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1 Youth [Task] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:04 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Task Name:Small conflict
Location: Abfall
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal

During his voyage to Abfall the ship is on comes under attack at night, by Revolutionary forces. For Stede this shouldn't be a problem but it seems among the enemies is a Devil Fruit user who can manipulate age.

Enemy Details:15 T1 Revs
Boss: Yes

Boss Name:
Tier: 2
Description: A rev covered in bandages. Male 5'9 weight unknown. Build is muscalure.

Name: Chicken
Devil Fruit: Jewelry Bonney's age manipulation fruit
Haki: Buso C
Strength: 2
Durability: 3
Speed: 3
Perception: 3

Their ship hadn't arrived yet with the others, maybe around another day or so. But, it was clear where this Marine vessel was headed as the only closest island was Abfall. Stede wasn't in charge of this ship, nor the Celestial Dragon. The man in charge was Vice Admiral Hachi who was currently asleep in his quarters. Many of the men were down below in the barracks getting their rest, but not Stede.

Stede didn't want to be so cramped up down below so he stayed topside. Other stayed topside also to keep watch, as these were dangerous waters. And what will happen later on will be a example of way it is important to have someone like him on duty. Well, when he actually wakes up.

"Ugh, why are we on guard duty?" Marine one would ask his partner, who also was o guard duty, as he began to light a cigar. He liked to smoke the good stuff, and nothing less.

"Mainly cause we have a Celestial Dragon pretending to be a Marine down below." The guy would say in response to the question. As he held the other's rifle while he lit his cigar.

"Hehe, yeah I almost forgot. You shouldn't say that though out loud, don't want him or any of his lackeys hearing you." The Marine would respond so a bit of concern in his voice. He also did this so that he wouldn't get in trouble. A Celestial Dragon was dangerous.

"Fuuuck them. I don't even care if I get caught, we are going to war soon. I'd probably die soon anyway." The Marine would as they came to a stop to lean over the edge of the ship.

"Dude, chill out. You shouldn't say anything like that."

"Pfft, I don't care."

"Not caring is good. Means I won't feel anything when I kill you two."

Both Marines that were leaning over the edge would turn around and be met with a blade through their skulls. Shocked for the split second that they were still alive. The blades would quickly be pulled out and they would be kicked over the edge. The sound of splashing would wake up Stede, who was under a blanket in the corner. He would stand up and head over to the area, but he would see anything or anyone. It was strange, so he would listen in to everything around him as this was weird. Before he had went to sleep there were ten Marines walking around as if guards, but none of them were here anymore. So, he wanted to see, well hear, if they were just below trying to switch shifts. Behind him though was a silent assassin that took out the others, and below was his crew. Thirteen silent assassins stealthy moving around down below, after one thing. The Celestial Dragon.

Stede didn't hear anything but people talking in their sleep, though a few people were awake talking. "I guess they just took a break. Well, dawn is upon us soon."

"You shouldn't let your guard down!" Someone would say as they would stab Stede through the back, their blade longer than their entire body. It would be long enough to penetrate through Stede's heart and the tip poking out on the outside.

"I am not a small fry, child." As Stede had went intangible before struck. He'd turn around with the weapon still within his body and then reach and grab the shocked intruder. Grabbing him by his head and lifting him off of the ground. "So, you must be a Revolutionary. Weak aren't cha? Back in the day I would've just told you to take your men and leave, crud maybe I would've done it at this time. But, you attacked me. And if I was more relaxed, you would've killed me for sure. Even with lazy Justice, you are going to end up dead. And also cost you the lives of your men. " Stede would say. But, his words wouldn't be heard by the man whose head he had. As it would be crushed upon him being picked up. After he spoke he would toss the body outward and into the sea.

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3 Re: Youth [Task] on Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:13 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


"How could he take him out like that!?!"

"Don't worry about that. We must stop him while the others carry out their mission."

Two Intruders would say as they would come out of the shadows, revealing themselves to Stede. There was no need to hide themselves, as they need to pull out all of the stops to take him out. He was big no that would be a understatement. He seemed more like a mythical beast. Maybe a Oni or even a Dragon, and they had to fight him. One of the Revolutionary assassin had only one trick up their sleeve, and that was his Devil Fruit ability. He just needed to get close and he could take him out.

"You know I can hear you guys. Right?" Stede would ask as he would seem to vanish and reappear behind them. He could just smell the fear coming off of them as he spoke, and it was funny. But, this was serious and he needed to hold back his laughter. The two would leap forward and turn around once they heard his voice; but only were allowed this because Stede wanted to play with them. Something about today just put the old man in a good mood, and he didn't think anything would be a problem. And he would say something to them that may be a mistake. "Okay, I will give you guys one hit each."

