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Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


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Gruff took notice of the Young Dragon's scars before he joined everyone within the pool. It was relaxing and something that Gruff hadn't done in over a year, as he hasn't had time. It was assignment after assignment due to who he really was. And this was the first day of his long awaited vacation. He wouldn't be doing anything though to handle loose ends, but he can handle that any time. Right now he was furthering his ambitions.

"What are we doing here.... What are we doing here?" Gruff would have his hair finish being cut, it was extremely shorter now. No longer did it hand to his back, but rather barely got to the end of his neck. Admittedly, he already began to miss his hair, but what was done was done. "We are relaxing I guess, as in my life you rarely get to do such things. Well I don't, I can't say the same for a Celestial Dragon. So, while we still stay on New Jaya we will do just that. But, not only will be relax we will blend in. As a member of CP Nine that is largely part of my job. Not relaxing but blending in." Gruff would stop them from cleaning up his face well removing the scattered piece of facial hair he struggled to grow. The two Minks attending to him would move back a few feet behind him. He didn't need them anymore as his hair was cut, they made sure none fell into the water, and the other washed him. Now he just wanted to sit there and relax a bit and talk openly to Yiruzen. As speaking openly about who he was has only been done because this is a extremely safe place. Paying close attention to all the servants around their neck's were collars, that are usually put on slaves so they won't run away.

"You want to head back to Wano, most likely without a plan, after you get stronger. Yeah, maybe you get far. But, I doubt you've faced the true hardships that the New World can bring. Can you bring me a apple?" Gruff would stop before continuing as he was hungry, and he needed to eat something. A servant would begin to bring a large plate of over-sized fruit over, and Gruff would grab his apple. Taking a bite of the juicy fruit he would begin to speak again. "So, you need to become stronger in a lot of ways. So I will train you like I do those that wish to join Cp9. You....*chew chew*... already seem to have been through a lot of physical training from your scars. So, we will start with infiltration first. Any questions?" Gruff would stop speaking and take another bite from the over-sized apple.  

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Wait, what was this CP9 he spoke of? Was it a hidden branch of Cipher pol? Well, it's not so hidden now. "Oi, Oi Gruff, what is this CP9 you speak of? He was intrigued by this new set of information.  What did these CP9 members do besides infiltration? And why did the government keep them a secret? Anyways Gruff spoke about The New World. A place where the strongest of the strong reside. The place where his homeland resides. Yiruzen knew it wasn't going to be any cake walk to reclaim his island. But he decided that he would do whatever it took to get the job done. And if it meant learning in the ways of Cipher Pol, then so be it.

Yiruzen would tilt his head back and would close his eyes while signing. "Besides the CP9 question I have one more to throw at you. Will this infiltration be hands-on or in a more practical sense?" The Dragon wanted to get his mindset in order the understand the situation better. He would raise his hand and would point at a maid who was human, he would then point at the shampoo signaling her to apply it to his scalp. He did so with a bow and would grab the shampoo and would get to work. He would work her little hands into every strand of hair on the man's head and then would finish it off by pouring water to wash it out.

The Young Dragon would slip deepening into the bath up to his neck and would look at Gruff before changing his nose into a long red one. "If I going to take this seriously I guess I should tell you about my fruit of the devils right?" Yiruzen wasn't messing around about getting stronger, strength comes from honesty....sometimes.

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