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a line of notes here

It had happened much quicker than she had ever thought. For the majority of her life, Khalifa, the vixen had trained hard so that one day, she may stand in front of her father as an equal. So that she may prove to him that he had made the wrong choice. She had thought her resolve had been so strong, that nothing would force her to waver. She had decided on a career path, she had a knack, no a want for the adventuring life, she also felt that someone needed to be out there that was not of pirate or marine. Taking down evil whenever it may strike, whether corrupt marine officials, or pirates of the worst kind. Even Revs, if it would award her fame and money, she would certainly take it as long as the situation was right. When she stood in front of her father, she wanted to be known for doing the right things. For taking out corruption whenever it reared its ugly head.

She had made a good start, while travelling from their home in the grand-line, she had managed to occur a total of six wins against four pirates, a single marine and a common crook whom had a few hundred beli reward on him. The marines had not been impressed with the officer whom had his crimes exposed. Khalifa was also a well established historian, she researched everything when she got wind of corruption, she did not head in head first, she searched for all the evidence, unless of course none was needed. If a pirate where to walk in with a bounty that nobody could make excuses for, well. Come on that much is obvious. With marines and revolutionary soldiers though the deciding factor is research.

But this is getting off topic, yes she had thought her resolve was stronger than anything. One thing she had not counted on. Love. It was a concept that she at the time did not believe in. Her father had made sure of that. I should be clear, her father was not an abusive man, nor a mean one. He was just selfish. He was a man who had fathered fourteen children. Khalifa had been number seven of the brood. The final to be born with an identity of her own, the others had been cursed with the same name as their father. Her father was selfish when it came to woman and when it came to his children, at first he had tried hard to make sure they all kept in touch and knew of each other. But as he settled down with his current wife and children, that fully stopped. Khalifa, whom had some issues thanks to her last meeting with her father, had stopped going to these "meetings" way before that. She had been around seven since she last saw her father, when she had fur as orange as the sunset, and looked like the smallest of cubs. He probably would not recognise her now. Her true brothers Giovanni and Giovanna, her mothers. Yes mothers, it had been a while since she had seen them. She should really write them soon.

"What are you thinking my love"

The voice broke her concentration, remember when I said she had found love? This voice belonged to the man whom had shown her that love, love can come to even those whom had shut of their hearts. The furred body of the vixen lay in its attire, no clothing but the simple gloves to cover her scars. The human male on the other hand also wore nothing but the bed sheets to cover his modesty. He was beautiful, eyes as blue as the sea, hair kissed by the goddess of the sun, so blond it sometimes hurt to look at. Skin as white as snow, sculpted as if by the gods themselves. His nature was the most attractive thing about him. He was strong, god so strong, yet kind and gentle. She loved him, with all her heart.

"Nothing" Khalifa said, looking into his eyes, moving her nose forward, she tapped hers against his. Before kissing his cheek. "I can't believe you get to have the week off, and I have to go to this meeting, I swear you have his majesty wrapped around your finger" the male said kissing her on the cheek before standing. The silk sheet falling from his sculpted body revealing everything he gave a rather cheeky smile before turning to go to the next room where the work clothes lay. Even now, four years into their relationship, she still felt butterflies when he smiled at her like that. Khalifa knew he would be a while, so she would get up, and use the second bathroom, showering quickly, before drying herself by pulsing electric charges around. This would puff her up rather quickly so she would have to brush pretty much everywhere.

As she finished, the clinking of metal sounded, signifying the love of her life was done. Turning around she smiled as she saw the man in his uniform. "Still as sexy as the day we met" she said grinning.

Sir Lucane Of Lyveel:

14 feet tall
Wields a long sword [titanium]

"Really" he asked sheepishly. "Sir Lucane of Lyveel, your going to be late" Khalifa said nodding to the clock on the wall. "SHIT" shouted the knight, hand on hilt he would run from their apartment. Khalifa standing at the window watching him go. Civilians parted, looking back, some seeing her watch, they waved happily.

Race differences, mink, fishman, it wasn't such a big deal in the world, sure some places where prejudice but they where the minority in all of the world. Khalifa would wave back before she too would head out. You see Sir Lucane, the knight running was second in command of the knights of Lyveel, her boyfriend. And she was Khalifa Matías, daughter to the famed blacksmith Giovanni Matías, Lyveel had no issue with the mink - human relationship, as long as you didn't have the power of a devil fruit and did not put down religion you where welcome. Hell Khalifa ended up being such a presence she became a knight of Lyveel, know where near as high as her man, but still, one of the few woman in the knights circle.