They would look at each other, confused. And to test it out they would push his comrade forward who would run up and actually hit Stede, but he didn't do much to the man's leg. Stede would quickly move his hand forward and place it on the guy's chest, giving out a noticeable discharge. The guy hit would then fall backwards to the ground. As that was going on the other guy would rush forward and then jump when a few feet away. This was to place his hand on the head of Stede.

"Giving me a open shot, will be your downfall! Thirty year drain!" He would say and a bright purple light would envelop the entire area. Consuming Stede whole. This obviously was a Devil fruit ability, and something serious as Stede wasn't able to stop it's effects. And when he struck outward to attack the guy, he missed, which was strange. The guy that attacked him would no longer be insite anymore, but his voice was able to be heard.

"All I need is one more strike, and you will be done for." Is all Stede would hear.

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5 Re: Youth [Task] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:32 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Again he would be struck, "Ten years a se-" But before the foe would finish they would be struck by a blade. Not focusing on their surroundings as it struck, a dazed, Stede from behind taking away years of his life with a simple touch. And he might've lost more than he could handle if it wasn't for Meji coming in and saving the day. And with that Stede owed him a great debt.

"NO!" Despite the injure it seemed the foe had a bit more fight left in him and would try to attack again. But Stede would strike first when they spoke, dealing the same attack he had done to the other one. The added damage would be the nail in the coffin for the foe.

Stede would know that his body had gone through a change, and he didn't like it. He felt that his immortality would never end, and honestly that Meji should've have joined in this fight.

"Hurry, back down below a few are still alive! Their target is Ensign Young" Stede would declare to Meji as he began to listen in again. They were talking now among themselves, they had found the Celestial Dragon but one of them seems to have left to report this in. Catching him would be impossible as Stede knew he was too far, and the others were left to be dealt with. Upon giving out the order to Meji Stede wouldn't stay there but seem to sink into the floor, at blinding speeds. But, his destination wasn't to the side of the Celestial Dragon but to Hachi's quarters.

"Wake up!"

"Huh!?" Hachi, who had his head on his desk, would quickly lift it up in confusion. "Stede?"

"Sound the alarm! We have intruders on the ship! We don't need anymore deaths!" Stede would say to Hachi.

Hachi would quickly grab his Den Den mushi, "ATTENTION ALL PERSONNEL! ENEMIES HAVE BOARDED THE SHIP! BATTLE STATIONS!" The Den Den Mushi would pass the message to the others hooked up around the ship, relaying it to everyone. Stede at first didn't want to alert the Men and Women still asleep, as they were the most vulnerable. As if the assassins couldn't get to the Celestial Dragon their plans would change to taking out out as many of the Marines on this ship as they could before succumbing to their fate. This being except the one that left earlier to give this information to those on Abfall. As knowing this would give them the advantage if they were able to Capture the Celestial Dragon. But, if they were able to capture him killing him at one point would be good for their cause.

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7 Re: Youth [Task] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 12:58 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Thanks to the Vice Admiral waking everyone on the ship up they were able to get up make sure no more foes would killing anymore Marines. And if any weren't taken out by the Celestial Dragon, they would escape the ship.

"Ugh, you know you shouldn't do this much damage when fighting on the ship. Cause you could sink us. But, no time for that. Help out or get out of the wat." A Marine, who held a higher rank than Ensign Young, would say as they would come to the area that Ensign Young was in on the ship. It wasn't that they were fine with the foes being taken out, but still his attack seem excessive. The Man that spoke didn't wait for a response, as they were racing against time right now. He would wave for others to go and get supplies so they can do the needed repairs. Quickly they would arrive with the needed equipment and supplies.

"Hachi, once we meet up with the other ships. Have the Celestial Dragon board the a different ship, as this one will be marked. And with at least one of the assassins escaping and they will know to attack this ship." Stede would say as he spoke to Hachi, urgency within his voice.

"Are you sure?" Hachi would ask not really seeing that as a reason to do such a thing.

"I am not asking you Hachi." Stede would say as he didn't have a good feeling about having the Celestial Dragon still on this ship. He did this to keep the boy safe, as they don't care if he is playing Marine. The Revolutionaries would not care what he claimed to be and do whatever to capture or kill him.

"Hmm, I understand. But remember Stede I am the one in charge here." Hachi would say he would leave his quarters and try to head to the area where Ensign Young was located. He'd ask around for where he was and when he found out he would speak to him. "Upon arrival with the rest of the fleet, you and others will board that ship. I understand you are a Ensign now but with your other status we can't risk you getting taken out when he arrive. I'm not saying we will be attacked, but this is a safety precaution incase we are."

Stede stayed within the room and would make his way over to a mirror. He just couldn't believe what just happened to him, forty years. He felt the forty years leave his body and it was evident, as he no longer had white hair. And not so many wrinkles, and finally his beard he took twenty years to grow is gone. And what he had left was his signature mustache he used to have during his early Marine years before retiring.

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9 Re: Youth [Task] on Thu Aug 31, 2017 7:38 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Topic ended with your last post.

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