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1The Clone's Arrival Empty The Clone's Arrival on Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:19 am


Task Name: The Clone's Arrival
Tier: 4
Location: Rusukaina
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: (Flashback as I've got a task spot open) As Valentine arrives to the island of Rusukaina with seastone cuffs on her wrists she's dumped into a cave before chopping the cuffs off of her as the scientist that dropped her off escaped, now she has to fight off wolves to show the animals who's boss (this is before she gets frozen in a cave and stuff which is why this all happens before the training thread with Gerard aka Dandy)
Enemy Details: 50 T2 Wolves, 3 T4 Wolves, one tier 5 boss.
Boss: YES

Boss Name: The Generals Baby Sitter
Tier: 5
Description: A huge black furred wolf that seems to be an alpha in the tribe. It has a huge scar spanning across both of its eyes and thus uses aura sight to see where it goes and where its opponents are located at.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: Both Armament and Observation
Strength: 5
Durability: 7
Speed: 4
Perception: 4

The mold infected wooden planks all around her made her sick to the stomach, she had been caught by the wrong people to say the least, the ones that created her. What was their plan? What was their motivation? Hell if she knew, but she just wanted to get out of here. The seastone cuffs hurting her hands and making her tired by the minute, it wasn't something she enjoyed to say the least. As a hatch opened she could see sunlight, was this the time to run for it? Where were they? As she heard two manly voices she started seeing shadowed creature, then they blocked the sunlight coming from above to reveal that they were subordinates of the scientist gang that had created her in the first place, they took a firm grip of her arms and carried her up and out to the main deck of the ship.

"Kococococo~ my what a lovely day! First I encounter you from an anonymous tip and then I realize what to do with you as I captured you from your newly made beloved ones... it's a treat for sure." the scientist said from his throne on deck, situated right in the middle of the huge galleon like ship. "You're my creation, and thus I can do what I want with you, men! Throw her to the island and let that wolf out there as well, his programming should allow for this thing to play out nicely, and hopefully he'll kill her, and if nothing else you'll rot away at that island for as long as you live!" he said as he turned around to watch her in the eyes as he delivered the blow, he looked a lot older than he did a few years ago, then she remembered him having quite the disease which was a big reason why she was created, to be a caretaker. Before she could think of anything else regarding the situation the men squeezed her arms before walking to the side of the ship and lunging her towards land.

Where was she? How was she? What had happened just moments before? Her memories was fading away as she crash landed on the island and before she could say anything she heard the rattling of a cage opening, the wolf they were talking about came marshing out of it and jumped towards the island. "Have fun my babies!
Play nicely...
", the scientist could be heard clearly talking before the ship disappeared in the horizon.

50 T2 Wolves, 3 T4 Wolves, one tier 5 boss.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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2The Clone's Arrival Empty Re: The Clone's Arrival on Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:30 am

This wasn't really what she had thought of her life, being stranded on an unknown island with giant animals, especially with the giant wolf that has a scar over its face, but somehow she felt like it could still seek her, watching over her with an almost killer instinct, maybe this was something good, maybe it was something really, really bad, but for right now she hadn't encountered many problems with the island other than it being really boring to be stuck on.

As she walked on the beach one day with her shackled hands she could hear the wolf stalking her as it walked on a few branches in the neighbouring forest, it had made its move. As it got closer and closer to her she turned around and separated the chain that held her hands together and alas it worked, the wolf bit through the seastone in a mighty blow and with the force created from the bite a shockwave was created, pushing both of them away from each other. "Finally! Thanks you dumb mutt!" she said as she ran towards the jungle in search of a place to hide, and she certainly did, quite the large tree made up in the horizon made out of a dark almost black wood, could it be a certain type of oak? She didn't know and instead just climbed up on the side of the tree, it was quite the gigantic thing after all, easily sporting her body on one of its huge branches.

As she sat there and waited for the wolf to forgive her she saw animals everywhere, small wolves prayed to the bigger wolves which prayed to their newly arrived alpha wolf. Maybe she could take all of these out and claim this place for herself? Making her the alpha wouldn't be such a bad thing after all. As she looked closely she saw it, it was the biggest bunch of wolves yet sporting somewhere between 25 and 50 wolves all at the same time, it was the wolves den! She had finally found it, and without looking on foot either! These trees were the bomb. It wasn't that far away, maybe 300 meters, so she thought the best thing to do was to fly around to the different tree tops using the vines in the freakishly large trees, swinging from one to the other, and alas it worked just as she thought it would.

50T2, 3 T3 and one T5

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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3The Clone's Arrival Empty Re: The Clone's Arrival on Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:40 am

Feeling the frisk air in the hair and having her hair flying around wasn't something she was used to, during her years away from the science and all she had served as a free agent, helping anyone who could help her back, or return the favor with things like money, justice or simply travel help to other islands, which had helped her see the world in a new way. She had seen most things, but these giant type of animals was not one of them. As she got closer and closer to the wolf camp she started realizing that she needed an attack to blow them all out at once, and she had just that, but hopefully she wouldn't get spotted by anything whilst she charged it as she needed the utmost concentration for it.

