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15 Re: The Worst Soul on Tue Sep 26, 2017 3:31 pm



Apostrophes are your friend wrote:If you check this, they place their souls gained in to a basket before sprinkling, thats it, thats all they have done. Theres branching out then theres trying to get too much as you usually do.
In reference to my horo horo, its shown the Toku can be manipulated in size , its shown they can be tangible and its shown they can explode upon command, so i mean all my stuff is basic given from the fruit, yours is attempted mass addition, but k

"Sprinkling them around" still involves placing the souls in things loml. Souls pieces are not physical things to anything besides the soru soru user, yomi yomi user, and incarnations. Mass addition? How so? I literally do not have any other abilities for the incarnations present at this time besides detailing what they do and fitting them into a system. I'd say mine is far more basic than your reaching with "tangible ghost bullets that are able to be fired by guns." Again a baseless, vindictive, claim. You should work on that.

Again...wut wrote:Except your biggest problem is you don't attempt to balance for an rp environment and expect to be able to do everything seen in the manga instantly without any balance, which as you can see, isn't exactly how things work here, this has been the major issue with pretty much every skill set you attempt and regardless of the mod or admin modding you deem it fit to argue and argue with the manga as your main cause, in reference to the Pika, it directly fits. It is the best fruit example that we have in which on this site we don't allow it to follow the manga. I get that in the manga this fruit lets you just take a month of a soul, and bam creates a homie. So far every homie we have seen bar big moms specials are fodder

I mean isn't that wut u did with insta gaining horo horo flight Anyways, the only skillsets of mine that take very long to get approved are the ones you seem to post on. Hie hie (which I made in the time Poncho decided you shouldn't be staff) was approved in two days off the bat and only later got recalled due to an argument on one passive. You're problem is that you attempt to nerf things that you personally can't have far passed "balance" and other will attest to that. Pika doesn't fit because it was a debate around it's speed, which has seen to be matched by people like Zephyr and Reyliegh- it's something not clearly defined. Home creation on the other is clearly and specifically defined for us. Moving from one month to a person's ENTIRE life is not balanced "plain and simple."

Sweet sweet contradiction wrote:Look at the percentages i offered as an "amount" the higher the percentage the stronger the homie, 1 month homies weve pretty much seen from the sprinkles are nothing more than useless fodder, i'd speculate [speculate i know its not fact] that Randolph was potentially made with either a stronger/bigger soul gained from an ammount of time, look at the percentages as that, or by all means even see this and think ok, i get it but i don't think percentages work, how about [offer idea]

Buh didn't you just say all other homies besides big mom were fodder but then speculate that Randolf who I've shown is not fodder isn't for some bs speculation
As I see it I'm the only one basing homie creation off of actual evidence when all you are doing is speculating. We have a canon given amount given-there has not been one thing mentioned about needing "stronger souls" for different homies. I did also offer an idea that you simply shot down with no discussion. I said a certain percentage was needed of a person's soul to make a homie of that tier, I proposed 15-25% of a soul needed to create a homie of equal tier to the soul, far more than what one month would be considered, and you just ignored and said your way. Your system of needing different percentages doesn't work because and is a complete nerf as it requires me to kill a person to get a homie of that tier which has never been shown to be the case- not to mention what happens when I take 50% of a t1 char's soul or something? T0 homies? That's stupid and ridiculous. That's another one of your problems you don't discuss with people you simply go "no, no, no my way" and argue you're right on other people's shit instead of discussing. Hi pot, I'm kettle, your black.

PlAin aNd SiMpLe wrote:Except you once again have no evidence, your speculating like me with the homies, I don't mind you being able to call your homies from over an entire island, but theres no connection, plain and simple. Big mom controls soul thus there is the major potential reason that she can summon them. PLain and potentially simple. I also have no issue with them having their own stamina pool, not sure why you think that going by your statement. but they won't be sharing the users, not will they be sharing this "imaginary link", plain and simple really

You're the one here with literally no evidence lol you haven't given any as to why there is none when I've supplied a number of things showing a connection. They are able to sense the user, be summoned by the user, and share their personality as they are said to be the user. ALL of that shows a connection to the user. If you are honestly just gonna keep this dismissive and argumentative tone then I'm calling for Bean or Sabo to chime on this issue cause this is going no where. I also do not have an issue with the stamina pool what are you talking about lol? My argument was that you think that homies do not tier up even though Big Mom has been shown to have Zeus and Prometheus since she was 9 years old. It is ridiculous to think that they are going off her tier and strength when she was nine, this has nothing to do with stamina pools lmao- plain and simple Smile

The pot wrote:That was my bad, i thought i had stated this was in relation to your "special" homies, the ones created via your own soul and not created by others, given that im not expecting you too kill yourself to create homes made by your own soul. You can request it sure, but more than likely same issues gonna happen, no one wants to grade your stuff because your far too difficult for people too deal with and want far too much without balancing, hana hana was a perfect example and thus people stay away from your skill sets.
Its rather simple really, im simply trying to help you get your skill set approved, if you feel the need to try to down everything i say based on the sole reason of "you want it this way so i'l have it god dammit" then thats your perogative, i can tell you though its highly unlikely your skill set will see the light of day with all the special extras you want added in. Im totally open to working with you which is what im attempting to do if you simply let your arrogance and "I know best" attitude down and simply worked together instead of against staff.

Soooooooo instead of having an overall homie creation system that works for all homies you instead want me to make a system for regular homies that goes far beyond canon requirements, is a huge nerf, and creates a bunch of t0 homie instances, along with then needing to use my skill slots to create specific skills that create special homies so it doesn't ruin that flawed system. Because that is balances, less work, and not confusing at all right? Like you can't seriously view that as balanced right? Hey I know I'm head strong but even I admit when I'm wrong when evidence is supplied and I do work with staff on many occasions- such as hie hie or back with the mero mero. The only time things seem to get backed up is when you start posting on them. I think you are the one who needs to let their arrogance and "I know best" attitude down because all you've given me is flawed reasoning and arguments with very little, if any, back up support and evidence besides your own speculations and opinions which you just keep pushing without discussing- I am fine with working with you but not until you actually are open to discussion and not just out to nerf any skillset that you can't have or that isn't your own, like a grader should.

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