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1Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:51 am

Bazel had been spending much of his time with his first mate Kash who often surveyed the island on the behalf of her captain for potential red flags in Bazel's vision. She found a place in one of her trips that Bazel might find amusing. "Oi Baz." said Kash as she came into Bazel's quarters. Her captain would turn around which made him cover his plans or his eventually call with his brother that he was planning after the restoration of the Coliseum. "How may I help you Kash?" said Bazel who was partially busy but always had time for Kash. "There is a whore house on your island Baz. I doubt you would care but I thought it might pique your interest for more reasons than one." Bazel chuckled at Kash's last few words. He would stand up from his seat pushing in the chair walking over to his first mate. "Well then Kash. I think we should take a trip. Grab ten of our best men and meet me at the gates of the palace." Kash would chuckle on her way out of the room, "I can't believe you're serious about this Baz"

At the front gate Bazel waited for Kash who would eventually arrive with the men Bazel had requested. "Let's set out" Boarding two carriages the group would set out where they traveled for over an hour before finally reaching the district with the whore house. On foot the group would travel to shock and awe as people haven't seen Bazel since he took over the island three months ago. His peacekeepers have been the only ones on the island as Bazel locked himself away for his own exile. Finally reaching the whore house Bazel would walk in followed by Kash and their men. His men were all battle ready but didn't expect combat, they didn't even know why Bazel had them here. "Hello" said Bazel with a smirk on his face to one of the women he saw who was in a flowing gown.

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2Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Re: Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:50 am



Brothel of Love (Flashback) _gif__cinder_fall___black_dress_by_fanffx_2-d7yvhb5
A new visitor in the Pleasure District...

Hestia was hard at work overseeing the Friday night events for Fairy Tail. While usually enjoying to be strictly business with her customers in terms of slave trade and prostitution, what set Hestia apart from other traders was her flair for appearances and entertainment. New leadership on Baltigo had made many of her usual customers uneasy about partaking in business recently with Hestia, in order to calm this unease Hestia took to a rather creative approach and offered special events every Friday at Fairy Tail's biggest housing location. The theme this Friday night was a masquerade ballroom setting, costumers were to come either alone or with a personal slave dressed in proper ballroom attire along with elegant masks. The auction house had been turned into a dance floor with a large bar to the left side and table of food to the right. Tables and chairs were stationed around the entrance to the house. Hestia even provided food and had employees working a bar in order to show her appreciation and trust (though she really had none for anything of these people). Hestia made sure to have her prostitutes and slaves decked out in formal attire as well and move across the dance floor. Anytime an invited guest wished to sample her merchandise they simply had to bring their item to the back of the dance floor where rooms were provided down a long hallway to the left. Once paying the appropriate sampling fees, customers were given a key to the rooms where they could do whatever they wished (barring any lasting or permanent damages). Her customers greatly appreciated her gestures of entertainment and Hestia had been making quite a big profit, more people coming and spending each time. From the outside the auction house would simply appear as a large, unmarked, black building with no identification besides the red symbol of Hestia's organization on the front door.

It was quite dark with mood lighting around the entire location, with a couple chandeliers being strung about along with black ribbons. The only thing lightning up was the dance floor thanks to a disco ball. Soft music echoed through the auction house as Hestia helped herself to a whiskey at the bar. As she was enjoying herself one of her employees stationed as an informant and lookout outside of the house came up behind her and whispered in her ear sound distressed, "Mistress, two large carriages have just arrived in town, We've got word that the leader of the island has traveled here to see Fairy Tail." Taking a long drink of whiskey Hestia would brush the informant away as a man with bright red hair walked in with a woman and 10 other men, all decked in battle gear. Hestia's glowing amber eyes would scan the new guests, as they stood out like sore thumbs. All around them were men and women dressed in formal wear and masks, a lot of customers, maybe around 30 pairs, were dancing with their collared slaves on the dance floor and did not notice the new guests arriving. Others, around perhaps 20, who were enjoying the drinks and bar looked up nervously reaching for weapons if necessary. Hestia needed to defuse the situation quickly as the event had only been going on for an hour or two and she had not made nearly enough for a big profit.

Leaving her mask at the bar and getting up from her chair, Hestia would calmly walk towards her new guests, her four inch black glass high heels making no sound as she did, and approach them just as the man with red hair said hello to one of her employees in a flowing dress. Dressed in a formal, slim black evening gown with slits up the sides and beautiful glass like design etched across it along with matching black glass earrings and black gloves which went up her arms halfway, Hestia would place a black gloved hand on the girls left shoulder, "Why don't you go see if they need help at the bar? I'll help them." The girl would hurriedly walk away to help at the bar, Hestia's word was law in this house. Scanning the group with her glowing amber eyes she would say playfully, "Good evening gentlemen...and lady, can I help you with something? It seems you did not get an invitation or you would have known there was a dress code tonight at Fairy Tail."

