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15Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] - Page 2 Empty Re: Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] on Sun Nov 26, 2017 12:47 pm

Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] - Page 2 Tumblr_omie7xMhkE1u4hshao1_500

"Yes, I am glad everything went well Acheron. Once my Wife becomes well again I will love you visit New Jaya some time and test my luck." Archon would say to his son. He was the eldest of all of his children that were currently alive, or in his good graces. Currently he was not on his Island within the Calm belt, but on a Marine battleship heading to a certain place. On this vessel with him, and beside him, was his current wife Ivette. Something was wrong with her on a level that Archon couldn't even heal here. And this troubled him so.

"Lord, Morio." A servant would say as he would enter the room that Archon Morio was within. Presenting him with a Den Den mushi. Morio had a specific Den Den Mushi for each of his children so that he knows who is calling before he even answers. Honeslty, if it was any other child calling he wouldn't have answered. But, it was his favorite daughter and refusing to answer her call was something he could no do. The Den Den Mushi would be brought to him and he would answer it, trying to hide his sadness over Ivette. Even mustering up a fake smile.

"Oh, I am glad you called. How is the fairest of my children doing?"

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Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] - Page 2 QfR8kej

"Oh Daddy, thank goodness you answered. What a day I'v had, I finally arrived home after a disasterous journey, I'v been nothing but a mere shadow of myself, sick from start to finish of my travels, only to return home to find that while I was gone a rebellion had been attempted upon my beautiful island" Evie said, thoughher voice was some what stoic, sighing softly she continued. "Now the bodies of the rebels have stained my floor. How inconsiderate" Taking a deep breath she would get ready to tell her father two pieces of news, unsure on whether he already knew of Nobu's demise. "I just recieved word that Nobu Young, the man I had chosen as a suitor has been killed" she said, her voice finally showing a hint of emotion. She was certainly saddened. The young family...well Hiroko was somewhat well known, especially for his attittude even towards royals and other dragons. Nobu was the kinder, the more preferred Young member, generally he was well viewed and would have been an excellent suitor. Two pure bloods.

"The reason, the reason I called father. I need to come stay with you and mother for a while. Such terrible news about my suitor is not good for a woman in my condition" she said slowly dropping the hint. "Your going to be a grandfather" she uttered gently. Though the reason it was uttered softly was not for his benefit. She was pregnant. She Queen of the Enchanted Islands was with child. "I'm going to be a mommy" she whispered into the den den mushi, her voice breaking at her realization. It had perhaps been twenty minutes, maybe thirty minutes since she had made the realization that she was with child. Yet her hand softly wafted over her stomach, warmth filled her with such a strong feeling of happiness.

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Their ship would dock at their destination but no one would disembark. Everyone was waiting for Morio, and would not move without him. And that was saying something as on this ship, along with the others that came with it. Were individuals that were considered at the highest of tiers within this world. Morio though was speaking with his Daughter at this time and would not rush her, as the matter he was to attend to could wait.

He did not like the thought of his daughter marrying, nor that she was at this time pregnant. But, he was glad to hear that his soon to be husband had perished. He wouldn't have to send CP-9 after him now. Also, finding out that he was related to the Young family, the thorn in his side, was now on it's last left made him equally happy. This deep hatred for the Young family came from was their denial of his offer long ago that could've benefited both families and the one thing they tried to hold over his head. Morio though would now be getting the last laugh with one of their on impregnating his daughter. When Hiroko makes another mistake, and Morio can strike, is when Morio will be able to truly get the last laugh in his grudge with the Young family.

"I....I am overjoyed, dear. This news has brightened up a sad day for me." His free had would be grasped by Ivette as she would awake. Morio's fake smile would become true as she hasn't been awake since that incident. Two horrible encounters in one day almost ruined her. But, this good news must be mending her. She would wouldn't be able to say anything the mustered strength she had being only able to keep her awake. "And I know that your Mother is equally overjoyed."

"Morio, what are you doing?"
Shinzō Abe would say as he would enter the room.

"I am speaking to my Daughter." Morio would quickly respond.

"We are going to need you to hurry up, as our host is not someone we should keep waiting if we want to handle this conflict without bloodshed." Shinzō would respond calmly. He could tell that Morio was in some strange mood. Might be because of his Wife, so he wouldn't push to hard. He just wanted to get this over with. He didn't want another Gorosei member wasting time with their children instead of handling this transaction.

"Tch, I will take my time." Morio would respond before turning back to the Den den Mushi. He had put it down to address Shinzō, but thier conversation could be heard. "So, do you plan to hold a ball every till the birth? Like I did for you?" What Morio said was true. As he wanted to do something different for Evie whilst she was within Ivette. An everyday, no matter else had been going on, he would hold a Royal Ball for his unborn child. And if Ivette didn't stop him he would've keep doing it till she moved away and took charge of her own Kingdom.

