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1The Wolves Hunt Empty The Wolves Hunt on Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:50 am

Rick P. Xander

Free Agents
Free Agents

Rick P. Xander
The Task:

Task Name: The Wolves Hunt
Tier: 2
Location: Abfall
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: As Rick sits in his bedroom window he sees a pack of wolves strategizing and hiding in nearby bushes and abandoned buildings close to the courthouse where they temporarily reside in. If he doesn't do anything his father will get surprised attacked and who knows what could happen then!
Enemy Details: 10 T1's, 5 T2's
Boss: Naw Dawg

This wasn't something new, he had fought quite the amount of scavengers on his way with his family on to this island, and he wasn't going to rest at it either at the attempt to make his island completely scat-free. This was his first night at the island as his separate persona which helped him with making an image in his mind how the island was at night when everyone was sleeping away in their safe quarters. The island itself had suffered quite the damage since the long years after the scientist population of the island had scattered off but it was rebuilding itself on the days and the city was sleeping on the nights.

It didn't take him long at all before he found some scavengers to fight, and now he would get to try his new sword style in action against these adrenaline pumped monstrosities. They may look like just mere wolves but their fangs is coated in poisons from the several destroyed labs across the island, which after a few quick generations of wolf breeding later has become an innate immunity. They are usually bread by the different warring gangs that has risen on the underground scene on the island since Reiju Vinsmoke passed even if it wasn't that long ago.

Which made the whole thing a lot more annoying for him, it wasn't like he was immune to poison or anything, especially not when it's injected with a set of dangerous, super sharp teeth from a wolf.. It wasn't his day to put it simply. As he jumped down from the second story window and landed in the trash with a not super comfy fall he eventually saw upon the wolves of the area, as they had surrounded the building that the royals had started to live in within moments of coming close to the area. The wolves had been trained by the gangs so they were pretty responsive and knew the moment that they saw the building that it was their target and all the residents within it. Seeing how Rick flew down from the window and into the trash bins the wolves knew that he was a part of the royals seeing as he flew out of their building. The cold winds of the island filled the air. The wolves howled at him and surrounded the trash and sniffed for his presence before the pack chose one of the wolves to go and investigate before a large swoosh sound was heard before a man walked out of the newly separated trash piles, after passing the wolf and sheathing his blade with a large click the wolf flew up a meter in the air and landing on its back with a gushing sword wound.

"You are all going to be salvaged by the heavens and be reborn into something greater than this lowly form of life, prepare to bathe in glory and salvation you dire animals" he said with a calm and low voice towards the scoundrels.

(Word count : 503)

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2The Wolves Hunt Empty Re: The Wolves Hunt on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:16 am

Rick P. Xander

Free Agents
Free Agents

Rick P. Xander
The wolves gnarled at him and barked whilst surrounding him with their poisonous gaze upon him, showing off their viscous venom dripping teeth. The substance was green-purple tinted and was looking like it was sliming up the teeth with a sticky substance of sorts. It wasn't to his liking that his first training on this island was against these lowly creatures. They were dire to say the least and that wasn't to his liking even though it was training after all. His divine swordsmanship was going to meet these opponents first it seems, even if it isn't was he would like for it to be. "You guys doesn't seem like the most loving bunch, let's just be done with this already, I'm tired of your atheist shenanigans."

"Let's start the purifying shall we?" he said as his grin got harder under the black gas mask, his hair brushing off in the harsh winds of the island. He put his right hand on his katana handle readying his senses before running towards three wolves in a pack and flying through them, between them, and in the middle of the flying and cutting of the wolves he grabs his other sword and does a flying circular movement through them before appearing on the other side of them, as he sheathed the blades he heard large click sounds and all three of them were cut and laid to rest. "Keep down and let Odin bathe you in his glory, reforging you to a blade which is worthy of his might." he said as he turned around to greet the rest of the wolves, just about 11 of them were left and some looked tougher than the others. As he took grab of one of the wolves neck and grabbed it up to show the rest of its tribe they started to realize that he wasn't a force to be reckoned with. It was time to try his new attack, the Apollo's Breath. It was more than he could handle at points, but it did the damage that was needed, he couldn't even see the attack properly yet as it was too fast for his senses to react but it was dangerously strong and invisible to the naked human eye.

As he held one of his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his right arm and then performed a circular swing an invisible projectile slash launched going in a circular swing , the projectile has a span of 5 meters in length and is royal purple for the people that are observant and trained enough to see it, the wave flew through five wolves before colliding with a huge pillar of an abandoned building, exploding of sorts seeing as the mold filled stone was breaking apart like butter to his blade swing. "Can the rest of you just lay down and die faster you ragged pupfucks?!". He screamed at the rest of the wolves as they started to realize that he was faster than most when it came to his swordsmanship.

