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1 Meeting. [Ark Beginning] on Sun Sep 17, 2017 12:07 pm

Knuckles Shi


Beginning Tasks:

Task Name:Getting Started
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: After dealing with thugs in the city there has been a meeting set up with the de facto leader. Mr. Iwagawa controls the messengers and docks in all the cities. The Falcons go to meet with him.
Enemy Details: 20 T1 bodyguards, 20 T2 bodyguards
Boss: No (Mr Iwagawa is a rich weakling)

Task Name:It takes two to tango
Location: Hebi
Crew, Team, or Personal: Crew
Description: Mr. Iwagawa tells the group about a particular criminal who doesn't live in the city. His name is Rowdy Randy, and he left as a result of being beaten inside the city by other criminals. With the gap the Falcons left he has taken to attacking Iwagawa's trade between the port cities. He wants the Falcons to stop them.
Enemy Details: 20 T2 sword bandits | 10 T3 Axe bandits
Boss: Yes
Rowdy Randy:

Boss Name:
Tier: 3
Description: He's in the middle the rest are the outfits his men/women wear.

Devil Fruit: Na
Haki: Busoshoku Haki
Equipment: Large Titanium battle axe.
Strength: 6
Durability: 4
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

Knuckles was still cut up a bit from taking on that Crusher fellow for allowing him to be on his face. He had healed mostly of his injuries since then, and was ready to get going on their next task.  It seemed that there was going to be a man they needed to see, a meeting had been set up and the Falcons had been summoned to it. Normally Knuckles wasn't the type to be keen on being summoned like this it wasn't something he liked.  Still they needed to push on through the bullshit to set up some bases for the crew. So far they had helped clear out the town of some of the bigger douchebags who were running a muck all over the city.  The Crew's name was now out there within the towns people and they usually were greeted by smiles or impressions that there were going to be the next big criminal cell in the city.  No one really knew which was the truth or not, and this worried them. The Falcons Of Hell had a darker name to it, sounded like they were the attack bird of the Devil.  They had also killed a few people already, well Knuckles mostly but it was due to doing what he had to to survive. After all, he would kill an entire village if it would save more lives later.

Perhaps that's what he thought he was doing now, killing a few crime  dogs and saving other the pain of dealing with them later. It wasn't that he was against crime or shit like that, after all he was a Terrorist in the eyes of the Government, his crew members were a Thief and a Underworld broker. Not exactly lawful people, but Knuckles was not about the control criminals gained  here. It was like a Corrupt government with them, they got to do whatever they wanted, treat people like shit, kill them, and no justice was brought to them. It wasn't even like other waste of oxygen where killing them either.  They'd fight mess up the town and abuse the people and the island itself.

The Cap'n of the Crew had once again led his men from the front, knuckles was of course wearing his white exo suit, but this time not his gloves. Instead he had his plasma cutter attached to his waist ready to be used if need be.   He also had something to give to his crew before they had headed any further. Coming to a stop Knuckles turn to face the Falcons. "I just want to say that I'm proud to have you two with me.  It's time that you know the Truth,
but before I tell you what i have been hiding I have a gift for each of you. Seeing as it's only fitting I repay Ataru nack for his gifts to me and now showing that same gesture to you Aloeus."

Reaching into his pocket he pulled out two small microchips.  He had instructed them each before departing to not bring any DDM's with them for this mission.  Taking a Knee he held his arm out offering the gifts. "PLease, accept these as my graduated"


Chip image:

Equipment Name: Communications Chip
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: The com chip is a small electronic board thats is made to send and receive radio frequencies. The very same waves that are sent out by DDM's.  It connects to one's skin with small needles that lock into place right behind the ear allowing the transmissions of the radio signal to be heard and sent.  Its placed here due to the perfect spot to send out vibration[voices] for the ears to catch while gather the vibrations from when one talks and then sending them over the set frequency.  The Chip is covered with a small gold casing allowing it to be waterproof as well as stand up to some pretty serious heats.   Due to the location of the Device It wouldn't take much damage except by concussive means.  It's also powered by static electricity generated by the body making it effective even in an EMP.
Curse: N/A
Materials:  Gold.
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points:3


  • 1: Performs as a regular DDM
  • 2: Performs as a  Black DDM
  • 3: Performs as a White DDM
  • 4: Performs as a both White/Black DDM.
  • 5:
  • 6:

White Knight Suit:

Equipment Name: Exoskeleton .
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: T4
Equipment Description: The suit is made up of gold and titanium alloy giving it a light but sturdy fram. The suit is hard wired with it own on board power source.  Furthermore the suit uses tech that allows the movement of the user to easy and elegant but also charge up power by moving. (like a hamster running on a wheel). All power collected would be stored in four batteries placed on the rear of the suit's lowerback. (Batteries can be made by Scientist) The suit also would hold 2 Thunder Dials as it's main power source. With the help of a Dials the suit can run off each Dial constantly unless overuse come in effect. Overuse can come from using the Suit's installed gear too much forcing the suit to overheat and shut down for 4 post.[Combined cd of the Dials.] This suit provides +1 Durability acting as an Armor for most of the body besides the head. It gives No strength benefits or speed Benefits in its base model.  There is no bonus or penalty  to vision or perception.

