud since he was excited. He couldn't help it since this is the first time he is talking to someone outside his island. "I'm also looking for a devil fruit because they sound so cool!" He put the empty plate to the side and rest his head.

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4 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Wed Nov 22, 2017 5:57 pm

He laughed at the boy in a friendly way as he talked a good talk. He looked up than back down at him smiling. Well Rell I'm Ziro Z Zeal but most people here call me king Zeal. So you say you want to be king of Pirates huh. He laughed yet again at the hypr Rell. Saying such a thing, you know there is a pirate king at the moment and he is a bad ass. You say you want a devil fruit well there are deadly people be whom doesn't even own a devil fruit. Say this island will soon be under a new rule. What if I told you I could help you out. Zeal had his cup refilled as he took a sip of more sake. Zeal started to slowly spin the cup of sake around. Looking back at the boy. He smiles,I got a ship it's such a powerful one as well say what if I let you use it we could sail together maybe you could even become pirate king. I mean I am a king and son of a Gorosei after all. Being royal is in my blood.
However all is not good in paradise Rell so let me ask. What is this crew of yours named.Also I don't seem to have you down with a bounty so that let's me know your a rookie with a no name.
He looked as the boy rest his head looking at the fur hat. I know I'll cat you fur hat Rell for now.

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5 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Thu Nov 23, 2017 10:59 pm

He looked at him with a bit of a poker face, then it slowly turned into a smile once again. He listened to everything he had to say, then responded to everything he said.  "Heh, I don't care for any other pirate king at all. I going to be king because I want to." He lift his head up and took off his head and placed it on the bar table. "I read so much of a certain pirate king,
his name is Monkey D. Luffy! He carried a straw hat all the way to the one piece along with his friends."
He placed his hat back on his head and looked right at Zeal. "I don't know anything about the outside world or even who this Gorosei guy is at, but you seem cool if you are offering me all this! I might not have a bounty yet, but I want my crew, the Fur Hat Pirates to set sail." He stood up from his seat.

"However, before I do set sail from this island, I want to make sure a devil fruit isn't hiding here from me. I saw a forest when I got here so I'll look there now!" He ran out the bar with excitement on his face, heading to the forest near the kingdom." He was so full of energy, more then nothing right now he wanted to find himself a fruit and use it with his own style he learned back home.

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6 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Fri Nov 24, 2017 7:24 pm

Zeal looked at the boy as he explained himself putting his hat down. After talking about a legend he put his hat back on. Zeal smiled at the boy as he took off. Talking about a devil fruit well 90% of paradise had one. Most didn't realize how to use such a powerful fruit or a useless 1. Zeal looked at the fur hat boy as he ranned out the bar. Zeal smiled at the thought of what if he do become such a thing. Zeal took himself a bottle of sake and a few cups as well. Zeal planned on helping this boy out. But he didn't want to ruin his reputation at the same time. However to get to the top there is no such thing as clean hands. Zeal had it in his mind to change how he looked. Seeing as that celestial dragon is roaming on his island. Now will be the time to go out and about to see the view. To understand the world better this kid might be his best bet at the moment. Zeal soon went after the fur hat boy. Looking for him as he saw him by the Forrest gat way. Zeal smiled looking at him. You know pirate king I'll help you get this ummmm devil fruit of yours.
I'm guessing that's why you came here. But after that we leave here at once you see I need to leave here for awhile a y how. So what type you evening looking for hell what you trynna get out of it.
Zeal ask the fur hat boy this question with the intention to Know how he could help out in anyway. There was no time to waste as Zeal smiled along.

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7 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Sat Nov 25, 2017 11:12 am

As he ran through the town he made sure to take a quick look at all his sides as he keeps going to the forest. Once he passed the forest gate and was surrounded by trees and starts to smell his surroundings. The smell of the forest was new, but somewhat the same to him. Being near a forest and training with in it for all these years, he developed a kind of super smell. Rell is an odd one that's for sure, but he is still full of energy. Once he heard Zeal he turned to him and said. "A devil fruit isn't easy to find you know. Sometimes they are hiding in plain sight and you might not know it. I'll find a devil fruit on my own, all I just need to do is find a new smell. I mean I never smelled a devil fruit before!"

He starts to climb a tree and smelled around again, once he did that he continued to tree to tree in order to find a new smell that could be a devil fruit. Zeal could be following him form under him. Rell talked to him for a bit as he continues"Why do we need to go in a hurry, aren't you some kind of king or something?"

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8 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Sat Nov 25, 2017 1:10 pm

Zeal laughing as the boy hope from tree to tree. All the while trailing him for a certain amount of time. Zeal knew everything about the island green life even how far this place was. This was the mainland Forrest something which b was not as big. As the island Forrest of the other island. Zeal smiling at the fur hat boy,not some kind of king I a king.
But I need more you see I want more. There's these places I must go I must see. I have to understand why the world is the way it is. Like is it truly hell like a revolution member say or is it paradise like a noble would tell you. That's why when we go out to sea. You must not tell a soul who I really am. I'm going to be in a cover up that's for damn sure.
Zeal continue to walk as he had a brick in his hand. He was shaping the stone into a mask of some sort. He would than thin out the heavyset stone mask. He looked back up at the fur hat boy,I mean devil fruits are cool and all. But did you know there are stronger beings without such power. Like a haki master did you also know a yonko was killed by a man without a devil fruit and so was his devil fruit crew.
To be frank they was strong in their own right.
Zeal now had his mask own as it was a rock version of what was to come.So when you find this devil fruit than what.

