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1 [Event] Dilton Wasten on Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:06 pm

Rick P. Xander

Free Agents
Free Agents

Name: Dilton "The Man of the Red Sea" Waston
Alias/Epithet: "The Island Wrecker", "The Man of the Red Sea"
Race: Human - Cyborg
Gender: Male
Age: 56 total, 12 as cyborg.
EP: 750,000

Occupation: Marksman - Sniper
Affiliation: Underworld Broker
Tier: 5
This gon' take awhile:

Cyborg Implants:

To start of with, everything that can be seastone on here, probably is. Any advanded technologies is made by the scientsits on the island that he occupied which is still unknown in the Grand Line (Add later my staff people)

Right Arm:

Dilton's right arm is modified to open up in a circular way outward from the palm and stops right before the fingers, this is the opening to a long tube into his body which is flexible to the point where most of the time he doesn't notice it for as long as he has lived with it. Through this tube and out from the palm most things are shot that are inserted as ammo into his chest (Check Torso).

These projectiles fly really fast as they have the charge up time from flying through his body before getting shot out, and thus anything that is shot through this cannon of sorts gains +1 Speed.
Left Arm:

The left arm is the same of Dilton as the right almost, it unfolds itself in the center of the palm before a big cannon like thing appears out of it, going up to 20 centimeters out, when the full cannon is out Dilton presses his fingers together, all but the ring finger and the middle finger, creating an aim with the area in between those fingers as an aim is created from the sides of his fingers with safe lasers which is projected from metal soft plates that have replaced the sides of his fingers in battle.

The cannon itself though launches a thin, yellow laser shot which explodes upon impact with a huge explosion.
Left Leg:

Dilton's left leg and his foot on that side has a tube going through it like his arms, which allows  him to shoot through them if needed. He also has a mini engine in his heel with a tube out, which makes the tube his heel. Using this he can shoot out extraordinarily a lot of energy for such a small engine making him "Pseudo-Fly", think Geppo.
Right Leg:

Dilton's right leg and his foot on that side has a tube going through it like his arms, which allows  him to shoot through them if needed. He also has a mini engine in his heel with a tube out, which makes the tube his heel. Using this he can shoot out extraordinarily a lot of energy for such a small engine making him "Pseudo-Fly", think Geppo.

There are two pieces of his torso, his upper breast including the nipples and that whole area, and his second area which is his stomach down to his V line. The upper part is used for his ammunition which has two inserts, being his nipples that when nipple twisted goes out in two tubes outwards with a place to insert the ammunition.

His lower part, being the stomach has his energy systems in it, being a large engine through that whole area, which has wiring up to the heart. This engine serves as a second life if he were to ever have this heart go down so that he could keep living, and as thus he will be counted as having an engine and getting said benefits of having it when his heart is exploded / stopped naturally / stopped at all, thus when this happens his stomach will be his new engine of his existence giving him 105 more stamina and 10% total stamina per round regeneration wise.

Both of Dilton's eyes are robotic versions of what they used to be, serving as great enhancement tools being able to zoom in 200 meters without blur. Their retinas are red and the irises are black.
General Weaponry:

4 handguns which are usually kept in his flowing coat each holding 6 bullets in the chamber. A giant cursed sword with the curse of exploding anything it touches with a diameter up to 25 meters, but every time he uses it he gets a freezing slice of moderate damage on his body.
Other Stuff:

A red ruby ring on his right ring finger with the symbols of "H.D.H" on it for whatever reasons.
Haki Rank S

General Appearance:
All Clothings:

His coat:

Usually worn without having the zip, well zipped thus leaving it hanging in the air behind him with four straps on the inside where he usually keeps his guns.
His headphones and his shades:

Pants and shoes:

The ones to the left are usually on him when outside, the right ones are for his home needs.
The rest of his body:

Height: 9 feet
Weight: 729kg (All implants are seastone)
Personality: Dilton isn't one many would consider violent the first time they see him, as long as that isn't on a job in an unknown island as it doesn't exist anymore that is. He is usually found super calm but excellent in the joke cracking department with jokes taking small hints and personal grudges to people with reality easily making people smile at worst around him when they hear it. He doesn't believe in any religion, he considers his family his religion as he sees them as what he is spending most of his time helping out or being with when not on jobs. When he is on his jobs he often calls home and is really worried about his family and their well being as he really wants to protect them into the last breath.

He is often found really selfish to anyone but his gang and family, he really needs someone super special for him to throw money to them when its needed and someone would have to win over his favor for that to happen anytime soon seeing that he isn't the happiest man around. Dilton also loves to drink and does so in HUGE quantities, often lifting barrels bigger than him and chugging it all down in one before throwing and smashing the barrel into something to break it which is his request to get more.

He is quite a sadist and loves to see the pain in his foes eyes, he loves to feel that his actions has impacted the world greatly when looking at someone with a family, that he was going to make that family have a widow and possibly kids that are screwed in life emotionally for the next 10-20 years if he got bad luck that day, possibly the whole life if his really successful. He enjoys watching someone bleed out and does it purely for the "cool guy" look in pulling up a chair and looking whilst telling everybody else to leave, which they usually respect after seeing someone get struck down before them.

He is a family man though, and respects the choices of someones final words, as he sees it as them being redeemed for the final time before passing away into the after life, if there is one which he couldn't be sure of, and thus always delivers the last words of anyone to their respectful families. He does this mostly to give himself a pat on the back to fully enjoy his sadistic side to the maximum.

