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1Blood in, Blood out Empty Blood in, Blood out on Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:26 am



Blood in, Blood out Impel-Down

"Miss Bonnet, we've arrived."

These words accompanied a gentle knock at her cabin door. Finally, after a voyage that seemed to go on forever they'd made it to their destination - Impel Down. The Shichibukai let out a slight sigh before closing the book she'd been using to pass the time. Usually she'd have made sure the book in question had a bookmark fit snuggly between the pages, however, when one was desperate they'd read anything - even a fascinating instructional guide that detailed many nautical terms. In fact, it was so fascinating that reading it once in her life was enough, as she'd never be able to duplicate the joy she'd experienced having read it the first time.

With the book thrown in a fire somewhere, Nora began to make her way to the deck. She was sure by this time that most everyone (excluding the prisoners) would be there, and she wanted to view the infamous prison for herself while she could. As she made her way out of her cabin, she could see the immense prison immediately. At the moment, their escort ship was docked near the main gates of Impel Down itself. In total, there were about seventeen ships (including their own) docked around the high outer walls of the prison. Even though the walls themselves seemed immense, she knew due to the descriptions she'd heard from many others that the majority of the prison was deep underwater. She could only imagine the mental anguish that such a prison would place on a prisoner - especially ones that had lost their ability to swim as a result of consuming a devil fruit. Even if a prisoner were to miraculously escape the confines of the prison, they'd then have to face the harsh reality of being stranded in the Calm Belt. One could attempt to swim, however, the seakings that stalked the waters would make quick work of them.

While these thoughts filled Nora's head the Rear Admirals made their way out onto the deck, followed by Admiral Howard finally making way out of his own personal cabin and to the deck. It appeared that the transfer of the prisoners from the brig into Impel Down had already begun. Impel staff began to make their way onto the vessel by crossing a wide plank that connected the ship to the docks After conversing with some of the Marine staff on the vessel, Howard included, they were instructed to start bringing the prisoners up on deck - but were strictly reminded to make sure these prisoners remained clad in seastone bindings whilst doing so.

One by one, the prisoners would be brought up onto the deck of the ship before being taken into the confines of Impel Down. A few of them still seemed to be in rather serious condition, while a few of them still seemed to be mentally shaken. Nora wondered if they'd be given any sort of medical treatment while inside of the prison, but with the reputation a place like this had garnered over the years she found this to be highly improbable. Perhaps they'd be strong enough to overcome their injuries naturally...perhaps not. All of these things were out of her control now as these four pirates were soon being carted away into the prison and placed in their respective levels.

As they were being carted away, the Warden of the prison decided to make his appearance on the deck of the escort ship, commending the efforts of the Marines and the Shichibukai for bringing in such dangerous criminals before paying them for their efforts. Howard would be honored for bringing in the Yonko Junbei Von Echo and Song Bird crew member Nico Squalo, while Eleanor would be given credit for bringing in the Supernova known as Bazel D. Wiggins, and the Yellow Beard crew member known as Alaric D. Ryotoji. With the transactions completed and the Impel Down staff making their way back into the prison, the escort ship would once again set sail. Their destination would be Marineford, where they'd all be debriefed in regards to what happened on Fishman Island and go their separate ways until the World Government had need of them again.

OOC: Amount to be gained from Bazel is his fully bounty of 839,022,985 as a result of his bounty being guaranteed - as referenced here July-August News Coo . The payment for Alaric's bounty (179,410,000 before the 50% cut) equates to 89,705,000. In total, the beli reward for these bounties are 928,727,985. On top of that, i'll be making use of my "Fiscal in nature, the thief gains 15% more Beli from everything but the casino." perk from my Thief occupation - leaving the new total at 1,068,037,182 (rounded down) beli.


