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Task II:

Task Name: Danger! Danger!
Tier: 2
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal:
After placing his order at Water 7, Kiretsu's men receive word that Siegfried's present on the island. Kirestu sends Pollux a summons and he refuses, so things get a little ticklish.
Enemy Details:
250 Kiretsu's Zombie Army
Boss: Yes

Zombie Army :

Boss Name: Level 2 Zombies
Tier: 3
Zombie vessels containing the shadows of former Big Named Blue Rookies from West to the North Blue. Each of them are skilled in weapon arts and feel no pain.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: N/A
250 Various Tier 4 Weapons Made of Steel
Strength: 5
Durability: 4
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

[Task] Danger! Danger!  FpB6C6A

In every household in Water 7, a Video Transponder Box, or VTB is placed in every household. It's a localised system used to distribute news, programs and deals by local businesses and the government of Water 7, instructed by the Mayor, Victor C. Every midday, this exact live stream or broadcast occurs via the VTB using the Snail Transponders. "HEYO!" Ginger exclaimed via the taping. "How's everyone doing!?" she continued. "My name is Ginger. I'm the Host of Water 7 News! Today we have a pack schedule for ya! So stay strapped into your seats." Ginger said, winking towards the Camera Den Den and smiling slightly. Ginger almost looked like a doll, she'd had long Pink Hair, with Red Irises, and a black rim around the outline of her eyes centre. She stood at around 6'5 in heels, 5'9 ft in regular standing, and in front of a desk with a sign reading 'Water 7' news, daily, she'd report on situations going on in Water 7. Today, she'd report about her Hotel being targeted by terrorist attacks and the incident in the harbour, urging anyone with information to come forward to the local authorities. As the program ended, the all zombie staff would turn off the transponder, and her personal aide, Frederick, would read her the schedule for today. "Ginger. Today you'll have to go and assess the damage done to your downtown Hotel. Also, the other Captain's want to have a meeting about the Young Lord's Fiesta." Frederick reported. Lounging back in her chair, arching her slender shoulders against the chairs back, her eyes would turn all black. "More meetings... I just want build my Hotel back. Tch. That's going to be a pain in the ass too. Kiretsu's going to blow his fucking cool when he finds out all of the those potential buyers died in my hotel." Ginger said in very crude way, much different from her on air, bubbly persona. "Then there's the issue of Galley-La..." Frederick continued on. "Them again." the woman retorted scoffing. "It's either they pay the needed tax or become 'abominations'." Ginger exclaimed, with a very pissed off expression. "Ma'am... That's not probable. Galley-La are currently the bread and butter of Water 7. We haven't been exactly able to penetrate into Slave Trade as much since the boss became a Royal Warlord. Combined between your properties and them, that's the bulk of our income's net worth." Frederick commented. "Turning them into 'Abominations', that'd be like stabbing the hand that feeds us, quite literally too." Frederick concluded. "What do you suggest we do then, Frederick?" Ginger inquired. Adjusting his spectacles, "I'll handle that. Give me a day or two." Frederick said grinning.

The hierarchy of Water 7 in these times goes as follows, Kiretsu Morishige and his crew oversee the day to day operations of Water 7, this goes for protecting the citizens, in conjunction with the local Navy, from terrorists and criminal attempts. Below them, the figure face of Water 7 is the Mayor, Victor C. Victor is the major face of Water 7, and on the surface, he's actually respected as the figurehead in charge of the city. Kiretsu and Victor butt heads quite often on public policy and laws, before Kiretsu, Water 7 was ran by four judicial powers, each of which, Kiretsu found them charged with counts of Human Trafficking and Weapon Smuggling. By doing so, Kiretsu became the hero of the people, obtaining the three former public positions, merging them and declaring himself, Governor For The People. The three positions garnered him, the ability to write public policies, the ability to abolish laws and the ability to supersede the Mayor's Objections to the passing of policy, basically, it gave him control of Water 7 Laws and Governance. As Mayor, Victor could've only oppose Kiretsu using public opinions and for awhile, he'd managed to balance the power struggle with his years of political support. However, Kiretsu passed a law called the 'Abomination Law' that changed everything. Using what could only be described as magic, Kiretsu robbed law breakers of their ability to walk amongst the living, or more so the day dwellers. Instead of incarceration, Abominations were given odd jobs during the night, cleaning up Water 7 and patrolling to name a few. However, during the day, they'd be forced in the contents of their house. Abominations were forbidden from taking their life or ill treating their bodies, any breaking off this law would be enforced with fines on their family name, as opposed to the offenders in question. Through this, many citizens became indebted, and the once hero, now ruled the city with a tight iron grip from the shadows.

