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1 Cactus Jack Updates on Wed Jul 26, 2017 12:02 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


Character Name: Cactus Jack
Link to Approved Character
Affiliation: Pirate
Crew: None yet
Occupation: Thief, Doctor
Tier: 4
Bounty/Reputation: 250,000,000
World Position: Shichibukai
Fate Perks: Kami Haki II [3], Devil's Meddle [2], Hard Worker [1]
Fate Points: 6 (0 Remaining)

Primary: Speed
Secondary: Durability
Non-Prioritized: Strength, Perception

Stamina: 450

Haki: D
Kenbunshoku Haki: None
Busoshoku Haki: None
Kami Haoshoku Haki: Presence of the Emperor

Devil Fruit: Horu Horu no Mi

Link to Primary Skill Set: To Be Added
Link to Secondary Skill Set: To Be Added
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: To Be Added

Weapons: None
Armor: None
Ships: To be made tier 4 ship
Pets: None
NPCs: None
Grunts: None

Completed Topics
Completed Topics This Tier

Beautiful Chat Moments:

[01:54:17] Goku : poncho larp with me naruto vs sasuke
[01:54:29] @ Wave Master Poncho : I wanna be Rock Lee so no Itome
[02:04:39] @ Wave Master Poncho : if u ain't hitting while da baby inside, u basic
[02:25:23] Clades Latos : Who wants a picture of my dead cat?
[02:25:30] Clades Latos :
[02:27:01] Clades Latos :
[02:38:13] Venus : I can't count the times people have asked to snort cokes off parts of my or others varous body parts
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2 Re: Cactus Jack Updates on Mon Jul 31, 2017 4:02 pm

Alright, select your specialization for your main occupation, as you need the fate point put in to get your secondary a spec. Other than that link the kami haki perk in the name if you will and the devil fruit claim in that name.

Other than that I think we're good. Make the mentioned changes when your stuff gets approved and then send me a pm and I'll check it out again (unless someone else gets it first).

Updates and stuff:

Log Pose Points : 18/18 (Rusukaina cleared)

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