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1A Caged Bird Empty A Caged Bird on Sun Sep 10, 2017 1:06 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

A Caged Bird Dark-3-dark-mousy-14734421-640-480

A Caged Bird 110
Character Name: Mashiba Ryuuhei
   Link to Approved Character Mashiba Ryuuhei
   Affiliation: Undeclared
   Crew: Sect.C137
   Occupation:Martial Artist
   Tier: 1
   Bounty/Reputation: 5,250,000
   World Position: (If you possess one.)
   Fate Perks:

  • Predator-Perception(2)
  • Race Change(1)
  • Kami Haki I-Busoshoku(2)

   Fate Points: 1
A Caged Bird 210
  Primary: Strength
   Secondary: Speed,Perception
   Non-Prioritized: Durability

   Stamina: 150

   Haki: (Rank D-SS)
   Kenbunshoku Haki: (Perks)
   Busoshoku Haki: (Perks)
   Haoshoku Haki: (Perks)

   Devil Fruit:

A Caged Bird 310
Link to Primary Skill Set: Black Leg Style
   Link to Secondary Skill Set: Rokushiki
   Link to Tertiary Skill Set: (Or you may put them all in a spoiler here)

A Caged Bird 410
Weapons: (Weapons in a spoiler or link to weapons.)
   Armor: (Armors in a spoiler or link to armors.)
   Ships: (Other Equipment in a spoiler or link to other equipment.)
   Pets: (Pets in a spoiler or link to Pets.)
   NPCs: (Link to NPCs you own)
   Grunts: (How many grunts you own if any.)

A Caged Bird 510
Completed Topics
Tier 1:
   Completed Topics This Tier

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2A Caged Bird Empty Re: A Caged Bird on Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:23 pm

cool dude

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