She flew through the air before landing on the closest tree. It was about 40 meters away from the wolves and now she could count them all clearly. 10-20-30-40-50, 50 wolves all at one point, I think my technique can handle that. she thought to herself as she looked down upon the wolves in a quite literally sense. She raised both of her arms as she charged her ace in the hole technique, hearing as the air pulsed around her palms a huge ball of air was created before she quickly siphered it down to a small ball that she had almost as if captured to be repelled towards the wolves, but she needed it to get more juice first, she wanted to give it the most destructive capability, allowing all the wolves to be wiped out in one, swift strike.

She had been appointed some high level officer lead in the scientist army after all, that was also one of the means of her creation, one of her purposes making plans of supreme strategy and such not that hard of a task for her, especially not with her knowing the destructive capabilities of her fruit that she stole all those years ago. The wind blew, the autumn climate wasn't treating her well and was probably about to give her a cold but she didn't mind, it was nice feeling things after all, whatever it might be. As she ready to shoot the projectile towards the wolves she aimed towards them with her eyes and adjusting her palms accordingly, it was time to wipe them out.


450 stamina - 100 = 350.

Charging up this technique :

Skill Name: - Demolishing Shock
Tier: - 5
Type - Offensive
Range: - 300 meters diameter, 100 meters as a projectile
Speed: - Explosion is 4 and the projectile is 3
Description: - By repelling and compressing as much air as she can into a spot between her hands she creates a super compressed mini bomb that she can repel towards someone for an explosion going up to 300 meters in diameter from the impact. If it touches the target it goes inside of them before blowing up, limiting the damage to internal and a much smaller shockwave coming outside of the person hit all around them (45 meters) with an MDC of -1 but it does +1 MDC to the insides of the target hit. The explosion is tier 4 in speed but the actual projectile is tier 3 in speed as it travels. When charging the projectile becomes as large as 10 meters diameter before going back to a really small ball the size of 30 centimeters all around.

^ this technique has to be charged for at least one post, if she's interrupted whilst charging the skill the process is interrupted and she must start over again.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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4The Clone's Arrival Empty Re: The Clone's Arrival on Wed Aug 30, 2017 3:51 am

As she gave it a light push using her paws situated on her palms the projectile flew closer and closer to the wolf den, situated in the middle of the jungle, but seeing as the alpha hadn't returned yet then it was pretty alright for her still to take out most of its tribe, especially without needing to worry about that wolf later on for awhile at least seeing as its still looking around for her.

As the projectile got closer and closer a few wolves saw it when it was only a few meters away from the ground, looking at it, some more wolves saw it, and then some more, they all rounded the projectile and looked at it as it descended down to touch the ground making a cute, pluff noice as if it had just been a ball that had grazed earth before expanding 150 meters to all ways with a blinding light as an explosion was heard probably across the whole island. The gracious wind had gone nuts as well, flying all over the place making her super cold in the process, plus she had to get away, as the blast increased in size exponentially she ran as she repelled the air behind her using her paws, shooting wind that propelled her forward, she took a hold of vines and such and grappled herself forward as well, doing anything to escape its demolishing shockwave.

Trees fell around her, the noises willowed down, as she got on to one of the last trees standing she looked back, only seeing a huge crater in the middle of the island, no wolves were left to be seen over there anymore, it was as if they had been wiped out and never existed there in the first place. It had a sort of a magical arouma around it, beaming out towards her as she watched the destruction she had caused, but now was not the time to think about that. She heard animals all around the island running from the place of destruction seeing as she had just exploded close to a full wolf tribe in one attack it was understandable. She sat in the tree and prepared to rest as she laid down on one of the branches of the tree, she could deal with all of this tomorrow, setting her sights on the alpha and any others who dare to come to try and get her whenever it was time.

350 stamina now, doing RIB attempt.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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5The Clone's Arrival Empty Re: The Clone's Arrival on Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:11 am

As she woke up from the cold winds that surrounded her as she laid peacefully in the tree she sat herself up and stretched, looking into the horizon to see the crater that she had created. The weather wasn't that great as it rained a bit but seeing as she sat on a branch in the tree her saviant body was protected by the huge leaf protection above her from the tree. I went a bit too far maybe? Ough at least I cleared them out she thought to herself as she sat on the huge branch in the middle of nowhere, no idea where she was and no idea how she would get out of here.

As she jumped down through branches and leaves all the way down to the ground she started to feel a lot more energized, if it was for her sleep or if it was for something else she didn't know, but she felt like she had a shot at taking this island down, along with that wolf of hers. As she started to go for her morning walk on the beach of the island she felt the strong winds getting gushed at her from the coast side, but as she did she heard something, the forest moved along side her, as she stopped it stopped, something was following her but she was unsure of what it was. As she stopped and looked into the forest on her right side she saw it, three wolves stalking her, or was it 4? They tried to hide and synchronize movements with the clone but she was more perceptive than to be fooled by a few wolves on some desolate island.

