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1Numb and Sweating Empty Numb and Sweating on Tue Aug 15, 2017 4:17 pm

Rick P. Xander

Free Agents
Free Agents

Rick P. Xander
For him this was the only way, the wind blew past his face in an instant, the winds was pretty strong tonight, and the predators that was out in the darkness didn't think to attack this night after having their last pack taken down by the Xander family the night before. "So pops, what are you going to teach me? You said that you were going to show me the power to tame this world, but you thought you needed to tease me more huh?" Rick said towards his father which was dressed in a white shirt with black jeans and brown dressing shoes, he had a short stub which couldn't be considered a beard in any stretch of the imagination.

"Yes my son, I'm going to teach you how to utilize that sword style thing better. After that I might even be able to teach you a new fighting style in the future if you got time..", he spoke quietly to his son standing about 20 meters away from him next to a stone pillar that his son had borrowed into with his new Vacuum Blade attack. "You did this with one attack, it's pretty impressive for your limited sword knowledge kid you know that?" he said with a grin on his face, Ricks father wasn't one to boast but if it was his own son he felt like he had to brag a little bit about him even if it was only to himself in his mind.

A long ending silence started, then Rick's father could be seen standing up from his sitting position, he walked calmly and smoothly behind the pillar without anything to support and within moments the wind came back and the building that he had walked behind shattered behind him before exploding into loads and loads of pebbles and smoke flying off in every direction. "See son, that's how you slash something!" he said towards Rick with a twisted smile and his glasses shining in the moonlight.

"A slash all around? Like a omnidirectional attack using a sword slash? But how to do that?" Rick said confused with a tint of amazement in his voice as he watched his father work his business. "Well Rick, think about slashing and then do it, imagine putting all your force combined with a swift motion to circle it around you, do the Vacuum Blade attack, Apollo's Breath was it? Do that but instead of making it spiral towards someone making it spiral around you and rise around you like a pillar! Become the pillar my son!" His proud father said as he sat down to watch his son go to work. "Try it on that lone pillar over there, you can probably bring it down."

As Rick focused intensively on the lone pillar and held the handle of his blade he readied himself to slash down the pillar. He went closer and closer to it and then disappeared behind the pillar. He then stood fast and tried using his fabled technique around him but it wasn't working, he couldn't get it to. He instead choose to try and shoot the technique up in the air and try to circle it around him. By standing still and curving his arm whilst aiming upwards in the air he shot it off, and he noticed it now, the swift force around him as he shot it up.

It wasn't bad, it was a pure wave of energy almost but he couldn't get it to circle it around him. "Offfff, you need some more training bud.... *Sigh* I'll train with you for as long as it takes to make you able to do that thing. I call it the silent treatment, and it's one of the things I specialize in, to deal a thousand cuts at the time it does to only deal tens of them." Rick's father said as he looked towards him, now having walked around the pillar with a bottle of beer in his right hand occasionally sipping out of the green glass bottle.

As he tried to ignore his father he aimed his "cannon" towards a close pillar, it might have been about 20 meters away at best. He shot it off, and it sliced right through, wood was his sort of material after all as he wasn't strong enough to fully destroy stone or iron yet after all. "More training huh? At least I know how to do the vacuum blades now..." he said as he ignored the words of his father and sat down on a close bench.

"Well.. do you even know what color your vacuum blade is? It's special for everyone you know, and I doubt you can even see it yet!" he said jokingly towards his son. "Pfffft I CAN SEE IT.... " he said as he looked towards his father as he became more pissed than he thought he could be from something like that. "What color is it then my little genius?" he said as he almost started laughing right off. "IT'S BLUE"

As his father busted out laughing whilst rolling on the floor he started getting even more irritated before shooting another one of his fabled vacuum blades towards his father before his dad became super serious and drew his blade and blocked the attack. "Son, you can't let your emotions control you, and I guess that's what your new persona is about huh? Then start to think about it, or rather, stop thinking about it, control your emotions or simply stop thinking about it..." he said as he sheathed his blade again.

