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1Eleanor Bonnet [Revamp]  Empty Eleanor Bonnet [Revamp] on Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:40 pm



Eleanor Bonnet [Revamp]  Ty5K2jY

Name: Eleanor "Nora" Bonnet
Alias/Epithet: Minazuki
Race: Kuja
Tier: 4
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Martial Artist (Berserker)/ Thief (Cat Burglar)
Affiliation: Revolutionary [Secretly]
World Position: Shichibukai

General Appearance: While Nora might not come across as the most approachable of people at first glance, what with her perpetually bored expression and closed off posture, she certainly does present a beautiful picture. The first thing about Nora that many would notice is her slender fram. The woman exudes effortless grace; her long legs and willowy fram further lending credence to this. Nora is a young woman with beautifully crafted features; each one completely complimenting the last, black irises, slightly pale skin, and long black hair that reaches down towards her lower back; the latter of which is occasionally worn in either a large braid down the front of her body (styled in this way to cover a notable scar in-between her collarbone, inflicted by her father when the former was younger), or simply keeping her hair down and styled. Other than this, her complexion is extremely clear and features no blemishes, outside of her scar. The scar featured in-between her collarbone is the only scar she's ever received in combat. In her mind, this scar serves as both a trophy and a reminder. In terms of what it reminds her of, it continues to give her the drive and perseverance she needs to continue forward, while also reminding her of how far she must go. In terms of how this scar is a reward, it gives her great pride to know that the only one that has been strong enough to injure her in such a manner is none other than her own father - adding even more to the respect and admiration that she has for him. She can only hope that one day she'll be able to mark his flesh the in the same manner.  

Nora stands at a height of five foot eight, and weighs about about one hundred and sixteen pounds. Her body is slim, yet, is deceptively well toned and muscular. Because she has an appearance that most would consider to be frail, her strength, both literally and figuratively, is something that catches many people by surprise. Though her physique doesn't lend to the perception of immense physical strength quite like her father's, she is quite powerful in this regard. Nora takes great pride in the misconception that her appearance is able to create, as those who make the mistake of underestimating her due to it quickly find themselves regretting it. Nora makes sure to maintain her appearance as best as she can, taking large strides to do so. She takes great pride in her physical appearance, as well as how much easier it can make confrontations she has to deal with.

She usually wears a black kosode and hakama, whilst wearing white shitagi and tabi. She also opts to wear an obi instead of the "normal" sash that would usually accompany this outfit. This obi covers most of her midsection. On top of this, she wears a white haori over her kosode. On her feet, she wears a pair of waraji, of which the thong between the toe taps on acupressure points - something that is strongly believed to assist the body’s daily functionalities. She wears this with a pair of tabi socks, in which the toes are supposed to jut out, the shoe sole in close contact with the foot, and the back to wrap around the Achilles tendon, adding great support. Waraji have been used for everything from walking to long-distance hiking to mountaineering as it provides a firm grip on rock, moss or other relatively treacherous surfaces that she may encounter. All of these clothing items have been fashioned from modern synthetic materials that take on the appearance of the fabrics that were traditionally used to make them in the past. Despite this being her usual attire, she will often change clothing or wear whatever she feels like during any given point in time depending on situation. These clothing decisions are made simply on whim.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 116 lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Is adamantly opposed to marking her skin.

Personality:  Raised by her aunt after the tragic death of her mother and the abandonment of her father, Nora has grown up to be cynical and more than a little bit spoiled. For someone her age, she’s got quite a bit of vitriol towards the world. It's honestly a wonder she hasn’t toppled over from the massive chip on her slender shoulders. She isn’t above weaponizing the tragedy of her past to evoke guilt in others and get her way in the end - which should be a clear enough picture as to how she goes through life.

Despite how negative her personality sounds at the moment, there are shimmers of light here and there. Outwardly, Nora has a gentle and warm personality that augments her appearance. She rarely shows any signs of panic or distress, and has learned well to keep her emotions in check. Nora can be a soft-spoken, polite, and caring woman who uses great respect when addressing her superiors, subordinates, and strangers. However, with the grace and kind manners that she's capable of displaying, she also lets others know quietly that she is not to be taken lightly. Despite her occasionally outwardly gentle nature, there are numerous people that have learned to fear her. Beneath her beautifully gilded exterior lies an intelligent, cold, and calculating persona that she keeps in check.