Curse: N/A
Materials:Gold and Titanium
Units per Slot: 5
Upgrade Points:3

I'm going to list them all here and what each upgrade point does for the suit.:

0 points: The suit is simply just an Exoskeleton. Give no Bonus, has  one Dial for power source.  Prototype if you will to test the suits movements to ensure it works as designed.

1 point: The suit was upgraded with it's  Titanium alloy making it lighter and giving the +1 Durability.

2points: The suit was given the second Thunder Dial as a power source, while adding a thruster pack to the rear. The Thruster pack uses Jet Engines(Every small forms) to suction the air around the user then heat it and push it out. Allows to user to Dash 10 meters from starting location in any direction.

3Points: The suit has been upgraded with the exoskeleton system V 2.1 This allows the user to receive a small boost in Strength as the suit is now assisting in movements a lot more than before. +1 Strength.

4points: The suit is now installed with a blade of Plasma. The Plasma blade  is only 8 inches in length and have a width of 1 inch, Very small and close weapon. It's able to Cut through Steel, Iron, Wood, and Stone. Deal Damage equal to its number of upgrade points.  This bring slots used up by .5.

5 Points: Installed another Thunder Dial increasing slots used by 2. Thruster is now able to dash for a distance of 29 meters in either direction.  

6 Points: The Final Product of this suit. Installed is a entergy canon, using the power of up all 3 Thunder dials can fire a series of blast. They are as following:

A normal blast charged from the thunder dial. Fires up to 2 blast. They deal at upgrade point equal to Tier damage.
Consumes the energy of one Dial leaving the suit to function with 2 Thunder  Dials. Blaster is sphere shaped and only has a radius of 1 foot.

Enhanced blast, able to fire either 4 consecutive shots or 1 large blast  consuming the power of 2 thunder dials. If 4 shots are used the Damage is still counted as at Upgrade points= to Tier. If one blast is use it gains an the power to stun target for 1 post.Blaster is sphere shaped and only has a radius of 2 foot.

Final Shot, using all three dials it send the suit into overheat mode. Resulting in Immediate shut down for 6 post. Using the power of all three dials a massive Energy cannon is fired out. The radius of the sphere shaped beam is 3 feet. The beam is concentrated and more effective dealing damage on a massive Scale. Deal number of upgrade points = to Tier. It also Applies T6 Thunder Effects

Overheat System:

The overheat system is to stop the suit from using too much power and exploding.  The over heating systems is as such. The suit's passive on board power with no weapons consume one charge of the the Dials power. Dials are allowed 2 charges per post, though since I'm not using them as attacks but as  a power source the suit take 1 charge per post. Each Feature used consumes a charge as well.  Meaning if the user Dashes forward that consumes a charge. So if the user has only one dial and dashes the suit will go into overheat mode and shut down for 2 post to not cause the dials to explode.

This feature can be override with a voice command allowing the user to use the suit and any abilities for one post, however after overriding this feature all dials will explode and do x2 normal damage of each dial.

Plasma Cutter:
Equipment Name: Plasma Cutter
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: T3
Equipment Description: Using the power of a Flavor Dial as well as the power of a Thunder dial combining these into a plasma cutter. Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, Stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well. The Plasma  cutter has a handle of six inches, it's able to be held with one or two hands.   The tool can be used to make gadgets faster and more effective or as a weapon thanks to the adjustable dials for the beam. It can be widen out lowering the cutting power of the plasma beam but giving it a larger cutting surface.  Same with the length giving it a max length for 4 foot. The max width of the plasma beam can only be an inch. When the adjustments are at the max allowing the plasma to be wide open it uses more of the gas within the dial. So in terms of increasing the width and length for more cutting surface there is a shorter life time on the blade and the effectiveness.   However If both were to be maxed out it could cause the Plasma beam to send out an explosion damaging the User and whoever may be around in a 5 foot radius no to mention the gear.  If used as a weapon the plasma cutter deals equal to upgrade points in tier of Damage.
Curse: N/A
Materials: Titanium
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points: 3
Upgrade points:

  • 1: With 1 upgrade points the plasma cutter is usable only one post for combat use. Removes 5% of WC for Gaudet's 1 Post CD
  • 2: With 2 points the plasma cutter can be used two post for combat use. 2 post CD.
  • 3: at three points gas flow is improved using less gas allowing it to be used for longer periods of time. Increases use to 3 post with a 2 post CD for combat use.  Increases wc drop from 5% to 10%
  • 4:Allows the user to make three gadgets within 24 hours. No WC reduction.
  • 5:Improved Gas storage allowing Plasma beam to last longer. 4 post 3 post CD.
  • 6: The plasma cutter has reached its optimal stage allowing the user to perform more jobs within a day. Thanks to the crafting to the fine tuning of the electrical power and adding an intake for air now using air to be heated instead of gas for the Plasma cutter burning less gases allowing for a more effective use. Cutting cost of gas in half lengthening the use for either shop or combat use. Usable the entire thread.

