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1Hiroko Young{Revamp] Empty Hiroko Young{Revamp] on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:39 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow

Your Majesty

"I did not permit you to move, nor did i permit you to breathe."

Hiroko Young{Revamp] 610Yhwach_explains

Name:Hiroko Young
Alias/Epithet:Alpha,and Your Majesty
Race: Human
Tier: 3
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Mode: Hard

" Of course... No one did those things to be remember. We were all.. simply doing what we desired to do."

Affiliation:World Government[
World Position:Celestial Dragon
General Appearance:


Hiroko Young{Revamp] E3cd89143e3c20da4f7cc7de8aa91676

i]Hiroko is extremely handsome, and elegant individual by whom other world nobles, and human's alike praise his physical appearance alone. He has scarlet-red eyes is common trait among pure-blooded members of the Young family, and jet black hair. His usually attire consist all white jacket. The white jacket he usually wears represent the purity of the Young family. The suit was made by the best tailors, hand stitch from the best cloth. The choice of colors for Hiroko attire are white, light blue, and gray. The attire costist of a light blue button down long sleeve shirt, with a custom made necktie which is white, next would be a pair of gray slacks, then would be all black belt with a white buckle, and finally it would be a pair of all black Stacy Adams shoes.

Hiroko also wears other attires which bears a strong resemblance to his usually attire depending on how you look at it . Hiroko seem to sometime wear black, and white attire, and other times black, and gold attire which symbolize his status as a Celestial Dragon. Hiroko has a stoic and regal demeanor, and he inspires awe, and respect from friends, and foes. This relates to his great status of being a Celestial Dragon, which is both a blessing, and a burden for depending on where you stand. The duty of bearing the responsibility of such power is what causes him to act reclusive and seemingly apathetic. However, his composure is sometimes broken by his perplexity and ineptitude when it comes to understanding and utilizing the  advance technology found in these times, though even when he is truly distressed, Hiroko still has the same dutiful appearance, and what appears to most of those who observe him otherwise label as being basically unfazed countenance.

However, if one of his close allies are killed his face subtle changes in which his facial expression indicating he is experiencing intense emotion. Hiroko does believe in religion which he shows by his attire often wearing a pair of sliver ear rings that have the appearance of a cross one that Christ had died on. Hiroko is mid age white male that is 180 cm tall which is "5 feet, and 11 inches" he weigh about 64 kg which is 141.1 lbs pretty much a average size man. Hiroko doesn't have a single scar on his body that is a testament of his peacefully life he had live up until now. He have baby smooth skin which he doesn't like to expose in harsh condition. Another note is when visiting places that have a lot of people he tend to wear a fishbowl on his head aka glass case around their head in order to not breathe the same air as the lowly commoners.

To be more in detail Hiroko jet black hair stop at his neck. To be frank you can tell Hiroko is a person that view his physical to  be godly. You can tell Hiroko takes great care of his body, and make sure he comb his hair so it wouldn't look so wild. Often he cuts it so it doesn't goes grow pass his neck. He is a man of great status as his dress attire reflect his status as man great status. He dress depending on the event he going to so if formal attire is not needed he would wear a all black silk jogger like suit. That resembles that of vampire attire with gold trimming along the suit, the shirt itself is a high collar shirt, with long sleeves shirt, with an optional of open shirt ,and have white custom tie. This attire is when he usually in type of combat or exercising his body. Hiroko have many option when it comes to attire being a Celestial Dragon means he have many options, and aren't normally seen rocking something that doesn't match his status. He wear nothing but the best, and always try to lead by example when clothing is evolve.[/i]


Hiroko Young{Revamp] Father_by_tommo2304-dadedtg

Hiroko have undergo so surgery with modify his appearance entirely. Instead of his younger self he looks like a mid age adult in his late 30s. In all reality he only age a year or so but much change happen which ultimately cause him to grow taller. He now have a longer face, broad chin, and pronounced cheekbones. He has long black hair, which reaches to his lower back, and reddish-brown eyes with thin eyebrows. He has well-kept mutton chops and a connected mustache, but is otherwise clean-shaven. His usual attire consists of a white, double-breasted trench coat, which has the Wandenreich symbol on the middle, with large buttoned cuffs and lapels, white trousers, and trench boots.Over this, he wears a tattered, ankle-length maroon-black cloak, which has a red ribbon near the neck and is fastened to the left with a single large button .

Height: 516 cm "17"
Weight: 139 kg  {300 lbs}
Crew Tattoo Placement: None


"I must give thanks to the souls of the dead. Another day in which I can clearly behold this world."

Master Tactician: Hiroko is a highly perceptive fighter, almost immediately determining an opponent's attack patterns and weaknesses. He is a crafty tactician, effectively using his abilities to confuse his opponents. He can normally discern the motives and abilities of his opponents, and effectively uses his knowledge to end the battle in his favor. He is also very fully aware of the limits of his abilities, and anything he states in comparison to an opponent is usually justified. Despite consistently stating himself to be far stronger than opponents.