[Task] Danger! Danger!  Galeera-gebaeude

Arriving at Galley-La, Siegfried opened the smaller gate which led into the main yard. Wearing his sleeping mask by his forehead, a Navy Blue Bomber with a Dragon Embroidered Stitching on it's back, a long greyish jeans, a long sleeve white shirt with black stripes and his metal tipped boots, he'd step into the yard and shout, "Cheers! Anyone around!?" Siegfried exclaimed. A tiny tomboyish girl by the name of Anya came scuttling towards the gate with a panic expression on her face. Stopping right in front of Siegfried, the girl would look up towards the man's spiky hair, "Look Turf Head... I don't know what you want but if it's about a ship... Now isn't the best time to ask for one. Come back in the next few days." Anya explained. "Kishi Kishi... What a rude kid." Siegfried said. "Kid!? I'll have you know I'm sixteen! I'm just little behind the average girl okay! Turf Head!" Anya shouted. Kneeling down to the girl's height, Siegfried flicked her on her forehead playfully. Yawning, "I can't comeback I'm afraid. I need my ship as soon as possible. I'm already behind schedule." Siegfried said grinning. Rubbing her forehead, "Why you little! The Head Forman isn't in the best moods right now kay! I'm telling you it's better-" Anya's plea was cancelled out by a loud cry from further down in the shipyard. "WHO THE FUCK DOES THIS PUNK THINK HE IS!?" a voice bellowed out. Turning towards the kid, "I guess now isn't a good time is it? Why is he so gassed?" Siegfried asked. "Ughh... It's this new tax thing... We have to pay money to the government for every vessel we make. We we're barely getting by with the last tax... this new one is ridiculous." Anya exclaimed saddened. Lunging upward from his knelt position, Sieg would blow pass the kid and head towards the noise and subsequent profanity being belted in the yard. "Kiretsu and his lackies have taken this way too far... If we have to pay this tax.. along with our other expenses... We'll have to up our pricing." the Head Foreman exclaimed. Arriving at the area in the yard, Siegfried walked over to the Foreman, picking up the balled up paper on the ground, reading the deceleration. Whistle momentarily, "That's a lot." Siegfried. Looking at Siegfried quite pissed, the Foreman dressed in all purple overalls and spiky golden hair inquired, "Who the fuck are you kid?" the Foreman asked.

Balling up the paper once again, "I'm your newest client. I need a ship." Siegfried asked grinning. "I don't have time to be making ships... I need to go and file a complaint with Ginger. This has gone on long enough!" the Foreman shouted. Anya, who'd finally caught after being left behind by Sieg, "Ricky! Calm Down!" Anya shouted. "I refuse Anya! If they think I'm afraid of becoming an abomination! They're kidding themselves. I work better at night anyway!" Ricky shouted. "PAPA! DON'T YOU EVER SAY THAT!" Anya shouted at Ricky. Tears began to well up in the teen's eyes at their father's painfully awkward joke, "Ahh Ahh Don't cry... I wasn't serious." Ricky exclaimed reaching to comfort Anya, his expression saddening at the look on his daughter's face. "YOU'LL NEVER UNDERSTAND PAPA!" Anya shouted, running away in frustration. "Kishi Kishi... You're pretty bad at this Father thing, huh, Ricky?" Siegfried inquired. "Ha. Maybe." Ricky retorted half-heartedly. "Not to butt into your family soap opera or anything but what in the world is an abomination? That's the only thing I couldn't pick up on in your little spat." Siegfried asked.

[Task] Danger! Danger!  UIrxeeW
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[Task] Danger! Danger!  Galeera-gebaeude

"I guess you wouldn't know huh?" Ricky said, scratching his head. "It's not really public knowledge outside of Water 7 anyway. About two years ago... Kiretsu became the ruler of Water 7. It was just timing with his appointment as Warlord. Basically, Abominations are citizen's who've broken the laws of Water 7. Depending on the severity of the crime, they have their ability to walk amongst the light." Ricky said, ruffling through his pockets for a lighter and a cigarette. "Walk amongst the light? He's turning people into Vampires?" Siegfried asked. "Ha. More like zombies. If sunlight touches you after you become a zombie... Your body turns to ash." Ricky stated. "Must be a Devil Fruit ability..." Siegfried thought. "Sounds like a pain in the ass. I'm only here for a ship. Abominations... This islands issues, have nothing to do with me. The whole concept of a Pirate having World Government jurisdiction is ludicrous to me anyway. They're Captain could get the shit kicked out of him and all he has to do is call the marines. Load of bullshit if you ask me." Siegfried chimed in. "I don't think I'll be making any ships for awhile... With this new taxation... The cost of importing supplies into the country will sky rocket." Ricky said, grinning slightly as he stumbled upon a cigarette in his jacket's left breast pocket. "I have enough materials to make about two large vessels and about six smaller makes. After that, the Galley-La might be in danger of foreclosure." Ricky said, lighting his cigarette.