Don't be fooled by the truth after all lying is part of the seven deadly sins.
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9 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:55 pm

As he moved he listened to every word his new friend was telling him, in truth he had no idea what he was talking about, but it sounded serious to him. Even though he is in some paradise, he doesn't want to stay there for the rest of his life or anything. He starts to smell something new, jumping off the tree he was on a landed in front of a old dead looking tree. He smelled closely at it and smiled. He however did not see the mans devil fruit power.

"Hmm a new smell..." He said under his breath, then he turned to Zeal. "Well, I don't know who you are anyways, but I like to think of you as my first friend out here since your offering so much. The sea is a vast place I want to explore and as for those strong guys you talked about I don't care about they're own power, I want a devil fruit because I want one. I read about the forbidden fruits from a book when I was a kid. All the known fruits were written in that book and I wanted to use at least one of them." He turned back to the tree and knocked on it, feeling that it was hollow inside. He balled his fist up and punched a hole in the tree, since it was dead it was very easy to break. Inside of that dead tree was a devil fruit, connected to a single stem. Rell pulled it out and looked at it closely. Seeing the pattern and the color, there was no doubt in his mind this isn't that devil fruit. He held it tight and jumped in the air with joy.

"I found one! I found a devil fruit, but not just any devil fruit. It's the Kopi Kopi no Mi! Aka the Copy Copy Fruit!"  He showed him the fruit. "I knew if a new smell came up it would be a devil fruit. This fruit has the ability to let me copy others abilities, as well as other devil fruit users!" After showing and explaining it to him, he starts to eat the fruit fast. Also tries hard not to spit it out because of the taste. After finishing he stick his tongue out. "Eww...I read that it taste bad,
but I wish it was sweeter."

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10 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Sat Nov 25, 2017 8:15 pm

Zeal looked at the boy smelling his self around smiling as he does so. Seeing the boy go from tree to tree was something of the sort. Zeal smiled as the boy landed on his two feet just 8 meters away from a dead great tree. The young boy than explained how he wanted a devil fruit of his own. Just to have such a great power to call his own. The fur hat boy than ran to the tree and knocked on it. Before he broke it's front entrance down and went inside. Zeal looked on,there are a many trees like this around here I never wonder inside of them tho. The boy than went inside to see a devil fruit cover in vines of a sort.Zeal was wondering why he kept saying smell. Damn yo noise is something else I don't even want to know how you did such a thing. Oh wait I do seeing the fur hat boy say it was the copy copy fruit. Next he bite the fruit and began to eat the entire thing. With such a bitter face indeed the taste Zeal just knew was terrible beyond belief. Zeal looked at the fur hat boy after he eating the fruit. You do know you only had to bite the fruit just 1 time to gain it's power right. How odd of you to eat the whole thing. Your face says it all and another thing so how does this power of yours work.
Zeal looked on waiting for his response thinking of how he called him first friend. He looked at him, Anyways let's get going okay best if we keep moving on the low we have to leave this kingdom.

Don't be fooled by the truth after all lying is part of the seven deadly sins.
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11 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:18 pm

He smiled at him. "The thing about me, I always finish my food." He leaned back on the tree and sat down to relax himself with a happy little smile on his face. Now that he has the kopi kopi no mi he now has a chance to try all the kinds of devil fruits he can get his hands on. However he can't test that now, he needs to find another devil fruit user in order to try it out in the first place. He looked up to Zeal. "Now that I got this I can copy anyone I want, in fact I could copy you and look like you if I wanted." Little did he know that Zeal was a devil fruit user himself, but in time he will learn that sooner or later.

He jumped off from where he was sitting a look a look around the forest. "You told me you can give me a ship and join my crew, there is no taking that back. Let's sail the seas and make are dreams come true, I want to see the outside world be become king of the pirates. I'm sure that straw hat that Luffy wore is at the one piece. I'll go there and place my hat next to his, then I can be happy for a life time." He laughed to the sky for the dream he is chasing.


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12 Re: The birth of the Fur Hat Pirates! on Sat Nov 25, 2017 9:39 pm

Zeal looked at him smiling and a big smile it was. Zeal knew he had to leave this here island and fast. Otherwise his life was sure to end and by looking at this boy Zeal knew it was something about him to make him join up. Zeal looked to the sky and back at the fur hat boy. Ok than alright it's a done deal the crew is formed we will gain more members soon. But for now we will do plus we got others helping. I'm going to take you to my ship which is now our ship it's called the almighty. Once we get on it there's no turning back. Captain our adventures just beginning so don't let me down.
But there is something I want you to help me with in time. But for right now all that matter is we get out of here in one piece.
Zeal looked around to see if the coast was clear thinking to himself. They was in the dark Forrest deep within it. A connection between the 3rd and 4th islands. Zeal would soon know Young was still lurking to take his throne. But it was ok Zeal had other plans.The ship not to far from it's right around the way. Let's go and keep your head up time we get lost like for real. Zeal began to walk towards his ship joining up with the captain of the Fur Hat Pirates.


Don't be fooled by the truth after all lying is part of the seven deadly sins.
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