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3Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Re: Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Thu Jul 27, 2017 10:12 am

Bazel wasn't going to pretend as if this place wasn't gorgeous. It was everything he had wanted to see in Baltigo. Advancement of every kind. However Bazel wasn't that fond of slavery which he knew was large and booming in the place known as Red City. Bazel noticed the dress code and smirked, he wasn't one for formal wear so even if he knew what type of gathering this was beforehand he probably still would have came the way he did. Bazel was a king for a reason after all! he did want to be kind and fair to those who served him and he wanted to meet those people as often as possible, such as now. As the woman who greeted Bazel and co was diverted away from his party Bazel make sure to take note of the woman who stood in her lace, a goddess she was. Someone who took Bazel's eye the moment he met her, she was tall almost as if she were an amazon. Bazel liked her look however as something stuck out about her that he just couldn't pinpoint. "Fairy Tail eh? Nice name for a place like this.. Very interesting" said one of Baz's men.

Baz would lift his arm up in front of his crew member to silence him. "Excuse the rudeness. Our deepest apologies for our disrespect to your establish tonight. I was wondering if there was a place we could speak more privately." said a serious toned Bazel as his haki activated and his eyes scanned the whore house. He awaited an answer from the woman as Kash did as her leader did.

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4Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Re: Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Mon Jul 31, 2017 7:12 pm



"Excuse the rudeness. Our deepest apologies for our disrespect to your establish tonight. I was wondering if there was a place we could speak more privately."

Shifting a black gloved hand to her hip, Hestia would listen to the red haired man, no doubt the groups leader as well as the new ruler of the island as he seemed to exude authority and power. Curiosity began to sparkle in her eye as the man apologized and asked to speak privately, she took a moment before replying, "I have a meeting room upstairs, we can speak up there." Taking a brief pause to think she would continue, "though it's only meant for a small amount of people and I do hate crowded spaces. You are more than welcome to come, but your friends will have to stay down here...they're free to help themselves to any food, drinks, or entertainment." If there were no objections, Hestia would signal for some of her employees to come and help the man's group in any way they long as it was harmless of course.

If the man and his group had nothing else to say or ask, Hestia she would turn around and begin to walk towards the back of the hall. Her black glass high heels would slightly tap as she walked along the right side of the room, just outside of the dance floor. Hestia would stop just in front of a black spiraling stair case which was stationed in the back of the room all the way to right. If the man had followed her alone, Hestia would turn around and give a playful smirk while saying, "Please watch your step," and began to ascend it. The staircase led to a balcony on the second floor which overlooked the entire first floor of the house, people could be heard laughing and enjoying themselves down below. Along the back wall of the balcony were several pathways and 2 doors.

If the man was still behind her, Hestia would then lead him to one of the doors in the center and open the door to reveal a simple meeting room, which was well lit with candles and tastefully decorated with a scarlet red carpet paired with an obsidian black table and two similarly colored chairs seated across from one another. If the man entered, Hestia would close the door behind them. "Feel free to take a seat," she would say while taking her own. If the man sat down across from her, Hestia would rest her head on her right hand and look at the man with playful curiosity, "Now what does the new Ruler of Baltigo wish to talk with me about?" She would ask, her amber eyes seeming to glow from the candle light.

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5Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Re: Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Tue Aug 08, 2017 12:28 pm

Bazel would indeed find this woman interesting she had a certain level of swagger to her which made Bazel drawn to her. She would address where she had a meeting room upstairs which made Kash a bit antsy considering she asn't the most willing to let Bazel off alone again after his last outing with Wayland. "Kash I'm fine" said Bazel. The woman would offer the services of her people to Bazel's group, this made Bazel smirk as he looked back at his men and nodded. They would all take a woman and proceed to go to their rooms as Kash would take a seat and prepare herself a fine drink. The duo would begin walking through the fine establishment that was set up here and needless to say Bazel would be impressed but he had some things he had to let the owner know before she could continue things here. They were on a staircase which lead them to a nice little balcony which oversaw everything. This place as one of the nicer parts of Baltigo Bazel had experienced since his takeover of the island. It as a shame that his brother hadn't been here to see something so nice.

"This place is very nice" said Bazel before he took a seat adjacent to the lovely host. The look she gave Bazel made him slightly uncomfortable. Bazel hadn't really been the brash man he as in the past due to everything he was dealing with in his mind and the deaths around him. He knew he had an attraction to the woman but he had no urge to act upon his attraction. She asked a question which was a great one, what did Bazel want with her? Bazel sat comfortably arms spread outwards with his right leg over his left leg. "Well to be frank, I came here over the use of slaves at Fairy Tail. I came here and immediately made sure slavery had no part in Baltigo's future. I assure you see my vision and understand the trajectory I set doesn't mean your own goals." Bazel said with a stern face while ignoring the nature in which the woman actually sat.

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6Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Re: Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:57 pm



Hestia would have her amber eyes locked on the man as he spoke. She could tell he was attracted to her by his demeanor and the way he spoke. This was not a surprise to Hestia as many men were often shocked by her beauty and at a loss for words, there were not many top brokers in the underworld that were women and none that could match Hestia in appearance.