Those that she sees as her friends she thinks of as her family and would protect with her life. On the same token, she also finds it hard to trust new individuals. She can be rather oblivious to the feelings of others in reference to herself, and because of this she can be rather abrasive at times, not taking the cues from others that there is something particularly wrong with how she may be acting at the time. This has led to many arguments in Nora's young life, and because of this, it has made it harder for people to get close to her. Though he enjoys combat, she never truly fights out of anger or hate, and never usually acts out of this emotion. When she is pushed to this point he has a tendency to hold grudges against those responsible for this. Those held grudges usually don't end well for those on the other end of them.

Once forced into confrontation, Nora has a tendency to be merciless when it comes to dispatching any threat to herself or her comrades. Because of this, she usually doesn't entertain the concept of a fight unless the situation is serious. For example, Nora would never fight someone over mere insults. If someone is threatening one of her friends or companions, then she'd trust them to handle their own affairs. If they weren't capable of at least handling themselves then Nora wouldn't be associated with them to begin with. Jumping into the affairs of others has never been something Nora has liked doing - but should things appear grim for her companion she'd begrudgingly offer her assistance.

Nora has never exactly been one to lead. This is because she oftentimes values the ability to go off and do whatever she wants without a need to answer to anyone else. This quality often makes it hard for her to be anyone's follower for too long as well. Freedom is extremely important to her, and because of this, during her time with the revolutionaries she has requested tasks that would allow her to perform solo - without the need of a team. Even though it would be something new for her, she'd be able to eventually get used to the idea of being a leader, as long as the crew holds the same mindset about life as she does. If they don't, they'd obviously be annoying to have conversations with...and that would be a no-no.


  • Nora is able pick up information by various methods such as interacting with people or simply observing them. Coupled with the fact that she's a great liar, ferreting out what she wants is something she excels at.
  • Her extremely analytical mind is able to study situations and attempt to work out how to turn them to her advantage, as well as prioritize tasks to maximize her efficiency.
  • Keeping up with large amounts of miscellaneous information in the hopes that a piece of that information could apply in some way, shape, or form to a current issue or situation.


  • Reading - Nora is borderline obsessed with fantasy novels. She can talk about it for hours on end if she isn’t stopped.
  • Sylvester - This was a lovebird given to her as a present by her deceased mother. He was magnificent and superior to all other animals, in her opinion.
  • Tea - Obsessive drinker of fine teas.
  • Drawing - Though she prefers not to admit that this is a hobby she has.
  • Combat: Though she does what she can to avoid combat altogether, she can't deny that she enjoys the rush of pitting herself, as well as her skills, against a worthy opponent. Many would simply summarize this by saying, "She's her father's daughter".


  • Babbittry - Nora feels as though people should always strive for more in any category of their life. She detests people who are simply content with mediocrity in any facet of their life.
  • Getting too close to people - With the way that Nora lives her life, getting too close to others has become a risk that she doesn't exactly find worth the rewards. It's very rare for Eleanor to actually let someone close to her. The most she might do is simply give the other person the illusion that they've become great friends while mentally keeping them at a distance.
  • Ignorance: One thing that Eleanor hates are the opinions of someone who knows little about the topic at hand. She's always held the viewpoint that those who know nothing should remain quiet in the hopes that they'll learn something.
  • Betrayal: Another thing she has never respected is betrayal. Any betrayal whatsoever is something that she dislikes wholeheartedly - unless it's a betrayal she's committed.
  • Eating: Food in general; fish being particularly offensive. As an extremely picky eater with an abysmal appetite to go with it, Eleanor would avoid food altogether if it was at all possible.
  • Her Father: Despite the fact that she abhors her father, deep down, she truly idolizes and respects him. He was never frequently in her life, and because of this, Nora tends to blame a lot of happenings within her life on her absentee father. Most notably, the death of her mother.

History: I'll address it IC. However, I will mention that this character is a child of Stede Bonnet Sr. (Sabo's char).
Face Claim: Bleach|Unohana Yachiru
RP Sample: Opting out

Bonus: N/A

Fate Point Allocation:

  • Devil's Meddle (2 Points)
  • Hard Worker (1 Point)
  • Diligent Spirit (1 Point)
  • Predator (2 Points)
  • Race Change (1 Point)

Note: I was told by Sabo that I could request 1 Fate Point as a result of assisting with the site images, so I've spent a total of 7 instead of 6.

What you allow is what will continue
Eleanor Bonnet [Revamp]  BO0N0Rs

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2Eleanor Bonnet [Revamp]  Empty Re: Eleanor Bonnet [Revamp] on Sun Aug 27, 2017 10:18 am


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I should req. a history for being my bastard

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