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Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] - Page 2 QfR8kej

Hearing that her father was overjoyed at the news lifted what felt like the entire world of her shoulders. Though how selfish could one person be, it was common that the dragons though only of themselves, though when it came to family or generally any of the other dragons, some excluded of course, they where a tight close knit group. Evie and her parents especially. Annoyance and a little bit of hatred towards herself seeped in to her heart as her father mentioned her mother. Obviously as Ivettes daughter Evie was informed on what had happened during Fishman island. Her mother was poorly and had not awoken since the attacks. Though her fathers words did he mean....." happy....Does...does that mean...Does that mean she's woken up?" Evie asked, part of her did not wish to know the answer, for if the answer where no she would be crushed, if the answer where yes, she doubted she would be able to hold back any tears.

She would giggle slightly at her father's mention of the ball, she did not recall of course due to being within the womb, but pictures had been shown, her mother and father looked so happy. "Simpler times dear father, no. I fear that when news of my pregnancy reaches the ears of those whom wish all dragons and their kin killed. You raised me to be confident and powerful, but pregnancy is when a woman is at her weakest, I fear that not only will my own enemies strike, but enemies of the family may see this as a chance to strike a blow to our family. That is why, I was wondering If I could come stay with you and mother until the child is born so that I will be at ease that my child will be safe"

How odd this sensation, of thinking of a child. Worrying like she had never done so before. She had not foreseen a child so quickly, so young yet she knew she would give her life for the being growing within her. She knew that her life was now secondary to the child that would soon be hers. "In return, I will make sure the island is well protected, no one shall enter without my knowing. My Ghost Network shall see to that." Yes she knew her father, she also knew that though she was his daughter, she would never simply assume a favour unless it had worth. Family bonds would generally get her where she needed to go, but adding her unique capabilities to the mix, that would be her ace in the hole. Her island had never been taken when she was upon it. No one could get the drop on her, Her network was huge. All seeing, all hearing.

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"Yes, yes she is awake. So smile, my dear."
Morio would say to Evie as he would do the same. Ivette, who still was awake, would do the same.  Ivette was, honestly, the only wife he has had for so long. He has grown to care for her on the level he cares for his children. Her being in this state is one reason though he never cared about his other wives to such a extent. He would think before he would speak, as he wanted to tell her so much. He though knew that this information could be taken, as they don't know who could be listening in on them. But, the news would get out there anyway. And this was his favorite daughter he was speaking with. And that was the only reason he would say what he was about to say. Only other child he speak this to would be Acheron, even if the boy hated him. As those two are the the only children that he sees more of himself in than the others. But, how they treated him were different. Evie who loved her Father could, nor did, any wrong to him. But, Acheron on the other hand treated Achron like dirt. He even built a city, New Jaya, that Achron was highly against.

"No, I am sad to say you can't stay with me. If you are talking about on Royllo Island. As even though it is a wonderful place you should be somewhere more fitting for a child of a Celestial Dragon. "
Morio tried to hold it back as much as he could, but he couldn't any longer. "As I am getting our home back today. I can't go into any more detail than that. But, I hopefully will have our scattered fellow Dragons to return home."

Ivette would close her eyes and stop gripping the hand of Achron. And Achron would take notice. She was fine though and just resting again, but he started to worry more. He wanted her to just stay up with him, and even come with him when he leaves the ship to handle the business he and others came to take care of.

"But, if you will wish to go to Royllo instead that is fine. And I will see to it that yo have the highest amount of security that I am able to buy. Whatever you want. If I am able to get it you can have." Morio would tell her.

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Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] - Page 2 QfR8kej

"Mommy" Evie whispered as her tears fell. Her mother was alive, her mother was safe. She would have to send Fleet Admiral Howard something special, for if it were not for him, she would have lost her mother. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she would listen to her fathers words in silence.

She understood, she had a feeling the time was coming for them to take their home land. "I will wait in Royllo, but father, be safe, don't take unnecessary risks. This child is another dragon, he will need a role model. Nobu was a kind man though he was not a strong man, not like you are. My child will need you, to show him exactly what the dragons are about" She said to the den den mushi. Worry evident in her voice.

Her father was powerful that was for sure, he had armies on his side. But she had heard tales of Ocenaus the Pirate King. The terror of the sea, the all mighty fishman who did what he wanted, when he wanted. "Give mother my best, please be safe father. I shall speak to you soon father" Evie said gently before going to hang up though her finger halted.

"Daddy..." she said with a soft pause. "I love you" She said softly, she was tired of fighting back the tears. Pregnancy hormones right! Tears streamed down her face, she would have given anything to be by their be with her family. A happy time, a new child. A new dragon. Sidelined her while her father went to fight for their home.

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21Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] - Page 2 Empty Re: Return of the Queen [Social] [Private/Evie] on Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:55 pm

"I will make sure that you have your escort to Royllo. And I love you , my Dear." Morio would say in response to his daughter. He would make sure she would have a ship sent to her so that she can head over to Royllo safely. After he would give her his response he would hang up her den den mushi and set it to the side. He would then reach behind him and grab another den den mushi and make the call. Wanting to make sure she had her ride before he went and spoke to Oceanus. As how long his ordeal would take may be more than a couple hours, as he anticipated. He already has been making his host wait a couple more minutes to make this call. But, it was for his favorite Daughter. She was worth more than the world, same with his other children. As if it really came down to it, Morio could just wait everything out as he did in the past. He could wait till all those that claimed to be the strongest whatever or greatest that, he could wait them out. As their time on this world was limited, no matter what they did.

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