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1 NPC Crew System on Sat Aug 19, 2017 8:20 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


NPC Crew System

Here on One Piece Pirate Nation there are more than just PC created Crews and Organizations. This is to give people more options. Maybe you want to be like BlackBeard and use a NPC crew to gain something you couldn't on your own. Or you are like Ace and were defeated allowed to join the crew. Whatever the reason or goals you have this system will let you know everything you need to know about joining a NPC crew. As certain World Position NPCs have crews that you can join, by meeting certain criteria. Even at character creation you can even app to be part of a NPC's crew. Though, the higher the World Position of the NPC the better quality of history would be needed. Each World Position NPC is different and require you do different things. Below there will be a list of World Position NPCs that have their criteria for joining posted below. To request the information needed on what it takes to join a specific NPC's crew fill out the template below. After the information is given out it will be added to the first post, in case others wish to join that crew as well. Keep in mind just like a PC crew you can be kicked out or the crew may meet an untimely demise causing it to be disbanded.

Belonging to a NPC crew also gives you benefits that you wouldn't get running solo. The SP cost to interact with your Captain will be cut by 50%, but only when on the Island they are listed to be on. Also, some Crews/Organizations have Occupations. Some crews that don't have a occupation may have a perk.  

*Using the lineage FP you will only need to fulfill one req. to join the crew/organization


[b]NPC:[/b] (The name of the NPC)
[b]World Position:[/b] (World Position of the NPC)

Current NPC Crews

Pirate King Oceanus:

Crew name/Organization: Neo Fishman Pirates

  • 300,000,000 Beli Bounty
  • Belong to Fishman race
  • Been to Fishman Island or sister Islands (Atlantis or Thonis)
  • Half Fishman need to hold a World Position and have double the bounty requirement.

Brief Description: The Pirate King has one true goal and that is the enslavement or annihilation of all other Races. The majority of his crewmates also enjoy that sentiment. Those that are caught helping someone that isn't within their race don't belong within the Pirate King's Crew and will be hunted down. - Bounty Hunters
Location: Giba
Crew tattoo: Skull wearing a crown

Yonko Raphael Aleksejev  :

Crew name/Organization:Gentleman Pirates

  • 200,000,000 Beli Bounty
  • T3 arc dedicating to joining or 2,000+ WC history if at character creation
  • Been to Island of Dreams

Brief Description: Raphael could be considered the most noble and pure of all of the Yonko. Having a code that he adheres to by the letter and expecting each and every one of his crew members to do the same. The only flaw he holds is his unmatched and insatiable greed. His crew is seen more as magnificent buccaneers than pirates. Raphael also does not tolerate acts against the crew in any way, or acts that are too brutal against civilians. - Treasure Hunters
Location: Farthen Dûr
Crew tattoo: Skull and Crossbones with a Privateer Hat.

Yonko Bellona :

Crew name/Organization: Madam Bellona Pirates

  • Total EP being 800,000
  • T5 task defeating someone within her crew on one of the Island's she owns.
  • Bring her a cake [Must be actually made]
  • 400,000,000 Beli Bounty or World Position higher than Supernova

Brief Description: Bellona could be considered the strongest creature within the entire world, and those within her crew being nothing to laugh at either. She - currently - hasn't shown what she wants within this world other than to do as she pleases when she pleases. Her crew also does whatever it is they please so long as they aren't defeated. Defeat is the most shameful act a crew member can bring upon Bellona and comes with grave repercussions. - Adventurers
Location: Rajiin Island
Crew tattoo: Skull in between a Bicep and Rose

Underworld Broker Shichibukai Mona Barbados :

Crew name/Organization: Black Order Organization

  • Bring a sacrifice to the Island Gaia [PC or Purchase NPC that has been in more than eight topics with you]
  • 250,000,000 Beli Bounty
  • Been to Baltigo
  • T4 task sending something to Mona's for her to sell. (Done every month) Only after the other three requirements are met.

Brief Description: Mona is as mysterious as her crew. The Shichibukai maintains her wealth selling ancient artifacts, exotic animals or odd favors. Those within her Organization are simply tasked with sending her something she can sell. To bring the other Underworld Brokers together and also those that want to get their hands wet in the underworld. - Trader
Location: Gaia
Crew tattoo: Voodoo Doll and Crossbones

Revolutionary General Ren Actimel :

Crew name/Organization:

  • T4 Arc Joining or 2,000+ WC when creating a new character

Brief Description: Ren Actimel is a well known name throughout the world. Able to sneak into the ranks of the Shichibukai in the past and also doing whatever it takes to liberate those oppressed. Those he saves usually join him in his cause.  
Crew tattoo: N/A

Fleet Admiral Spard:

Crew name/Organization: Branch 2

  • T3 Arc Joining or 2,000wc when creating a new character
  • 350,000,000 Rep or Marine World Position  

Brief Description: Spard is regarded as the  strongest Marine to ever live. He is also close to retiring and for the first time wants to take over an entire branch so that he can personally teach and train the next generation of Marines. Though he isn't alone in this as Howard D. Saint also assists him in this endeavor.  
Location: Marineford or Marine Headquarters
Crew tattoo: N/A

Yonko Taisen Yamamoto:
Crew name/Organization: Yellow Beard Pirates

  • T5 task on Vulcan dedicated to fighting a member of the Yonko's crew.
  • World Position Supernova or higher
  • Be recognized by the World (Be in the New Coo)
  • T3 Arc doing a task on Vulcan

Brief Description:
Taisen is the eldest of all of the Yonko and back in his prime stood toe to toe with Oceanus, but not now. Being the only Yonko barely holding on to his power he is reaching his head. Though his influence dwindling does not mean that he, nor his crew, are anything to scoff at. As their combat experience, pooled together, is unmatched and the young bucks who they allow to join are blessed with their knowledge if they can earn it.  
Crew Tattoo:Crossbone shaped cross with a Skull with a yellow beard.

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2 Re: NPC Crew System on Sat Aug 19, 2017 9:19 pm

Info on Yamamoto pls

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3 Re: NPC Crew System on Sat Aug 19, 2017 10:12 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Info added

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