This week though sh had all the time she wanted off. Lucane had told her there where things she needed to do before they met up, he had arranged a full day of pampering in Lyveel, foot rubs, massages, soaking in the natural hot spring, it was everything she wanted and more. Grabbing her bag, she slung it over her shoulder and headed out. Greeting people as she walked. It was rather humerous, she was one of the tallest of Lyveel being over eleven feet tall, while also being a fox with strange markings, meant she was a complete stand out. Luciane though dwarfed her at fourteen feet. Children played on the streets laughing and giggling, woman and men talked, walking through the busy street. Khalifa loved this place. It was so out of touch with the time of everywhere else. It just made her forget everything she was as if for the first time, she was home.

So the day was spent as Luciane had wanted, relaxing the entire day away, in utter bliss. Nails, well in her case, claws had been done, fur had been brushed, she smelt like a beautiful bouquet of roses as she sauntered down the high street over the hills towards the apple tree outside of town to the cost. It was there special place after all. Sitting at the trunk, she would wait, and wait. Luciane was always running late, this was no secret. There was a strange sensation in the air though, something odd. The Vixen did not like this sensation, her keen ears detected the falling of rocks, someone trying to scale the rocky cliff side behind her. A smile widened upon her face, so he wanted to scare her did he?. With nimble and fox like reflexes, the vixen took to the tree, tapping each branch with only the gentlest of thuds hidden by the rustling wind until she was high enough to see the climber. It was not Luciane.

Clad in black, with the symbol of the Nightwalker upon his shoulder, the climber moved with grace, he had obviously been trained in climbing. Alas he was probably not used to attempting to sneak up on a mink. Remaining in the tree's her perfect vision taking in every detail of the mans movements, watching as he slowly pulled himself to the top, with drew a dagger ever so slowly from its sheath, dropping a small bit of liquid from the tip as it slid from its holster. "Poison" whispered Khalifa. The assassin moved softly, even her mink ears had trouble hearing. He obviously was well trained, light on his feet. He got to the tree, and in one motion swung down slamming the knife in to the location the mink had been before.

Before he could get over his shock at the woman not being where she was supposed to be, the Vixen moved, pushing out from the tree with such force that it seemingly amplified her speed, Her long hand stretched outwards, with the claws upon her hands extended. Her hands wrapped around the mans face, the three claws dug in to his skin, he grunted in pain but attempted to jut the knife forward anyway, her other hand caught him by the wrist, and in a glow of electrical power, her hand expelled electricity, forcing the man to scream as pain filled his hand, dropping the knife as his hand spasmed uncontrollably.

"Why, may I ask are you trying to kill me" the sweet, slightly deep voice of the Vixen asked. "I ain't telling you jack" the man said through winces. "You feel that feeling in your hand? exactly what do you think willl happen if i apply that power to your face?" The yellow furred fox threatened. Yet this did not get the reply she had been hoping for, a laugh filled the air. "Doesn't matter, we win...Wheres your boyfriend Lady Knight" Laughed the assassin. Her eyes widened. "Wha...." the laugh of the man drowned her question asked. Claws buried deeper into his head as electricity burst from them, a scream, so blood curling that it echoed in the night sky erupted from the mans mouth as he shook in all directions, the jolt essentially frying his brain. "Why do they always shit themselves" she said to no one in particular, retracting her claws from the skull as she allowed him to fall, moving her hand to expel the blood from her freshly manicured claws. "Luciane" she whispered, as she took off. Her feet dancing upon the ground as she executed her soru.

The streets where empty, strange for it had only been mere hours since she had been walking along the bustling town. Signs of danger where everywhere, symbols of the Nightwalkers lay littered upon buildings, bodies of those unfortunate to have tried to fight them lay covered in arrows and knife wounds. This was indeed strange, for the Nightwalkers where known as assassins, bow man and those whom hide in darkness. Very rarely, no, never had they attempted something like this, thought the fox as she continued on to the castle. The door had been forced open, why hadnt the alarm been raised.

Her keen sense of smell told her the way, her ears softly filled with the clanging of metal down by the kings door. Turning the corner, the Vixen would gasp. The ten knights, of all ten knights four of them had been slain, now two fought against four. Luciane and Hanatori, the blond haired silver eyed knight. The only female upon the ten knights of the round.  Khalifa was of the lower squadron, not yet ascending to the round. But now here she stood, Sir Luciane and his broad sword danced against the shield and short sword combination of Sir Perllus and expertly evaded the Halibard of Sir Degore. While the long powerful claymore of Madame Hanatori, cut through the the spear head of Sir Ector Day Maris, cleaving his body in two, her cheek was then cut by one of the duel blades of Sir Gwythyr. The eldest and strongest of the knights. "What......whats goi"

The cold feel of steel touched against her neck, matting the fur beneath the blade, which also became wet from the poison that laced the knife. "Hanatori, Luciane, put down your blades" The Nightwalker said. At the sound of his voice they looked form their foe for a simple second, enough for them to be struck hard, forcing both the female knight and the male knight from their feet and into the wall, weapons placed against them, yet they where not struck...yet.

