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1 Baltigo TO Tundra [Travel] on Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:36 pm

Traveling solo just me and my npc to tundra. Going to be doing the WC which will be posted shortly Razz.

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2 Re: Baltigo TO Tundra [Travel] on Wed Aug 02, 2017 10:37 pm

Ataru boarded his sub with a heavy heart, it had seemed all of it had been for nothing. At least for now the Emperors seemed to be gone to the wind, in the meantime he had heard of a merchant that interested him. He was on Tundra, a place Ataru had considered for training before his incident. Smiling he turned and shouted "Hey It's time to depart set the log pose to Tundra it's where we'll start. Nothing can stand in the way we must expand the Minstrel. Golliwog lets go!

The departure was smooth the sub was handling perfectly, hopefully the entire trip would go so swimmingly. It wasn't long after that Ataru yawned, it wasn't to loud he was pretty sure she couldn't hear it. He was wrong because not a second after he closed his lips her voice hit his ears."What exactly does the master have you doing, Ru Ru? You always look so tired, you know what would help...because I have an idea."

Ataru didn't understand why she kept trying the same approach, he had told her it wasn't personal. He just didn't find her very attractive, sadly this had caused her to be more attentive. Ignoring her comments flippantly he spoke "That's none of your business do you wish for us to lose this beautiful vessel on its first voyage? Its rhetorical now pay attention, you are right though I am tired. I think I will take a small nap in this chair. Ataru had no intention to take a nap he just didn't want to speak to Rosa at the moment. He didn't find her the most entertaining yet she was the navigator and vital to his operation. After a hour or two Ataru decided to feign awake just to make sure she wasn't going crazy. He found it happened often with her probably because these skills reminded her of her freedom. It's cruel and you know it, It was just easier to find a navigator this way it wasn't like he was giving her a bad life.WaS It GOOD ENOugH for YOU.

She was staring at him, he hoped he hadn't said anything. Sometimes it was hard for him too,but who cared about the plights of the master. He was successful and rich one day he would be able to smile on these moments. For now he would be content with just his mind being silent. He went to his cabin and fetched some of his rum, that always helped. At least that's how he felt, when he took the first couple swigs, it was when he burped that Rosa noticed. Immediately grabbing the bottle from him she took a quick swing smiled then hid it under her navigators station."If you get to drunk Ru Ru who will be able to protect me from all the scary pirates of the sea? You have the sword the other Minstrels talk they say you are the best on the battle. They also say you were the cause of the last masters death, is it true are you the new masters battle dog." The rumors about Ataru personally had seem to flourish the more he refused to answer any of the other members questions. The one thing that did seem to resonate was that any of them that had sparred so far had lost, Ataru promised himself he'd free any slaves that could defeat him in battle.

It was ok somehow the nickname Ru from his slaves days persisted. He was never any particular way, no one was but somehow he got stuck with it. If he ever insisted they stop calling him that the suspicion would quickly shift from battle dog to master. "Does Master know you're using his DDM to spread gossip among the network.It always paid well to speak in short sentences if you wanted to be regarded as a warrior. It was one of Ataru's transitions he used when having to speak in a different from his casual tone of relaxed joking. You could always just tell her, ASSERT your dominance you are the master.

Shunting the thoughts from his head Ataru looked at Rosa and spoke softer."I really am tired, don't ask why. I'm going to take a nap in a bed holler if you need me we should be there soon right?

"It is coming up pretty soon hope your ready to stay a while we need to get the log pose set before we leave again if we want to make it to the New World. Who knows maybe that's where the Master really is." Ignoring the last part Ataru headed to bed knowing that he would hear her talking on the dial system in no time. It was relaxing to lay down just for a bit though. He needed some time to think soon there wouldn't be any time.


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