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1[Task] The Game's We Like To Play Empty [Task] The Game's We Like To Play on Tue Nov 14, 2017 6:44 am




Task I:

Task Name: The Game's We Like To Play
Tier: 1
Location: Water 7
Crew, Team, or Personal: -
After sleeping for almost several days, Pollux regains consciousness in a penthouse filled with trouble. Needless to say, after this, he'll need a new place to stay, doesn't matter, it's time to place his order on Galley-La's Roster.  
Enemy Details:
25 Tier 2 Mercenaries
Boss: Yes


[Task] The Game's We Like To Play Latest?cb=20130814132236
Boss Name: Mercenaries
Tier: 2
Description: Dressed in all black and combat vests, this pack has been tracking down Pollux since his activity in the West Blue.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: Both
Strength: 3
Durability: 2
Speed: 3
Perception: 2

[Task] The Game's We Like To Play X7554eR

Dessa stood shook in her usual hang out spot on Water 7, a dock turned into a bar by the name of Pelican Pub. Sitting in her chair shaking slightly, the woman signalled to the barkeep, Stacy, who was dressed in the usual maid dress attire, the owner had weird interests to say the least. "What's wrong hun? You look like you've seen a ghost?" Stacy inquired. Her shudder easing a bit, she'd turned to her long time friend, "How long do you think it'll take to get 200,000,000 Million Beli?" Dessa asked in a very monotone manner. "200- 200,000,000 Million Dessy!? Most people don't see that amount of money in their whole lifetime!" Stacy exclaimed. Dessa began to tremble once more. "Ayeee... a whole lifetime huh?" Dessa exclaimed with a blank expression. Pausing for a moment to ponder the situation, Stacy began to tremble slightly herself. "Dessy..." the woman exclaimed trailing on. "Don't tell me..." Stacy said. "You owe someone that amount of Beli?" Stacy inquired, smiling nervously. Dessa's trembling began to increases once again, as her perspiration dripped down from her brow onto her cheek, she simply stared her friend in her eyes and nodded 'Yes' rigidly. Staring at Dessa with a blank expression, "No way." Stacy responded. Karate Chopping the woman's temple playfully but with slight force, "Idiot. Why would you bet that amount of money... with anyone? Weren't you just playing dice?" Stacy inquired, scolding her friend. Sighing, "Yeah... and I was winning too. Until that 'Diablo' appeared." Dessa stated. " 'Diablo'... Devil?" Stacy inquired, after being around Dessa for all these years, she'd picked up a bit of her native language. "He had the goofiest expression ever... He looked like a sure sucker and my dice were rigged to fire off only odd numbers. Somehow he was able to switch my dice without me even noticing it. He must be the Devil in Flesh. Ugh... and I swore I won too." Dessa said, dragging on her words. "Alright Alright... I get it. You lost." Stacy retorted, as her response stabbed arrows into Dessa's ego. "How are you going to pay him back?" Stacy asked.

She instantly began trembling again, this time with much more intensity. "I. have. to. nav-" Dessa painfully said, speaking in pauses. "Spit it out!" Stacy shouted, as she was making her nervous. "You don't have to pay with your body or anything do you!? Jeez Dessy! I told you not to gamble with these shady types." Stacy shouted. "I have to navigate for his crew until my debt is absolved." Dessa said trembling. Shrugging, "Eh. That's all?" Stacy inquired almost nonchalantly. "You're a navigator by trade, you'd just be doing yer job ain't it?" Stacy asked. Pausing for a moment, she dwindled with her fingers, "Yeah... If he wasn't a pirate. It'd be perfect. After about twenty voyages at my usual rate, that'd be paid off in no time." Dessa said sighing. "P-P-P- Pirate!?" Stacy exclaimed before fainting slightly. "And he has an insane bounty too." Dessa said, scratching her hair in frustration.

"I can't believe he'd just sleep here... so unguarded." the woman exclaimed. Only the sheets within the small loft size hotel room would cover the woman's bare figure. She was around 5'5 in height, with enough curves and shape to turn most men bewitched with her appearance. Sleeping, technically naked to the world with only his boxers and his sleeping mask to his name next to her, Siegfried had crashed in the woman's room for the last three days, after parting 'farewell' with his ride to Water 7. He'd met this woman, Felicity, who was lurking around the usual Dice Room on Dock 45, for hits on Wanted Individuals for her posse, The Black Sting Gang.

She'd initially caught his attention for being able to finesse the local gamblers out of their money quite easily, even managing to score over 200,000,000 Million from a known High Roller, a woman by the name of Dessa. After spending the night, when she realised the Bounty on the man sleeping next to her's head, she'd called her crew, who'd been out on a neighbouring island on a mission. However, she'd fear the man would awaken but aside from a few mumbles and murmurs in his sleep, he hadn't awoken in days.

