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1 Intel (Task) on Tue Jul 25, 2017 10:07 am

Renji Vinsmoke


Renji Vinsmoke
Task Name: Intel
Tier: 2
Location: Baltigo
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: While on Baltigo, Renji and his squad learn of a group of smugglers who are rumored to be trading off the devil fruit Renji has been seeking. Finding out that some of their members are positioned here, Renji, and his group go to pay them a visit to gather some intel.
Enemy Details: 100 T2 npcs 1 T3 npc
Boss: No

It has been two years since the defeat of two powerful Shichibukai on this island by the hands of the now Revolutionary General, Cyrus Kincaid, and Supernova, Bazel D. Wiggins. Baltigo use to be a place under the influence of the Revolutionary Army, but one thing led to another and it was under the control of two warlords. After news was heard that they have been killed off, and a Captain of the Revolutionary Army being partially responsible for it, one would think that this means that Baltigo would be back under the control of the Army, but instead it was just given to by another pirate. Though, some might not see a problem with it since this isn't another warlord, some revs are still rightfully annoyed by this choice, one of them being Hiro Takashi, a Revolutionary under the new Captain Renji Vinsmoke.

"I do not understand why one of our own would just give up something that belonged to the army so easily to some or not." Hiro would say in a low tone. The winged samurai stood on to of a roof of a building, looking over the city of the Red District. Renji was up there with him too, sitting next to him nonchalantly with his back against the ledge/wall part of the roof with arms folded , and arms closed. "Shi Shi, the bond between brothers can be an amazing thing, Hiro." Renji chuckled that weird chuckle of his before speaking. Hiro just ignored his captain, and continued to survey the area. "You sound like me when I was a Marine thou-" Renji was about to add before pausing with a careless"Oh?" raising his hands up into the air since Hiro was now facing the edge of his katana towards Renji's neck.

"Do not dare soil my reputation by comparing myself to you. You may be my captain, Vinsmoke, but do not think for a second that I would be hesitant to cut you down..." Hiro glared intimidatingly into Renji's eyes who simply smirked back casually. "Oh, I'm pretty confident there are rules against striking down your superior shi shi." Renji said with his arms still up. Hiro closed his eyes annoyingly, and sheathed his sword back just as Renji dropped his hands back down, standing up. "But geez man, you got to loosen up." the captain said before walking over towards the middle of the roof with his back facing Hiro. "I know what I use to be...but that's in the past."

Renji crouched down, knocking on the roof a bit before grinning a slightly sinister grin. "Now then. Let's get this job done."

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