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1 Dick In The Box #2[Dispute] on Tue Aug 01, 2017 5:23 pm

SO, since my last dispute got closed for some odd, mystifying, ungodly, satanic reason, I might as well make a new one bringing light to a new issue.

Link to Topic:
Participants in Question: Itome, Ritz
Post Number(s) Involved:11-14
Rules Allegedly Broken: Metagame, Against the Attribute System

Metagame: The first time I used the Ultra Bullet Blast, it did nothing but a mere arm swimg, and I repeated these motions in the post I attacked her. What reason would she have to defend from what she believes to be a regular arm swing 10 meters away with an intang, as to her knowledge, it would have no way to actually hit her. In addition, her character has been underestimating mine this entire thread, even sending fodder grunts after mine.

Against the Attribute System: Now, in the previous thread I argued that my arm swing would move at 5 speed when I'm producing the attack because staff told me, but I forgot that was awhile ago. Plus, it doesn't make any sense. Why would moving at NORMAL speeds produce a massive air blast like that?

My technique(Ultra Bullet Blast) relies on the force of my arm swing, and as you all know, that would be dependant on speed. The speed of the skill is 6, and as the arm swing is a part of the skill(required to start it up), it makes sense that it would move at 6 anyways. With a speed of 6, she obviously wouldn't be able to perceive it to intang through it.

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2 Re: Dick In The Box #2[Dispute] on Tue Aug 01, 2017 6:49 pm

Ur not a participant in this thread

You still didn't counter my point about her metagaming that it was about to be an attack, considering the first time I used the SAME attack it was a arm swing and she doesn't think highly of my character's combat ability.

Third, my arm swing uses the momentum to produce the attack. How would my character moving at normal speeds be able to produce an attack faster than me? I would have to move faster than what my body can normally move at to produce the Rankyaku rip off, which is why the move would logically take any stamina. Otherwise, it'd just be me moving at max speeds, and max speeds don't take stamina here.

She's also trying to logia intang while in the middle of firing while I'm swinging my arm, doing all that at the same time while she's aiming at my torso seems kind of suspect, especially when the attack is a 13 meter diameter attack when she's 10 meters away. idk

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