Within a few moments, the Gang would be arriving to the hotel they'd be staying in, a fair sized Three Story Building, by the name of Ginger Hotel, named after the owner, Ginger, a local Shipwright turned Realstater, who'd been making a killing in Water 7 through deals with the Royal Shichibukai, Kiretsu, converting empty docks and houses into Hotels and Bed Breakfasts for the influx of tourists and travellers who come to the local Galley-La for repairs. The sound of the men's boots climbing the staircase could've been heard from the top of the hallway, in a few moments, they'd close in on the room in the middle of the hall, Room Number 12, the room where Felicity had been staying in over the last year or so. She'd manage to somehow, handcuff Siegfried to the bed, using a custom pair of Steel Cuffs she'd kept in bedside drawer.  

NPC's Present :

[Task] The Game's We Like To Play UIrxeeW
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2[Task] The Game's We Like To Play Empty Re: [Task] The Game's We Like To Play on Tue Nov 14, 2017 12:37 pm




[Task] The Game's We Like To Play MY2tdrr

As his eye lids lifted from their hourglass trickling slumber, Siegfried noticed something strange about his sleeping position. Turning his head from side to side with minimal effort, he'd inspect the chains that restricted him to the bed. "Oh." Siegfried said. Grinning, "I didn't remember you being this kinky when we hooked up last night." Siegfried said. Turning towards the man and smiling gently, "Last night... Was it that good you're delirious still? It's been three days since you passed out." Felicity said. Resting his head back down against the pillow, "Really now? I must've been exhausted from my little work-out." Siegfried exclaimed grinning. "Ah. You're one of those egotistical types when it comes to pleasing a woman?" Felicity inquired, smirking. "Kishi Kishi... Honestly, I was talking about the ship I destroyed on my way to Water 7." Siegfried said, dismissing the woman's statement, after taking awhile to process it. "I guess the nickname 'Dragon of The West' suits you." Felicity said getting up from his beside, after hearing a knock on the door. "Well... The World Government decided to give me that name really... I'm more of a Tiger than a Dragon." Siegfried said. As she strolled from the bed towards the door's entrance, he'd watch her body sway from side to side. "A caged tiger too." Felicity said chuckling to herself. Making it to the door, she'd open it pushing it outward to the hoard impending. Rushing through the door, a bunch of mercenaries, all armed in Black Vests, ten with pistols, ten with rifles and five others with baseball bats in hand. "Good Afternoon. Mr.Pollux." the Black Jacket Vest Man said. "I'd get up to greet you but I'm currently tied up at the moment." Siegfried retorted wittingly. "Ohoho... Don't waste your energy on our account. We'd hope you'd stay asleep all the way to Enies Lobby. However, I guess that's impossible now." the man stated. "Kishi Kishi... I guess so. I was wondering how she was able to afford a snazzy place like this when she was hanging out in a dump. Bounty Hunters seem to be living a lavish life." Siegfried said, whistling momentarily. Snapping his fingers, the man in charge commanded his men to point their firearms towards the nestled dragon, they'd surround the bed in a quarter moon formation, each standing about ten meters away from Titan. In the centre were the five highest ranking of the pack, with Felicity now guarded behind them. Walking from behind, the woman would climb onto the bed and mount Siegfried, "Goodbye my 'little' Dragon." Felicity said staring at his groin, then averting her eyes to meet his own. Leaning in, she'd kiss the man on his cheek and pull backwards to a sitting position. Smiling, she'd hop off the bed once more, tapping the boss on his shoulder, and exit the room.

"Now." the boss said. "I would've been here a day earlier but I had to make a little stop. You see, I've been following you since your West Blue days as a rookie. You're track record is remarkable. With the fall of Junbei Von Echo... and Bazel Wiggins... The marines hold is restoring to the World. Which means... Upstarts like you will cost a pretty penny." the boss commented. "Junbei was a pussy. He had all the potential to be a star from our generation but wasted it cooped up on that Iron Fortress. The Yonko who couldn't make a name for himself in the New World. What a joke." Siegfried retorted. "However, I will say... He's to be respected. Climbing as high as he did and so quickly, it's to be commended." Siegfried said grinning. Reaching into his pocket, the man closed in about three feet away from the bed now, "Look at these babies." the boss stated, removing his hand from his pocket and dangling a pair of Sea Stone Cuffs. Siegfried's joking expression changed, "Just when I was having fun in our conversation..." Siegfried chimed in. Using immense force, Siegfried popped the chains bounding him to the Queen Sized Bed. Taking into account the momentum of the motion, he'd coiled onto his upper back, his feet pointing sky borne. Pushing off the bed, flipping onto the wooden bed head, he'd popped the restraints on his hand, leaving only the cuff on both his ankles and wrists remaining. "JESUS! OPEN FIRE YOU IDIOTS!" the boss shouted. Adjusting their guns, the men began to pump lead towards Siegfried. Pushing off the wooden bed stand, the moment the fire trigger was sounded, Siegfried's bare feet converted into claw like fixtures, and in one spring motion, the man had climbed about twenty-feet into mid-air, covering his new fashioned claw like toes Busoshoku Haki. As gravity pushed him downward, Siegfried tucked his feet to his waist, clutching them closer and closer as he fell.