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2Blood in, Blood out Empty Re: Blood in, Blood out on Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:02 pm




Blood in, Blood out QxXRR9g

It was on this day that Justice had reigned supreme for the marines. Howard had indeed captured the Songbird Captain, Junbei Von Echo. His eyes glazed, not in fear for the institution but it was truthfully the voices in his head that got to him. Since his breakdown via the transport, Junbei had been seeing silhouettes of Jerome and Octavia in his hallucinations. This wasn't anything new for the Auburn Songbird, since his times as a human experiment, the traumatic experience of being probed has left his mind with an unhealthy way of processing trauma. The voices in his head have taken on many shapes over time, at first, Derous, then, the voice of the deceased Fishman and former crew-mate, Three. Now, it's two voices, Octavia and Jerome. Meanwhile in real time, Junbei was turned over to the Jailers, and the process began. He was stripped down naked immediately on arrival into the institutions walls, his Seastone chains still firmly attached. This process was physically exhausting, causing the Yonko to pant slightly, due to the effects of the sea on his body, but Junbei had once again become a mute. His mind was dealing with the constant nasty mental slurs from his mind's banter.

His belongings stripped, turned over to the authorities that be, he'd been escorted to a private elevator that'd take him to the deepest level on Impel Down, Level 6, Eternal Hell, the locals called it. As he sunk deeper and deeper into the prison, the change in air pressure could've been felt by the popping feeling in Junbei's ears. One of the smaller jailers murmured around him, "This runt is the Auburn Songbird? The Red King that everyone was so afraid of. He looks like an ordinary brat to me. How old is this kid?" the jailer inquired. "He's not a kid jackaas. Apparently he's somewhere in his Twenties. Howard must've been a monster... They said when they did the inspection, he'd suffered fractures all over his body... and he didn't even wince in pain once." the other jailer murmured. "It's because his anatomy is different. They say his nerve endings were spliced or whatever. He might look harmless... but that man is a true blue monster." the speech concluded. The sound of the declining lift silenced, the doors open, a floor as wide as anyone else could imagine stretch before him. On each side, packed level by level, about four stories, were cells larger than life itself, and in each cells were prisoners forgotten by the world. Monsters, some even more heinous than Junbei himself. They'd walk for what felt like hours but was only a few minutes and a cell opened before the Yonko, tossed onto the inside, Junbei simply kneel, secluding himself in the darker areas of the cage, where no light could immerse him.

Over the next few days, no conversation would penetrate him. Anyone talking to him would be met with a glossy glance with an expression less face. This was truly the end of the Auburn Songbird that the world had known to fear. No thoughts of freedom or interests of his next song or plot, his mind was burdened with the sins of losing his crew-mates. At least the others had been left on Tres but even then, in his mind he'd only hoped they escaped safely. What was left of his Empire would've been left in their hands and their hands only, whether it be his wealth or his assets, as all he carried on him where tools of war. As his Vivi Card burned, the Yonko's mind sunk deeper and deeper into depravity. In his head, the only salvation he founded was imagining Howard death, and it was then, on the third day after his surrender, Junbei would let out a wicked laugh, no smile would come on his face, he'd chuckle loud enough for anyone around him to here. What'd brought him to this point, only his past would reveal.

-Exit. Turned over to Down's custody. No money on me, they have all declared items in the thread: Blitz Sticks, Gravtias/Vitas(Cursed Items) and my Funky Jammer. As per rules, they'd be placed in the Warden's Chest.-

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3Blood in, Blood out Empty Re: Blood in, Blood out on Sun Oct 22, 2017 6:29 pm



SO it appeared he was going back to prison again. This didn't surprise him in the least although he didn't have a small problem with this. He had just gotten out of impel down and he really didn't want to go back there. It was nearly hell for him while he was in there. He had kept to himself and had not even once tried to escape the prison. Even though he could of if he had been so inclined.  He shook his head and turned over in his cell aboard the ship when the ship slowed to a stop. It seemed they had arrived.

He had been kept apart from his friend bean and of course the other prisoner to possibly keep from working together to plan a prison break. He did not know all he did know was that he had no one to make conversation with. That is unless she counted the guards that were positioned outside his cell. He would have broken through the bars if it weren't for the damn seastone cuffs so he just remained a good soldier boy and refrained from attacking his guards. A happy prisoner is a disciplined prisoner.