He is usually found tired with a keg by his side and making loud noises if he's asleep. He is usually bullied by his family in subtle ways, even if he isn't hurt by it on a personal or physical level he still respects their tries as he wants his kids to be great at that sort of thing as that is where their families humor resides after all, subtle bullying. He loves to take challenges and especially compete with people about getting about somewhere faster than the other or competing for kills or jobs completed the fastest without bribing, and he's really competitive.

He loves practicing on the jobs and usually sets up personal reminders and challenges for the mission ahead unless someone does it before him in a headset of sorts that he always wears which is connected to a few music dials with noise suppression inside of them. He usually isn't one to listen to a lot of it, other than one which is sung by his wife which he always keeps close to his heart. His challenges are also often considered stupid by most, like taking out 200 people with one attack and such, if not more, and much more stupid requirements. He is one to boast about every victory to everyone and every worthy opponent beaten by his unrivaled skill in fighting, even though his parents and everyone around him doesn't really care even if he thinks they should.

He ends his sentences with "-chik" and "-kara" most of the time, literally meaning "Power / force" together, demonstrating his great prowess and strength.
Story: What Dilton was after was always clear, it was money, success, a family, and an empire to rule over. He never came there, as a human at least, but what he did succeed with was becoming a successful business man, getting a wife, having a few kids, get told that he should act as if he was dead and that the rest of the world would know as well as becoming a spokesmen of the underworld and making him a cyborg, a technical freak of nature.

He wasn't happy about everything that he had come to do in his lifetime, bar fights, murders, robberies, hustling of all too many people and general unlawfulness in terms of destruction, even being have said to take down a mighty kingdom in his days with his technology by his side. Through this he got a bounty and was deemed a pirate by the world government when someone said that they had spotted him in a few concurrent crime scenes.

As he became a wanted man his wife and kids realized that they had been lied to, by either him or the government. They flip a coin together to see whose which during a night of stressful talks, crying, and motivational speeches getting told by everyone around the table. When the coin lands it got on the world governments side, they cheered and got joyful from the event that had gone down before them. They quickly searched him down over the period of two years whilst Dilton's bounty raised itself practically as he just did his job and helped other people that had hired him. He didn't have anything against helping people every now and again after all, as that would earn him their favors which is a tool of infinite uses.

As he wandered the sea of the Grand Line and sometimes even the New World in his years he had begun practicing marksmanship, and he quickly became great at it, having been told by people that he would go far. He usually hits his targets when both him and them are in motion, several hundred meters away from each other in some rare cases and all the more impressive achievements.

After the two years of training had passed and his wife had found his hide out accompanied by their kids now being in the ages of 21 and 23, called Roger and Sam respectively, they were all excited after all, they hadn't seen him in several years, and now they were ready for whatever their father had to say, about anything. As he opened his sliding metal door painted like the exterior of the mountain that it was attached to almost he started seeing faces.

His subordinate quickly pulled a gun and aimed it toward them, as well as the other 30 goons that were following him out as they were going out on a mission by a highly respectable client. As more and more appeared of their faces he started to tear up, he realized that it was the people that he loved the most that stood in front of him, and this might be one of the only last attempts of talking to them in either of their remaining existences after all, so he went for it. "Hey...". His wife quickly responded with a daring "Hi.." before both cracked and started crying and went in for the hug, he later grabbed the other two, they were family after all, real family and not this gang shit.

"So.. I'm not gonna fix the threat?" the main goon said behind him, guarding his back. "THEY'RE FAMILY, Now call the chef and ask him and everyone else to respect them with pride and honor and prepare a party for their arrival. I'll be home in a few hours alright?" the bossman said as he looked behind him, his goons at this point started to fear him more and more for every second that he stood before them. "S--Sure boss!" the main officer of the crew said before calling in the chef and walking over to a place where no one already stood whilst taking a smoke before the big trip.

As they walked inside he went on his job, came home successfully and saw that his loved ones was safe. Ever since then he has expanded his living area to be almost all around an island of unknown origins and placement in the Grand Line, waiting for the highest paying to come and get him to make him show some strength to the next baboon that is daring to challenge him unless the bosses from the underworld calls, then he needs to get to them and sell them stuff, which is usually weaponry and huge robots called Pacifistas installed with proton laser cannons as he has bought up most of the best scientists of the world.

And he loves to sell them at high prices, like really high prices to anyone that he knows is willing to buy that sort of one of tech. There wasn't loads of people that sold that kind off stuff without having factional restrictions after all, most people would only sell to their own affiliates or people that are in the same faction and is actually someone that they don't mind with. Dilton doesn't really care as he just cares for money to imrpove his household situation more and more, and eventually making it an actual ship that could be considered his own territory and ship at the same time which is a project that he always works on, harder than most believe actually.

Fate Points

  • Quick Learner - 3 Fate Points
  • Belionare       - 2 Fate Points
  • Born to Brawl - 1 Fate Point
  • Hawks Eye     - 1 Fate Point
  • Race Change  - 1 Fate Point
  • Predator        - 1 Fate Point
  • Cursed Hands - 1 Fate Point

  • 11 Fate points in total

Primary: Perception
Secondary: Strength, Speed (Predator)
Non Priority: Durability

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