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1Art of the Oni  Empty Art of the Oni on Wed Aug 23, 2017 10:26 pm

Priority: Primary
Fighting Style: Martial Art
Skill Set Name: Kagerou Art: Oni
Skill Set Information:

An evolution of the basic fist style, evolved into something new. The Oni style is a martial art that foremost focuses on one thing, unparalleled strength and unbreakable defense. This fighting style is the embodiment of the might makes right mentality. The user can boast incredible strength as they use their techniques to perform feats not realized by men.

By mastering this style the user becomes an force of nature. Utilizing strikes that can crush structures with ease. Forging a body that can withstand some of the most extreme punishment known to man. Their swings are able to create gusts of wind blowing away even the most steadfast of opponents.

In actual combat the style is a mixture of martial arts. Wresting, Sumo, Karate, Akido, and even jujitsu all are a part of the Art of Oni. Due to this the user is very proficient in both standing strikes and ground based locks. Not only that this style has a strange affinity with the use of buso haki. Once the user gains access to the color of haki they will find that their abilities increase almost 10 fold. This the through the use of newer and more efficient techniques,


  • (Lvl 3) Built for this: During a thread the user can choose to have their Buso haki usage drain from their normal stamina pool instead of their Haki Stamina.
  • (Lvl 2) Can Barely Feel it: The user's Durability is one tier higher
  • (lvl 2) Beastly Senses: One of the user's senses are heightened fir Dojima it is his nose. Using his nose he is capable of detecting objects around him to about 50 feet.

(Link to purchase of passives)
Skillset Strengths:

  • - Strong Body
  • - Designed to be used with Haki
  • - Powerful close range strikes

Skillset Weaknesses:

  • - Little way to deal with ranged opponents
  • - A lot of the techniques are brash and loud, not preferable for stealthy endeavors


damage chart:

  • Tier 1:
    Completely Destroyed - Wood, Stone, and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - Iron 
    Lightly Damaged - Steel

  • Tier 2: 
    Completely Destroyed - Iron, Wood, Stone, and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - steel
    Lightly Damaged - titanium

  • Tier 3:
    Completely Destroyed -Steel, Iron, Wood, Stone, and similar materials
    Partially Destroyed - titanium
    Lightly Damaged - treasure tree adam

  • Tier 4:
    Completely Destroyed - Titanium, Steel, Iron, Wood, Stone, and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - Treasure Tree Adam
    Lightly Damaged - Diamond, Seastone

  • Tier 5: 
    Completely Destroyed -Treasure Tree Adam, Titanium, Steel, Iron, Wood, Stone, and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - Diamond, Seastone
    Lightly Damaged - n/a

  • Tier 6: 
    Completely Destroyed -Diamond, Seastone, Treasure Tree Adam, Titanium, Steel, Iron, Wood, Stone, and similar materials.
    Partially Destroyed - n/a
    Lightly Damaged - n/a

Attribute Priorities:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Speed and Perception

Tier 1 Skills:
Skill Name: Headbutt
Tier: 1
Type Offensive
Range: Close
Speed: Own
Description: The user unceremoniously crashes their head into the opponent. The user's head is hard and the force of the strike can crush stone, with little to no recoil damage to the user.

Skill Name: Punch!
Tier: 1
Type Offensive
Range: Close
Speed: Own
Description: A straight punch directed toward the opponent. The user pulls their arm back ever so slightly before firing their punch at the opponent. As the user throws the straight they tilt their body ever so slightly in order to allow them to throw their weight into the strike.

Skill Name: Kick
Tier: 1
Type Offensive
Range: Close
Speed: Own
Description: The user twists their body as they release a whip-like kick from one of their legs. While this kick is usually aimed at the opponents midsection the user is capable of directing it at any point in the body so long as they can reach it. While the kick itself is deadly enough (doing tier damage) the kick is also powerful enough to knock an opponent back 10 meters

Skill Name: Palm Strike
Tier: 1
Type Offensive
Range:  Close
Speed: Own
Description: A simple palm strike and the basis for all Palm based techniques used in the Basic fist. The user curls their fingers and thumb while leaving their palm flat. The user then strikes the opponent or object with the bottom of their palm causing the user to break bones.

Skill Name: Elbow Strike
Tier: 1
Type Offensive
Range: Close
Speed: Own
A technique best utilized as a counter for a close ranged opponent. The user will dodge the opponent's strike (usually by ducking) then slip into the opponent's guard. Once they have entered they smash their elbow ungracefully and at full power into the opponent.

Skill Name: Brutal Smash
Tier: 1
Type Offensive
Range:  Close
Speed: Own
Description: This technique is different from the standard Punch Technique. The user does send out a devastating close hand strike but this is usually sent downward. Upon impact the strike crushes the surface of the object up to 8 meters Though this technique can also be performed using ones head if done so the technique will cost twice the stamina but do tier 2 damage..

Tier 2 Skills:

Skill Name: Ying Yang Defense Formation
Tier: 2
Type  Defensive
Range: Self
Speed: Own
Description: A defensive technique in which the user catches the opponent's attack as a way to block it. The user begins this technique by moving their hands/arms in a circle. From there the user creates a line with both their hands in which they end up forming the symbol of the technique (yin yang). Upon meeting the user's hand's will cup together and attempt to catch/block the attack. This technique increases one's durability +1 against the technique they are attempting to catch.

Skill Name: Destruction Strike
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: 15 meters
Speed: Own
Description: The user smashes their hands or feet into a surface causing a wave of force to fly forward towards the opponent in a cone. Due to the fact that the user isn't physically striking the enemy directly the damage the enemy takes from the debris is only 1 tier lower.

Skill Name: Obstructing Palm
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: Close
Speed: Own
Description: An upgraded to the palm strike that seeks to instead hurt the opponent, the user wants to stop them. This technique specializes in clashes instead of open combat. When not used against an active technique this move does 1 tier lower in damage. Though if used on a physical technique of the same level it does 1 tier more. if used against a non-martial art active technique of the same tier it simply negates the damage to user and no damage is give.

Skill Name: Shifting Palm Strike
Tier: 2
Type Offensive
Range: 12 meters
Speed: Own
Description: The concept of this technique is similar to the air shigan technique. In which the user fires out a palm strike at almost blinding speed. Though rather than trying to pierce, the user is simply trying to push or block opposing forces. The user sends out a palm strike towards an opponent. The force created from this attack is fired at the opponent. Upon collision the force explodes pushing the target back 10 meters.

Skill Name: Dancing Steps
Tier: 2
Type Supplimentary
Range: Self
Speed: Own +1
Description: This technique will draw energy into their legs. This time, however, it will be released in short controlled bursts, enhancing their speed in order to weave back, forward, and side-to-side. This will allow the user to make their way through groups of foes, dodge a barrage of projectiles, and defend against simultaneous attacks. This technique adds + 1 to the users speed and requires half stamina cost for upkeep.

Tier 3 Skills:

Skill Name: Heavenly Destruction Palmstrike
Tier: 3
Type Offensive
Range: Close | 20 meters
Speed: Own
Description: A technique meant to break one body. The user fires out a palm strike towards and object or opponent. Upon contact the user sends a wave of force out from the struck object. This force pushes from the object in a cone shape pushing loose debris at objects behind the target. The strike itself does normal damage but damage from the force and debris does tier 2 damage.

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2Art of the Oni  Empty Re: Art of the Oni on Thu Aug 24, 2017 3:23 am

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