And then he realized, his father was training him right now, even if he hadn't thought of it before, he was trying to teach him that emotions play a huge role in battle, and that practice leads to everything becoming better. "Thanks pops. That helped" he said as his face turned calm again. He put on his black gas mask that laid on a nearby bench and turned his hair to gray and putting in his contact lenses.. It was time to get into character after all even though he was tired. His body was catching up to his actions after all, he wasn't a god by any shot, he could barely shoot three of those things without becoming tired again after all as he swayed while walking at this point.

"Alright if you're going to tell people that you're redeeming them and all that jazz from the hellish realm that is reality at least practice it first."

Rick knew he was right, he needed to have some dialogue ready to create the character and further improve it to become a masterpiece after all. "How about this?" *Cough* and now with a much darker and more manly and clear voice he spoke. "Prepare to be sent to the other realm mortal, as thy are salvaged of your carelessness, your choices and all that surrounds it. Prepare to be burned by the sun goddess of Freya and get forgotten amongst the victims of this reckoning!"

"That's... actually pretty good, you go kid! You still need a ship and stuff though, which kind off sucks actually, and a log pose but I think I can get you that. And a navigator, ough I'll get you all the requirements as long as you go and discover your true meaning in this world..."

"Sure popo, I'm gonna practice a bit more, go in and sleep would'ya? You're sidetracking me...." He said as he saw his father stand up to stretch before going inside and turning off the lights as the sun started to rise more and more on the horizon. "Good morning Freya and Apollo" he said as he looked towards the red blazing sun. He was still tired but that wasn't going to let him stop, he needed this after all, he wants to forge his style into something unbeatable. As he stretched on the gray looking lands he started to think about the future of the country that they had now started to reside in.

Well, maybe this could become a striving nation, with an army that needs a monster to beat and an unbreakable wall to protect all who live inside of it, or maybe something like several mine quarries around the island to we can sustain our hopefully soon acquired military with weaponry? Ough so many choices... he thought and thought as he sat on the gray pasted streets of the former nation.

As he thought about controlling his emotions better he started to understand that he would need to practice something to help him with that, maybe meditation? As he went and sat himself down on a nearby bench crosslegged and put his hands on his lap he closed his eyes, and took several deep breaths before realizing that he could feel his heart pump, and feel the fire of his veins pump through him, he could feel every motion, he could feel everything inside of him. Over the several days that followed he got a lot calmer, he got a lot more sense into him and he started to read between the lines better. He could also now go into this whilst walking around and doing his daily business.

Right now he could even do something which many call an Astral Projection, which means that he closes his eyes and dedicates himself to the meditation and releases his spirit to watch over anything in the world, which was really his super drugged imagination as the body released a special drug when he went into the meditation. When he would cancel it it was as if he woke up, he could remain energized and focused for several hours after it and didn't need to rush to talk like everyone else when they were in his friendly gang of goons.

He had perfected the arts of staying calm, and his perceptive nature really helped with this as he started to be able to see and focus a lot better during combat. He could also smell and hear a lot better as well as having increased the rest of his senses. He was starting to become the being that he wanted to be, sure he was just getting started, but that tiny bit of progress that he felt increased his morale and started to understand that he was a lot more of an amazing vessel of power than he had thought at first, he was sighting to be able to destroy the iron swords he held without meaning to, meaning that he was sighting for doing an attack and then having the swords break because of it.

His strength might not be there currently, and he could barely see everything yet as he couldn't even see his waves yet, his "vacuum blades" that he had recently learned to create and was far from mastering. "Hey sport, your vacuum blades are purple by the way, I forgot to tell you a week ago outside when we talked.." his father now said as they stood in the kitchen area with a few goons running around with boxes and building materials.

"Of course they're purple, I'm a royal after all, and the only color that's adaptive to that in my mind is purple. Thanks for teaching me that emotions needs to be controlled for optimal battle behavior dad."

"I did? Of course I did. I'm the greatest..."


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