Before taking over, clients would often attempt to buy her for a night when discussing trade deals and pacts, many of them wishing to do disgusting things and talking to her as if she were an object. In the past, Hestia would politely decline and try to keep things professional. Once she took over Fairy Tail, she made sure all of her clients and partners in the underworld knew to take her seriously as a broker. Hestia cut off the head of the former owner and put it on a spike in the middle of the Pleasure District, along with the heads of many former competitors. News of Hestia's actions has spread through the underworld and been quite the buzz around Balitgo, only being overshadowed by the take over of the island by this new ruler. Nonetheless, Hestia had worked hard to get where she was today and to be taken seriously and to be seen business owner and not just as an object.

"Well to be frank, I came here over the use of slaves at Fairy Tail. I came here and immediately made sure slavery had no part in Baltigo's future. I assure you see my vision and understand the trajectory I set doesn't mean your own goals."

Hestia listened to his worlds silently, her expression never changing from the look of intrigue and curiosity, like a predator looking at a particularly playful piece of prey. Hestia would take a moment and then say with her Amber eyes locked into his, "Of course, your concerns are very understandable..." she would pause for a brief second before continuing with a more serious expression, "But your information is a tad bit outdated. It is true that Fairy Tail was involved in the slave trade in the past, but like your situation with Baltigo, I have only recently taken over. All of my employees, men and women, are here of there own will tonight...Now the companions of my customers I cannot speak for, but my goals with Fairy Tail are far different from those of my predecessor and I am workings towards change. We've allied ourselves with revolution, you have nothing to worry about." Hestia said calmly, her expression never changing. She was not completely lying, many of Fairy Tail's employees were prostitutes and no slaves were being sold tonight as it was only an event for sampling merchandise not purchasing. Fairy Tail had also begun helping on revolutionary assignment covertly as Hestia was a starch supporter of anti-government movements, in favor of anarchy and a "fend for yourself" mentality. Nonetheless, Hestia would have to change her business model under this new leadership to something more covert it seemed. This man seemed passionate about his cause, just like Hestia, which she could respect even if she did detest the idea of monarchy.

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7Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Re: Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Sun Aug 27, 2017 2:06 pm

Bazel heard the words from the woman and didn't think she was telling the truth. Given the type of person Baz was he knew when he was being bullshitted because he himself was a bullshitter. Bazel would smile "Well I have ties that run real deep with the Revolutionaries and I can assure you if you have a connection with them I'll clear it before Fairy Tail continues operations on the island. Baltigo is a slave free state now. However because of your temporary closing you will be awarded a sum of cash to keep you and your workers happy for the foreseeable future. I apologize for your shop closing but it may be temporary." Bazel would whistle causing one of his men downstairs to throw the bags he walked in with to the above balcony. These bags contained ten million beli that Baael came prepared with in case the answers he heard weren't good enough. "My den den mushi number is in that bag. Call me in a few month's I'll have a job for you." said Bazel who had his haki activated from the inception of this conversation as a means of making sure he was safe from surrounding forces during what might be a stressful time to those of Fairy Tail.


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8Brothel of Love (Flashback) Empty Re: Brothel of Love (Flashback) on Tue Sep 26, 2017 2:54 pm



Hestia's amber gaze would be unflinching as the man spoke, it appeared he did not believe her but that was no issue to her at this time. "By all means go ahead, we have nothing to hide. I and Fairy Tail have chosen to side with change. We are allies." Hestia would certainly have to keep a more watchful eye on the affairs of Baltigo going forward, the underworld might be experiencing changes under this new, ambitious king and his idea of a "slave free" world. The idea was of course preposterous to Hestia who saw the world as naturally full of slavery. The weak served the strong or died, that was the natural order. Kingdoms, governments, all were things which restricted the individual of choices for the sake of a greater power. All were slavery.

Once the man whistled, Hestia heard a rather large thud from outside the room. She assumed it was a large sum from the sound of it. Clearly this man had come prepared for a deal of some sort, Hestia could only assume that this was some sort of bribe to get her and Fairy Tail out of his way for the foreseeable future. "My, my you are much too generous." was all she said as the new king began to leave.    

"My den den mushi number is in that bag. Call me in a few month's I'll have a job for you."

His final words peaked Hesita's curiosity. What could a new, presumably powerful king want with her? The future was unforeseeable be interesting nonetheless.

Once the man had left, Hestia went around calming her guests and getting the party back underway. Things would continue as normal at least for tonight. As the festivities began again and customers filled on food, drink, and other pleasures, Hestia sent her workers to collect the bags and begin counting the beli. The king's final words still ringing in her ear for the remainder of the night, causing a small smirk to creep across her face, an era of change was beginning it seemed.

(Claiming 10,000,000 Beli
Thief Perk adding 15% of that to the total=1500000
Total gained=11,500,000)

Brothel of Love (Flashback) 194
Hecate Mágissa- The Witch
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