At this point, Felicity had already exited the hotel, via the elevator lift, and was walking onto the street dockside from the rivers built into the city's roadways. Lunging towards the man, trying to intercept his fall with his baseball bat clutched, Siegfried's movement's speed increased, and his feet broke through the bed, to touch the floor, the Dragon's Claws had sunk in. Upon impact, the force of the man's strike sent off a shockwave which decimated the entire floor, and several ceilings with in range of the expanding shockwave.  The collapsing floor crushed everyone in the lower levels, as the steel reinforced beams crashed down, crushing everyone in the lower floors like a sandwiches contents. Lunging on scraps of debris, like a spacey cascading staircase, landing onto the river side banks of the Water 7. Many of those left in the area were left roofless and several casualties were caused from workers on the ceiling and the mercenaries who'd initially attack Siegfried.


Skill Name: Stomp
Tier: 4
Type Normal
Range: 50 Meters
Speed: 5
Lunging himself into the air with immense force, using Ryusoken Foot Techniques to position himself such, Pollux climbs, gaining distance sky-bound. After achieving some height, Pollux tucks his feet inward to his waist, and at the last moment before impact, slams them downward. The force of the fall creates a base Twenty-Five Diameter Shockwave. Pollux can climb up to Fifty Meters with this skill, for every Ten Meters garnered, the AOE range increases by Five Diameters.

[Task] The Game's We Like To Play UIrxeeW
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3[Task] The Game's We Like To Play Empty Re: [Task] The Game's We Like To Play on Wed Nov 15, 2017 4:40 am




[Task] The Game's We Like To Play WiYei7o

"So much for keeping low." Siegfried said, as he inspected the destroyed building which now compressed inward on itself. Scratching his head, "Ah... I haven't even made the request for my ship yet. Well, no time like the present." Siegfried said, hopping over the canal onto the other side of the street from where the building had collapse. Debris filled the area for awhile, making it hard for most of the locals to see the source of the collapsing building, and several vessels via the water route avoided the district where the hotel collapse occurred. Activating his Kenbunshoku Haki, examining the debris, he clutched his hand into 'claw' formation. Hopping on top of the debris, Siegfried coated his hand in Busoshoku Haki, slamming it into the mountain of the debris, putting just enough force into his strike to clear the debris, he'd find his Dragon Art Bomber Jacket, that'd been his trademark for years. Removing the jacket from the pile, he'd shake it to remove the dust it's fabric, or at least most of it. Placing his arms through it's sleeves, he'd hop back onto the street corner, and he'd beginning wonder through the streets of Water 7. Hours later, a half black and half white teddy bear could be seen trotting down the street towards the incident. In his hand was a brown clip board, filled with several papers and a pen latched onto it's top. The bear was around 3'8 ft in height and waddled from side to side when it walked, it's was a surreal sight that most of the Water 7 natives were accustomed to at this point. The bear went by the name of Kuro Kuro, and it was a creation of the Royal Schichibukai Kiretsu. Inhaling a deep breath, until his stomach expanded like ten feet, almost five times the size of it's usual pouch, Kuro Kuro would lunge into mid-air, emptying the air out in a pressurised form, blowing away the debris and dust in the air out onto the sea current. Landing once more, begin taking notes on the crime scene at hand. "Ahhh...." the Bear exclaimed sighing. "Ginger is going to be pissed about this." Kuro continued. After talking to some of the locals huddled around the street corners, he'd began checking boxes from the paper on his clipboard. "Survivors. 0. Damage - Critical. Over three hundred people were checked into this hotel... Ginger's place housed Under World Brokers and Slave Traders who came for Bosses 'Fiesta' Not to mention the regulars we added in to make our business legit. Ahhh..." Kuro said, once again sighing. "Then someone lunatic destroyed ten warships in the Dock... These incidents have to be connect somehow." Kuro said, scribbling notes on his board.

Sitting on the roof top miles away from the dock of the incident Kuro was talking about, a resolved Samurai looked on idle, having not moved for days. "Hmm... My three day meditation is complete." Ganji exclaimed. "I guess it's time to tell the others about the rabid animals that's made it's way into Water 7. The world is changing... I can't have master being lost in the tides of change." Ganji started, getting up from his bent position. "Welcome to Water 7... Siegfried E. Pollux." Ganji stated, his eyes glowing a bright red aura. Finishing off her meal, Dessa left a couple Beli Bills on the table. "You're leaving Dessy?" Stacy inquired. Dessa nodded, "I have to meet my new 'captain' at Galley-La. He told me to pass by everyday for the next week because he wasn't sure how long he'd be sleep for." Dessa said in her usual monotone voice. "He sounds like an really odd pirate. Once he isn't violent with you... Remember why you don't deal with Pirates anymore-" Stacy commented, being silenced by Dessa walking over to her and hugging Stacy, curdling her face into her bosom. "Don't worry about me." Dessa stated smiling. As the woman exited the pub, the building covered in a thick tarpaulin on it's roof to block out any creaks of sunlight wasn't as weird a sight to see in Water 7. Actually, the much darker reality behind Water 7 was soon going to come to light.


[Task] The Game's We Like To Play UIrxeeW
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