Skill used:
Skill Name: - Sun Style : Apollo's Breath
Tier: - 2
Type - Offensive
Range: - 20 meters
Speed: - 4
Description: - This attack uses the air itself to slash the target from a distance. To initiate it, Rick first holds one of his swords horizontally above the shoulder of his sword arm, and then performs a circular swing that launches the air compressed projectile spiraling towards the target. The projectile has a span of 5 meters in length and is a royal purple in color.¨

150 stamina - 25 = 125

(Word count : 510)

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3The Wolves Hunt Empty Re: The Wolves Hunt on Sun Aug 13, 2017 7:52 am

Rick P. Xander

Free Agents
Free Agents

Rick P. Xander
As the wolves started to charge him he realized that he had fucked up, he thought that they were just going to stand still and accept their judgement from the heavens above, but he wasn't in luck to say the least as they ran towards him. As he started to run around the building the wolves came closer and closer to catching him, being on his tail. He grabbed his swords and unsheathed them, he quickly stabbed the wall next to him and climbed towards the top but just as he was starting to get up one of the wolves dashed and flew up towards him and bit him in his left leg and hanged on.

As the pain filled his heart and made him close to screaming he took out the right one of his swords and did the pose from before slashing down a wave of air with destructive properties towards the bystanding and the dashing wolves. A few was wiped to the point where there were only two left, one of which was penetrating his leg further and further in with its booming, cold screaming poison that hurt his insides more than his outsides could ever be hurt. It felt like a thousand needles with a neverburning flame on each and every one of them penetrated his leg slowly, over and over again. It was torture to say the least. As he changed the position he was holding the blade he quickly jabbed it straight into the wolf that was biting him's head, instantly penetrating and slicing up the brain making it lessen the jawbite and falling down graciously to hit the ground with a thump.

There was only one left, but with the poison that had started to reside within him he didn't know if he could make it, his ego growing smaller the more pain he received and his vision of thoughts getting more clouded and clouded as he suffered there on the side of their building. He quickly remembered that his family was inside, and that they weren't weak, and they were especially stronger than him so if anything he could always crash inside their windows and beg for help whilst being chased around by a ... wolf with poisonous teeth.. yeah.

As the thought wandered in his mind the wolf barked and barked at him whilst the poison barked on a level of its own.

Skills used:

Same as last post, 125-25=100. At 66/67% stamina.

(Word count : 401)

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4The Wolves Hunt Empty Re: The Wolves Hunt on Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:43 am

Rick P. Xander

Free Agents
Free Agents

Rick P. Xander
His mind was now dazed to a point were he could barely talk anymore, his left leg was completely numb as the poison craved more of his body, his family had a row of prestigious scientists that could help him with removing this thing but first he had to get inside after all, and that was no easy task when you have a wolf that's probably a lot stronger than you observing and chasing your every movement.

"Schey Mott, Thoi wall recoov jodg.." he said as he passed out with his blade coming out of the wall with him going down towards the hard stone pavements. Right before he landed the wolf charged towards his falling body before hearing a click sound. The man that ran beside the manly dire creature was Ricks father, Bartodir, which was also his sword instructor. As he wolf got slashed up Bartodir caught his falling son. Ricks face being restful but stressed as he slept whilst unconscious.

His father wasn't boasting in nature, but this made him truly happy, his son had fought off a pack of dire beasts and his training that he had devoted to him on his free time had truly paid off. It made him fill with joy, but then he started to realize that his son might be dying in his arms unless he went inside and got help right away, and such he ran inside as he screamed at his goons that they needed to fix his soon up.

After a surgery and having his limb fully heal Rick awoke 20 hours later after having fallen unconscious he started to understand where he was, before doing anything else he screamed at the top of his lungs feeling the pain that surged his left leg as a recoil from their heavily developed family medicine. It hurt like a billion jigsaws chewed through his leg but luckily it didn't actually happen but was more of a mere side effect of the super healer that was their families medicine research.

"You seem to be alright my son huh? You survived at least, my little dumbfounded idiot of a son" he said as he started to crack up, he quickly took a laugh at him as he moved closer to his son. His father sat down beside him on the bed with him as he waited for the pains of his son to stop to talk about this whole thing.

(Word count : 410)

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5The Wolves Hunt Empty Re: The Wolves Hunt on Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:04 am

Rick P. Xander

Free Agents
Free Agents

Rick P. Xander
"So son, where did you invent that style? I only taught you how vacuum attacks work like the one you obviously showed you knowing right there. You made your own? Ouuugh I really want to praise you but also give you hell for ignoring my orders about the whole stay cool till we set up the city thing..." the father said to his son with a downgrading tone to his voice with a heavy stay down tone to his voice.

"Sorry pops-- I had to prove myself for my own egotistical reasons if I were to be honest.
I really wanted to train and with no barracks set up this is the best that I could do now that I'm nailing a sword style of my own...
" Rick said as his body ached. He looked down into his lap and looked upon his palms, they were quite battle scarred still but it was mostly bruises. "Hey.. pops... I'm not strong enough, I need more power, I need to be able to protect all of you, to reign one day as a supreme king of the Abfall kingdom... I need to train and learn.. help me dad.. give me the power to protect my friends and partners... please dad!" he said as he cried more and more the further he talked to his father.

"Of course son.. Of course." his father said as he held his head in his arms and comforted him. "I'll give you some money so you can get a proper blade as well, as those things barely beats anything, I can crush them with my pinkie. You need proper quality and some bodyguards preferably but you can go about the money any way you'd like."

"Hey dad, lets do this together, lets make this kingdom... go for every ounce of power it has left in it!" Rick said as he wiped his face of tears before looking towards his father awaiting an answer. "Alright son, lets get to the top, lets make this country the greatest nation!"


(Word count : 347, using the 200 words from a few of the above posts that went over 400 to get this to 400, balancing y'all.)

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