"Khalifa" Luciane uttered, trying to get to her, though the sword pressed against his chest would halt him from moving far. "SIR ECTOR, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS. Sir Tarquin, Sir Kurona, Sir Juront and Sir Taka.....why are they dead, why are the nightwalkers here and why ARE YOU ATTACKING SIR LUCIANE AND LADY HANATORI" Khalifa uttered, the knife pressed against her throat still upon her mind. "They, are dead because Sir Luciane and Lady Hanatori killed them, the Nightwalkers are here, because I command them, and the meaning of this? To kill King Lveel and end his tyranny. Eight out of ten of the Knights agreed that it must be done, only these two stood against us. Honour for their king and country. Pitiful when the king they serve is NOT THE RIGHTFUL RULER, I AM" the knight shouted in anger. "Sir, the treasury" the Nightwalker asked, his voice slightly confused. The other Knight whom stood by Sir Ector would also look confused. "Yes, sorry, King Lveel has squandered this countries money, he plans on raising taxes for the civilians to the point where they would be poverty striken, his lavish parties his life style are driving this country in to the ground.
if he does not go, our country will die."
The Knight said looking to the trio. Clicking his fingers more assassins slunk from the shadows, de-weaponising Luciane and Hanatori before finally bringing them in to the kings room.

"WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS" boomed the King's voice as he stood. His hand moved protectively over the queen whom held on to the bump that protruded from her stomach. As floods of darkness entered the majestic throne room. The vast iron doors being closed behind them, Cloaked assassins armed with daggers dripping in poison, or the same cloaks with bows, strong quivers filled with oil for their flaming arrows. It was about three hundred dark creatures whom filled the throne room, combined with the four knights whom where on their side, Hanatori, Luciane and Khalifa who were now held by those knights. At the very front roughly seventy meters from the door, There weapons carried by members of the Nightwalkers. One of the nightwalkers was different, his cloak was a purple shade. There was a strange smell coming from him, something odd. Blurring her mind. "Khalifa, are you ok" Luciane whispered, his soft voice bringing her back. "The one in purple, somethings different, he smells...different" The vixen said.

"Sir Ector, WHAT ARE YOU DOING" "King of Lveel, we YOUR SUBJECTS, YOUR PROTECTORS, WE HAVE COME TO TAKE BACK LVEEL, YOUR WRONGFUL REIGN, YOUR HABITS HAVE RUINED OUR ONCE GREAT NATION. WE HAVE LEARNED OF YOUR INDISCRETIONS SPENDING AWAY ALL OF THE MONEY OF THIS ISLAND. FOR YOUR CRIMES WE THE PROTECTORS OF LVEEL HAVE COME TO REMOVE THE THREAT" "WHAT NONSENSE DO YOU SPEAK, EVER THE JEALOUS TYPE, THIS ISLE IS PROSPEROUS, RICH IN EVERYTHING INCLUDING GOLD, YOUR LIES STAND NO GROUND. Brother....why do you do this, is your hatred still burning for our father, you wronged Lveel, you could not rule, you have the knights at your command to protect Lveel but now you corrupt even them" The king spoke. It was common knowledge that the head knight was brother to the king, which is why the take over had come as a surprise. But he had always been trusting and kind.

The Knights that followed the head Knight looked so confused, as if they where coming out of a daze. Yet the scent of the purple hooded figure seemed to flow around them, glazing their eyes over slightly before their "resolve" was found once more. "Devil Fruit Power" Khalifa whispered. "I'v had enough of this" Hanatori said, in one quick move she free'd herself from the Knight that grasped her, her elegant movement had her push back the Nightwalker who held her claymore, she moved through the air beautifully as she brought the giant sword downwards. The clang of Sir Ector's blade with the Claymore erupted, Electricity from the Power of Destruction Of Hanitori met with the fire of Sir Ectors own Power of destruction. Yet it Was Hanatori whom would be shocked, her blade suddenly heavied between her hand, she could not lift it. It slammed to the ground from the simple clash of metal upon metal, and in one swift motion Sir Ector's second sword cut clean through the head of the female Knight. Normally it would roll upon the ground with a simple thud. This head crashed upon the ground, creating a vast creator on impact. "What th..." "I ate the Jūryō jūryō No Mi, [Weight Weight Fruit], the devil fruit power that is so feared on this land. I now have the ability to enhance the weight of everything i touch, beautifully enough It seems i can bless my weapons with such an ability. The Knight said laughing. Khalifa would look around, the 120 meter in diameter throne room was giant. As was the palace itself with many twists and turns. The Vixen looked to Luciane, whom now shook in horror at the body of his best friend.
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