[Task] Danger! Danger!  18yfkrv9wr5o3jpg

"Good Afternoon. Mr.Pollux. Mr.Ridgeport." Frederick chimed in. Looking over his shoulder, Siegfried shifted his body in the direction of the short, chubby and ominous looking male, dressed in all white and current bowing with his left hand, resting diagonally across his chest. Behind Frederick was an army of about two hundred and fifty zombies, some carrying swords, axes, and various weapons. "Originally, I was coming here to just talk with Mr.Ridgeport about him refusing to pay our new tax implementations. However, when I was told that the Dragon Of The West, Captain of the Dragon Fist Pirates was on Water 7. I had to bring some insurance with me." Frederick said. "Kishi Kishi... I'm guessing those bad boys behind you are 'Abominations'?" Siegfried inquired. "You're familiar with our customs... I wonder whose been babbling to you. Oh no, these are far more beautiful than abominations. These are Level 2 Zombies. After a person loses their ability to walk amongst the living, their essence can be placed in a creation. After all, it's the mind that was polluting the spirit not the other way around. They possess the 5th most strongest bodies among our ranks. Hence, level 2. 6th, would be Level 1." Frederick explained. "That's besides the point... Mr.Pollux. Our boss would like to extend an invite to his 'Fiesta' in the next few days. We could use someone of your caliber among our fold." Frederick stated. Putting up his middle finger towards the Butler, "No thanks. Tell Kiretsu I said to go fuck himself twice over." Siegfried said grinning. Frederick and Ricky's eyes opened widely in astonishment of the man's actions. "U-U-UNACCEPTABLE! Disrespecting the Royal Warlord is seen as treason in Water 7!" Frederick shouted. "Invitation... I don't know what this 'Fiesta' thing is... but I don't keep company with Government dogs." Siegfried said.

"I see... That's unfortunate. And what of you... Mr.Ridgeport? Will you come with me for a chat? It's in Galley-La's best interest that you pay your taxes on time." Frederick said, slightly annoyed. "I-" Ricky began to answer but his speech was stopped by Siegfried placing his finger on his mouth. "As of now... Galley-La is my temporary base of operations while I'm on Water 7. 'Mr. Ridgeport' is my hostage." Siegfried said licking his lips. "Meaning... If you little fucks don't piss off... I'm going to send each of you back to your boss in a bodybag. Get off my turf. I ain't paying no taxes either. As of today, Galley-La's a sovereign state. An Embassy of sorts." Siegfried said. "Oi!" Ricky exclaimed, pushing away the man's hand. As the muscle in his forehead began to pulsate, Frederick had enough of the Titan's banter. "Fine! Beat them to a bloody pulp! I'm sure Master will have some use for their shadows!" Frederick shouted in a blind rage. Changing his position from the helm to the rear, Frederick wobbled to the back of the pack, as his Zombie Army began to encircle himself and Ricky. Wrapping his hands around Ricky's waist, Siegfried lunged over the mass of bodies with ease, using his legs as springs, through the foot techniques of Ryusoken. He'd manage to create a thirty meter gap between himself and the men. "Run. Get as far away from here as possible. I don't do well fighting in groups unless it's with my crew-mates. You might die." Siegfried stated grinning. "Oi! Who do you think you are!? This doesn't make it any better! Kiretsu isn't someone you want to make an enemy out of!" Ricky said, ruffling Siegfried's jacket's collars. Pushing the man onto the ground with a palm thrust, "I'm not someone you want to make an enemy out of either. Kishi Kishi..." Siegfried exclaimed laughing. As the army changed focus and chased after the leaping Dragon, Siegfried began a slow trot back towards the now enclosing army, running towards his direction."The chubby one said something interesting... Shadows huh?" Siegfried thought.

Info. :

Skill Name: Majestic Flight
Type Speed
Range: 75 Meters
Speed: 5
Arching his feet much like a Dragon's Foot, Pollux channels the secret art of foot techniques taught for motion in Ryusoken. Kicking off the ground with immense force, he's able to move up to 75 Meters in any direction, being able to even kick off against air itself.

[Task] Danger! Danger!  UIrxeeW
All the Power in the World Means Nothing If You Can't AbUse it.
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