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1Enyeto's Spirit Companion [Completion] Empty Enyeto's Spirit Companion [Completion] on Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:48 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Name: Borus
Species: Ursus Americanus [American Black Bear]
Tier: 1
Total Experience: 0
Primary Attribute: Strength
Description: Borus isn’t like your average bear cub, because he is actually larger than then his brothers and sisters. He roughly weights 85 lbs. with a simple height, on all fours, of three feet while if he stands on his hind legs, which gives him another foot of height on top of that. Once he is fully grown, he will be double the size of an average adult black bear, which is due to his unique size at birth. The last characteristic that is noticeable about Borus is his piercing icy blue eye color. He has all the normal characteristics of a bear, like shape claws and teeth.

Much like an actual child, Borus very much acts like Enyeto’s own kid. He is extremely protective of his “father” and he will protect and listen to him without question. The general personality of Borus at this time is easily defined as Child-like.
Special Characteristics:

  • Immense Strength (Tier 1 Special Characteristic) - Due to Borus being a black bear, they are known for their immense strength. Borus receives a natural boost to his Strength Attribute when he attacks with his claws or teeth. (Strength +1)

Haki: Unawakened
History: Borus and Enyeto met on Yotsuba Island when Borus’ mother was trapped and wounded by a horrid poacher. He quickly scared off the poacher, took down the bear cub, and put his mother out of her misery before taking him back to the main town on the Island to begin his treatment and training of the Bear. Due to Borus unique size and smarts, he quickly learned the various commands, signals, and felt the love of his new found master while Enyeto began his preparation for another Beast Taming outing.

The love found between Enyeto and Borus could be seen as Father and Son-like, but Enyeto knows that is just because Borus is still very young in age. Once he grows up and fills out his body mass, the bear cub will become a very important force within Enyeto’s combat beasts. Other than that, the companions stories are still being written.

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