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1An Errand of the Utmost Importance Empty An Errand of the Utmost Importance on Sat Oct 28, 2017 9:16 am



For Arthur the snow-swept streets of Drum Island were far more pleasant than many of the other islands he had visited. For one thing his attire of a long white cloak and black, bird-shape mask didn't receive even a second glance from onlookers considering the intense cold. Speaking of which, that very cold kept just about everyone on the streets focused only on getting inside to where it was warm. As a result people didn't even bother to look in his and Claire's direction, allowing them to fit in seamlessly as they headed towards the lift to the Lab atop the center mountain. As he walked, Arthur eyed several of the townspeople and many stood out to him as perfect subjects for his next batch of experiments. However, he was here as a guest and abducting citizens of that guest would be simply rude. As a result he'd be restricted to only window shopping for the day.

Remind me again how you know this guy? Claire asked from behind Arthur as they walked. She was dressed in a deep blue cloak with silver, fox fur trim, a silver scarf around her mouth and a matching blue hat to keep her warm. Arthur smiled behind his mask at the caution in Claire's voice. What she was really asking was how could they trust this man and truthfully, Arthur didn't have a valid reply. He's an old friend, a very old friend. Truthfully I was surprised to hear from him, but he'd make a powerful ally in the New World going forward so it's best not to reject such an offer. A powerful ally indeed, Arthur thought as he looked to the top of the mountain where the laboratory of Cyrus Kincaid sat. In fact the true surprise hadn't been that Bazel had contact Arthur at all, but that he had asked to meet on Drum Island. Cyrus and Bazel's relationship was no secret as it had been published a few years back after they had taken down not one, but two Shichibukais on Baltigo. However, after Ren Actimel's defeat and the Leader of the Revolutionary Army's capture recently, Cyrus Kincaid had virtually dropped off the map. There were rumors floating he had picked up the shattered pieces of the Revolution and was plotting a return in the New World, but no substantial evidence had surfaced to confirm or deny this. Apparently Cyrus had left the island to Bazel in his absence and so that was where the meeting was to take place.

Arriving at the designated area to take the lift up, Arthur presented the signed note to the guardsman and waited patiently while they verified the letter and the wax seal on the back of the envelope. Satisfied, they nodded and let Claire and Arthur through, returning the letter as they did. At the entrance to the lift a young woman greeted them formally, You must be Mr. Kane, pleasure to meet you. She did not greet Claire as Arthur had not informed anyone he would be bringing along a companion. It was best to keep some surprises at meetings, even if they were between old friends. Claire was unperturbed by this lack of greeting however, her eyes shifting around every inch of the area and her mind elsewhere as she boarded the lift.

About halfway up the mountain the woman spoke up once again, I'm afraid Captain Wiggins won't be able to make the meeting today, sir. There was some business on Fishman Island that took far longer than he expected. He sends his deepest regrets but hopes the gift will make up for it. Arthur raised a curious eyebrow, though not one that could be seen behind the mask Ah I see, that is a shame truthfully. It's been far too long, though I must say he made no mention of a gift in his letter. Arthur could feel Claire tense behind him, already expecting a trap. The fact that Bazel wasn't here did not sit well with him either, but he kept his emotions in check better than his companion. The woman smiled thoughtfully, clearly choosing her words carefully, I think the gift speaks best for itself.

At the top of the mountain the wind was far stronger and the woman had to shout just to be heard. Even that wasn't enough as the wind took off with half her sentence and Arthur simply nodded before following the path she indicated with her hands. It was a short walk to the laboratory and once inside Arthur found himself at a comfortable temperature. The bottom floor of the laboratory was just as he had expected, a lab dedicated to building what Arthur could only assume was a small army of cyborgs and robots of varying shapes, sizes and uses. If Cyrus Kincaid really was reforming the Revolutionary Army it was going to look a hell of a lot different. The upper level of the lab however was a completely furnished living area. A massive apartment stretching the entirety of the lab, the sounds and noises below all but hidden thanks to some impressive sound proofing. Within the apartment Arthur found an odd mix, as if two people were inhabiting the space but at separate times. Remnants of Cyrus's taste were apparent everywhere, but scattered about were touches that either Bazel himself had added or whoever he had appointed as Keeper of Drum in his brother's absence.

On a coffee table in the middle of the room sat a small metal chest with a plain white envelope on the top, Arthur's name scribbled across. The woman escorting them spoke up, I was instructed to leave you be during your time here. You are free to use the residency for however long you need. The kitchen is fully supplied and we will have someone stationed outside the door for the remainder of your visit should there be anything else you need. With that, she left the room quickly, closing the door behind her to give them privacy. Arthur looked at Claire who only shrugged before he made his way to the coffee table. Tearing open the envelope, Arthur read the note from Bazel silently,

Call it a gift, call it an investment in the next generation, or call it whatever you want so long as you pay me back by putting it to good use.


What are the odds it's a bomb? Claire asked behind him with an annoyed tone, her eyes glancing at the large mirror set into the armoire across the room. Arthur frowned, staring down at the chest, 60/40. Arthur said bluntly, but didn't specify which was which, as he undid the clasp at the front of the chest. Hesitating only a moment he threw open the lid of the chest to find an inside adorned with soft velvet and, sitting atop that velvet a devil fruit. That was...certainly unexpected. Behind him Claire took in a sharp breath, doing her best to hide her surprise, Definitely not a bomb. She muttered, her eyes never moving from the chest. No, definitely not a bomb. Arthur agreed as he removed his mask and lifted the fruit to his mouth, taking a single bite.

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2An Errand of the Utmost Importance Empty Re: An Errand of the Utmost Importance on Mon Oct 30, 2017 11:58 am

Have funnnnn

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