Extra: Dials will need to be Installed and attained from Dial spec.

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2 Re: Meeting. [Ark Beginning] on Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:25 pm




  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Jet Boots(2 Jet Dials)
  • Gift Communicator

Total Equipment slots used: 7.5(dials count for half so they equal 3.5.) (after gift)

Their service was needed again,it was nice to keep busy. His voices were starting to affect his ability to sleep. He could always pass out after exhausting himself on some of these tasks though. He had secretly been looking forward to the next reprieve from his business. He knew once this plan was done that he needed to go face the music and venture back to Tundra. Getting dressed in his usual outfit  Ataru held no qualms on what was likely needed in this task. He needed to establish himself without the helmet now, they were trying to gain the peoples trust. He'd leave the helmet in his room, finding the other Falcons Ataru would witness Knuckles display of a gift. Ataru was grateful for the gift given by the captain. He had no idea what it was though, it looked like some kind of chip. He would look down at Knuckles chuckling. "So, uh how does this thing work exactly Knux?" After he received the instructions he would follow through with them before  speaking again. "So what's the plan of attack this time, I know that the town feels a little more welcoming from my drinking escapades the other night with Yak." He snickered a little bit at the mention of the other night Yak had ordered quite a lot of food. It was interesting to watch him eat it all with his usual gusto.

Ataru was cautious today, they had been rapidly expanding, some would say to fast. It was a byproduct of this paranoia that Ataru cautiousness was from as he held his right hand close to his sword while they gathered around their captain. His attitude would only shift if they were to meet with one of the town's representatives they already saw outsiders as violent. It was possible that  one of them might try to oust the falcons by calling them just another form of violent outsider. So far they had managed to avoid spilling the blood of any natives. As long as the trend continued these people would gladly offer their assistance. He was unsure how his captain wanted to proceed, this would prove  to be vital in establishing the precedent on how falcons approached setting up their territory.

Ataru knew how he would establish his rule but where he wanted to be located it faced a different problem entirely than this island. The city had calmed down in the recent days since the Falcons had taken out some of the bigger names in the area. In fact Ataru was being treated better than he had at his inauguration as an Underworld Broker, and that itself was a big event. It was a different kind of appreciation, but he welcomed it however temporary it may be. The people still hadn't realized the full meaning of their name because this island lacked any Marine influence. Hmm, I'm still not sure what we'll do when that happens. I haven't seen Aloeus or Knuckles response to Marines or the Government.

WC: 504/400

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3 Re: Meeting. [Ark Beginning] Yesterday at 7:35 pm



Aloeus stared uncomforabtly as Knux presented the gifts to him and Ataru. When Knux took the knee Aloe would look around ashamed as if he was the cause of this display. Taking the chip he would mutter Um thanks.... Please please get up. All that isn't necessary," gesturing to the position Knux took. It was a good idea though much more convenient than animals for many reasons. Receiving the instructions he look them over and attach it to himself. He didn't know much about technology even Den Den Mushi were something that Dwarfs typically didn't use. It was there view as whole that attaching devices to these animals was something that big humans shouldn't do. Instead they had trained insects or simply delivered the message them selves.

Currently the town was talking a lot about the Falcon's of Hell. From Aloeus could gather they had a positive view on the group. At the very least the people at the bar seemed to enjoy the show he Ataru had put on. A show that couldn't be blamed on the alcohol. Even with all the good press things could change at any moment. The town didn't actually know the scope FOH's plans. How would they react if they knew that their island was about exchange owners. Although in the last mission he flew under the radar given the objective was to steal this time what ever the group was going to get into Aloeus wanted a proper fight.

Fidgeting with new device he cracked and imagined the various movements he would have to make to if the device would get in the way. Focusing back on Knux he asked "Now that you softened the blow which your homemade gifts, what is you wanted to tell us? Let me guess you have another and your leaving us for them? Probably so mainstream folks he will want you to cover up your body and tell Ataru and I to stop dressing so flashy." Laughing so hard he started going into coughing fit. Even the young dwarf joked little did know level of truth there was to his statements.

Aloe shirt:
Equipment Name: Communications Chip
Equipment Type: Gadget
Strength Req.: 1
Equipment Description: The com chip is a small electronic board thats is made to send and receive radio frequencies. The very same waves that are sent out by DDM's.  It connects to one's skin with small needles that lock into place right behind the ear allowing the transmissions of the radio signal to be heard and sent.  Its placed here due to the perfect spot to send out vibration[voices] for the ears to catch while gather the vibrations from when one talks and then sending them over the set frequency.  The Chip is covered with a small gold casing allowing it to be waterproof as well as stand up to some pretty serious heats.   Due to the location of the Device It wouldn't take much damage except by concussive means.  It's also powered by static electricity generated by the body making it effective even in an EMP
Curse: N/A
Materials:  Gold.
Units per Slot: 1
Upgrade Points:3


[20:59:25] Venus : super saiyen dragon slaying uchihas with bankais
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