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1Get Ready (Travel) Empty Get Ready (Travel) on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:06 am

To say Bazel didn't think Sabaody Archipelago was everything he ever heard was a lie. This place was a gorgeous island sized forest that Bazel just couldn't get enough of. Granted he really couldn't enjoy the island the way he would have liked given his absurd bounty that restricted his public appearances. Right now the scarlet pirate was wearing a cloak over his usual attire which covered his hair and the lower portion of his face. The fire bird had no time to deal with pointless scraps as he wanted to get to The New World and start the show off with a bang. Currently he was walking around the tourist district of Sabaody with his usual bunch, Faust and Kash. The rest of the crew would be back in the shipyard area where the coating of the Grand Maria was being done. Since Alaric was the rookie of the crew he was tasked with protecting the ship while Bazel and co went on a sake run for the travels to the New World. "This island looks pretty nice Baz, surprised you aren't a tad bit alarmed with the Celestial Dragon presence." said Kash in a melancholy tone which made Baz smirk. Kash was right, this island was swarming with people who'd like to do him harm and others also but he didn't have time to get involved right now.

"Eh, any other time I would have stayed behind and torn thing place upside down but because we're in a bit of a rush I'd prefer to keep my head down." Faust smiled and  tapped his best friend on the shoulder "Finally Baz, you have a good idea my man." said Faust which made the trio break out in laughter. Hours had passed by as they explored the island and had a large amount of sake to take back to the island. Baz had enough to feed his father on his back which made Faust look at him weird "Jesus Baz, how are you carrying all that?" asked the navigator to which Baz smiled at his pilot "Believe it or not Faust, It's pretty light." Faust looked like he saw a ghost in response to Bazel's answer. Kash couldn't contain her laughter which made Faust slightly irritated. Now back at the docking area The group went to see if there ship was done to which it was. "Oi are we ready?" said Bazel to the coaters to which they signaled a thumbs up. "Perfect mate" said Bazel. Boarding the ship Bazel would make an announcement on the loud speakers "Oi, To all my crew who have helped me reach this point.. We're going someplace where people die, greats become legends and weak ones fall.. And I just want you all to come with me and see which one of those I am." said Bazel which was met with large applause from his crew. "Let's go!" said Bazel which was met by loud roars from all over the ship.

The ship began to submerge and the crew was off to the New World.


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2Get Ready (Travel) Empty Re: Get Ready (Travel) on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:15 am

Better not be a 10

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4Get Ready (Travel) Empty Re: Get Ready (Travel) on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:27 am

150,000,000 for the coating cost.

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5Get Ready (Travel) Empty Re: Get Ready (Travel) on Wed Oct 04, 2017 5:28 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Go forth


[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard
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6Get Ready (Travel) Empty Re: Get Ready (Travel) on Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:18 pm



He was somewhat sadde3ned he didn't get to explore sabody archipelago. Nor do anything interesting. But at least he was with his trusted navigator and new possible crew. he had yet to decide if he was going to fully join the crew and become a pirate or not. He let out a sigh and like the ocean waves let the disappointment slowly break apart and turn into a sense of calm. He had been luckily below decks taking a nap when he was roused by jerry saying that the captain was calling the crew together. He reluctantly got out of his small cot and climbed up to the deck of the ship.

He smirked as he listened to baz speak "Oi, To all my crew who have helped me reach this point. We're going someplace where people die, greats become legends and weak ones fall. And I just want you all to come with me and see which one of those I am. He shook his head in disbelief he was talking about going somewhere he had only heard about in stories. The new world. Had he finally been able to come to this point and time already. He felt she was still somewhat wet behind the ears but if the captain et a destination he was not going to argue with him.

He smiled and cheered with the crew as the captain said: "Lets go!" He smiled and gave Jerry a playful punch on the arm and said "See I told you we would be going to places new didn't i." He smirked and jerry punched him affectionately back and said "true your a man of your word al." the two locked eyes and burst into laughter and blended into the crews merrymaking as the bubble coating was finished applying.


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