His cell was violently opened and he was pulled out of his bed and forced to walk up the top of the ship. He saw his captain and gave him a nod and then he saw one of the four yonko in play as well cast in chains. well, this was definitely a big surprise. He was once again pushed into walking through the gates of impel down and he, however, remained silent although he was so planning divine retribution on the warlord. Oh, he was going to kill her once he beefed up this outrage was not going to stand.

He smirked as he was pushed into the room where he would have his clothes stripped off him. Of course, they would need to take his cuffs off first. He smiled and rubbed his wrists where the cuffs had been around his wrists and slowly disrobed and folded his clothing and once again given a prisoner uniform. However, the guards had not been told to keep him in seastone cuffs from the warden nor from the warlord that had captured him so honestly, it was there mistake. He would bide his time although he nearl went berserk when his items were once again confiscated. Those were the two most important things in his life.  

He as he was processed and placed into level three where he would sit in his cell as it closed behind him. He remained in the chains not daring to use his devil fruit powers until absolutely necessary.
He was going to get the hell out of this place one way or another and this time he was bringing back his grunts as well as anyone who would come with. for now, he would rest and let his wounds heal for a few days maybe a weak.


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4Blood in, Blood out Empty Re: Blood in, Blood out on Mon Oct 23, 2017 12:19 am

Blood in, Blood out 6188b5a87b13d9bb57e385313e2f55f295400d42_hq

The mission was a success, well for the World Government at least. Four very dangerous pirates were erased from the World Governments radar as they were now right under their nose in the sanctum for all things evil within the governed forum. Impel Down, the worlds greatest prison some had called it, but these four pirates would be calling this place home. One by one they were unloaded from the ship on to the shores of Impel Down for processing and the air was thick. Those on this island weren't expecting two high profile pirates at the same time, hell they weren't even expecting one! When it came time to bring out the infamous Bazel D. Wiggins the sight those had been waiting to see had fell to live up to expectations. Being carried out by two guards, one taking each arm as his lower body sagged against the ground.  A large scar on his left side showing where he had been hit by Nora while the giant Yellow Beard Pirate jolly roger rested against his back. "This is the guy that had his bounty ensured? They wasted 800 million beli on this guy?" said one officer of Impel Down. his voice was smug and he didn't mince words with the fire bird. "You're only saying that because he's no awake to hear you" said another guard who pushed the other guard in a joking manner.

"If this guy is as strong as they say... Won't Taisen Yamamoto have something to say about his imprisonment?" asked another concerned jailer. The prospect of Taisen began to loom over their heads, and then the same guard who mentioned Bazel looking weak thought before he spoke aloud "Isn't his brother The Blonde Heart, Cyrus Kincaid?!!!" these men began to think of the prospect of what would happen now that Bazel was in custody and two of the World Governments most wanted would be looking for a way to free the man. It was then for a slight second Bazel had arisen from his slumber just to look around and yank himself free from the grip from the marines. Those around him had looked off, the warden waved off Bazel allowing him to take a few steps before fainting face first. "Whatever was strong enough to take him out, after all the stories I've heard.." thought one of the men tasked with lifting the cuffed fire bird up. The damage done to Bazel was taking a toll on his body and the side effects were definitely showing in various ways. The travel had been days but Bazel had only come alive for a slight second in that time. He didn't have anything on him considering his possessions were all on the ship. Luckily that would be on its way to Dressrosa. The only thing removed from Bazel upon arrival from his den den mushi.

His cell wasn't really a cell. It was a cage really the only thing stopping Bazel from escaping was the boxed formation cage that kept him inside. Obviously it was probably forged of seastone, the same grade that Bazel and his three other cohorts were wearing when they arrived to Impel Down and were fully processed. The cell itself was 12 by 16 feet. On one end rested the youngest Yonko ever, who was undoubtedly going through his own issues. On the wall directly across the cell gate? Bazel. His cuffs were attached to the wall and his arms held up on each side. The chains were long enough just for Bazel to come forward to the gate of the cell and back. Same for his legs. It was obvious Bazel was being treated like the warrior he was, hopefully he would awake from his slumber soon.. His and Junbei's freedom counted on it.

Exit to Level 6 of Impel Down.

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5Blood in, Blood out Empty Re: Blood in, Blood out on Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:41 am


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