She turned towards the forest and looked into it with an even more sturdy glare, watching them from afar, maybe 50 meters or so. "Reveal yourselves, scum!" she screamed into them and as she could hear them being spooked by her she could hear the rattling of leaves and branches getting crushed below their paws, they had been revealed. As all four of them got out of there they stood in quite the weird formation, three wolves stood in a line and another one, the biggest one out of them all, the black one with a scar across both eyes that she had encountered the day before stood behind them as the alpha it was. It was time to fight these things and take over their position of the island.

450 stamina after the RIB attempt. 3 T3 wolves and the T5 boss left.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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6The Clone's Arrival Empty Re: The Clone's Arrival on Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:39 am

The wolves stood their stay, which she thought was great as she needed time to observe them after all, to figure out their weak spots. Before she got any more room to think one of them charged towards her as the black wolf nodded towards her, as if it ordered them around which made her planning harder to pull through. As it dashed several times towards her it tried achieving its highest speed, but she could still see it, it was just about the speed of a bullet in motion, maybe a little bit more. As it got closer and closer she dragged up her hand behind her like a cannon.

As it got closer and closer she readied herself, coating her arm in busoshoku haki, arming it like a cannon. "You wouldn't go close to a cannon as you'd know it would shoot right? So why are you charging like this towards me?" she said before the wolf dashed the last spurt towards her, appearing in front of her, and right as it did she punched, unrealing her cannon towards the wolf punching it with her palm straight into its face and just a few moments later the wolf was shot towards another part of the beach, flying tens of meters in a direction with something that was hopefully a cracked skull, it didn't move at least which she thought was a good sign. Then the two other wolves started dashing towards her.

"You guys don't know when to quit do you?" she said with a dead glare towards them, she didn't want to take this shit anymore. She just wanted to set up something on this island to make her living here comfortably enough. As the wolves tried coming at her from two different sides she thought she would do the best option available to her, or at least an option. As she realized this she ran towards their fallen comrade as she had a new plan set in action. As she arrived at his fallen body she grabbed him by the throat and pulled him up showing him to the other two wolves before she pressed her right paw on to the wolves chest, making a red bubble the size of 15 meter diameter coming out of him at the other side. It was time to make the wolves feel hell.

450 - 100 = 350

Skill Name: - Saving Repulsion
Tier: - 5
Type - Support
Range: - Palm contact
Speed: - 5
Description: - By placing one of her palms on someones or her own chest / other area she can repulse that persons fatigue and pain but the wounds will still be healed but the person that it gets shot out of will instantly feel energized again. This can remove up to Major damage pain wise and gives the user its used on +25% stamina. Even though the pain is removed doesn't mean the wound automatically heals and thus will still need to be tended to. Right after taking the damage or fatigue out of someone Valentine repels the bubble towards an enemy opponent, and if it hits the damage is transferred from the bubble into them and they are also hit by a -2 in Speed for 2 posts as they extruciating pain hinders their speed.

The bubble is 15 meters in diameter.

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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7The Clone's Arrival Empty Re: The Clone's Arrival on Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:07 am

This was the final stand off, it was time to make these wolves feel hell, as she surged the pain out of the wolves fallen breathren she started to realize that they were going to taste hell itself. The wolves started to close in on her as they watched the red bubble between the two parties. She didn't want to let the wolves think too far ahead and thus repelled it towards them with a fast motion making it fly towards them like a bullet.

As they tried to dodge they were still in the area of the bubble and with a sudden motion the bubble had been absorbed by them, first they couldn't feel anything until the damage surged into them both, slowing them down as they took the damage in staggering amounts. As they did Valentine got closer to them before repelling both of them towards another part of the beach like she had did with the other one. Now it was time for the final slaughter, her and the alpha wolf stood face to face, even if they were about 75 meters away from each other as it had spectated the other fights just moments before. "Hey you mutt, I don't care who or what you are, come over here and we'll decide this thing once and for all", as she spoke it seemed as if the wolf understood her and walked closer.

Before starting to spurt, faster and faster towards her, this thing was going to be hard to take down for sure, Seeing as she was already a bit exhausted for using her special pain move against the other lowlife wolves. As the wolf got closer and closer she realized that this thing was going to be a strong opponent, seeing its fangs turn onyx sheen she realized she was going against armament haki, which meant repelling might be harder now. As it got closer and closer to her she realized that she could repel herself backwards to avoid the clash, at least for now. As she did she got further and further back, but this thing was fast, almost as fast as her using her maximum speed actually!

She went further and further back, they flew and ran through the jungle of the island, through the beach, and then she found the perfect place, a mountain situated on the back end of the island! She flew up it having the wolf closely behind her, and as she realized something it was as if her brain had gotten immense pleasure, she quickly punched several times in to the mountain wall with her palms and as rocks tried to repel itself inwards it cracked, repeat several times and it becomes rubble that has a hard time staying on the rocky wall. As the wolf crossed the path that she was flying up it got to the rubble.

And with a quick slide down and through the forest she had lost it, she hadn't gotten rid of it permanently, but at least for as long as she would like to care about it. As she went further on to the top of the mountain she looked out towards the seas and thought to herself for a quick second Maybe this place isn't as bad as I thought... before laying down and looking at the clear, blue sky filled with dreams and ambitions.


Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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