As the 18th Head of the Young Family, Hiroko acts in an aristocratic manner. He always seems serene and apathetic towards other people, even while actually deeply conflicted. He is notably calm, even in battle. He generally acts indifferent, bordering on arrogance, to most situations he is faced with, and rarely views his opponent as being worth his time. Hiroko is easily offended if his name is not used properly. Hiroko tend to take great care of his clothing as he believe that how he look is how people view him.

Sometime Hiroko's pride and calm demeanor made him believe that never cared about others and constantly looking down to people who doesn't share the same status as him. In spite of his icy and regal manner, Hiroko cares for and protects those important to him. This holds especially true to his family members,  and some allies. As a Celestial Dragon he tend to develop a bond with people over a period of time that he trust. He doesn't make just anyone his allies as they would have prove themself to Hiroko otherwise he will consider you expendable . For example he believes that if you aren't on his level then you are beneath him, and should be treat as his personal foot stool. His status as a Celestial Dragon cause him to look down on majority of the people. He consider himself the cream of the crop, and anyone who doesn't agree is consider expendable.

Hiroko believe in law, and order though his personality conflict with the type of justice he demonstrate . Due to being a Celestial Dragon he believe nothing he does can be consider against the law so in other words he is above the law. The type of justice he demonstrate is called "Absolute Justice", when it comes to prosecuting those who violate the government's laws. He carried out the order like a emotionless man. All individuals noted to have done illegal activities or criminal acts are reported to Marine Headquarters and issued bounties, based on the known information about their threat level - regardless of the circumstances. Anyone connected to criminals, no matter who they are, can be arrested even if they have not done anything.

As a Celestial Dragon Hiroko tend to be a bit paranoid. Not sure who could be trusted he tend to question all his subordinate loyalty. His paranoid sometimes leaves him to be on guard around unfamiliar condition. Hiroko is a very cunning fellow. He knows how to wiggle his way out of unfavourable situations, especially those involving endangerment of himself or others he is fond of .

Hiroko is impatient individual. He seeks to know the time limit of all of his request,  and he will hold you to it if you don't complete your time hack. He believe everyone should be a man of there word otherwise they are just liars,  and he doesn't like them.

Hiroko has always been, and will probably always will be open to new ideas. He takes into consideration everything that someone says, and will often try - or try to try new things. This includes food, fighting techniques and even different approaches on situations as long as they make sense. Furthermore he always attempts to view things from different points of view.

Hiroko is very demanding this is the reason why he have slaves.

Hiroko is fully capable of committing truly abhorrent and inhumane actions without feeling any shred of remorse or hesitation. Despite his demanding nature, Hiroko is not vain like most of his fellow peer. He maintains a cautious and cool demeanor, being always in control of his actions. As he usually not the talkative one, Hiroko spares his words and only speaks when necessary or for those he finds worthy of them.

Hiroko is an extremely composed individual. One doesn't obtain a reputation like his own by being reckless and letting things outside their own mind's pester them. While his voice isn't the voice of the knight in shining armor and is dreary and monotonous, he's very well spoken. He acts when he feels the time is right and doesn't dance to the rhythm of others if he doesn't see it yielding a reward. This can make him seem like a man of sage-like patience or a selfish hasty twat.


  1. World Government
  2. Food
  3. Law , and Order
  4. Honestly
  5. Beli
  6. Clothes


  1. Pirates
  2. Law breaker
  3. Liars
  4. Rev
  5. People of low status

History: T1-T3 - Optional.
Face Claim: {Bleach|Yhwatch}
RP Sample: Don't need it

Location: ????

Fate Point Allocation:
*God of Haki - Gives you the capacity to wield all styles of Haki.

*Devil's Meddle - Allows you to ingest a Devil Fruit.

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Hiroko Young{Revamp] Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”
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2Hiroko Young{Revamp] Empty Re: Hiroko Young{Revamp] on Sun Aug 20, 2017 1:43 pm

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
So this is a revamp going to keep cd status, and get me a df etc.

Prove of revamp

Hiroko Young{Revamp] Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”
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3Hiroko Young{Revamp] Empty Re: Hiroko Young{Revamp] on Sun Aug 20, 2017 2:00 pm

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4Hiroko Young{Revamp] Empty Re: Hiroko Young{Revamp] on Tue Nov 28, 2017 7:15 am

Jui$y Crow


Jui$y Crow
All done

Hiroko Young{Revamp] Juha-bach-yhwach-fight-begins-now1

“Life is about moving forward that is why you never see me look back.”
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5Hiroko Young{Revamp] Empty Re: Hiroko Young{Revamp] on Tue Nov 28, 2017 10:13 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


But keep in mind you are like a twig if you are 17ft and weigh 300.

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