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1 The Heavenly Clean up on Sat Jul 22, 2017 6:09 pm



  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Vision Dial
  • Baby DDM

Total Equipment slots used: 6 (dials count for half so they equal 3)

Waking up from his quarters in the Golliwog always felt natural to Ataru. He would never lose the ability to admire his ship, while also thinking about future upgrades, and that was exactly what he was doing when he received a message from his captain.It just told Ataru to travel to the submarine to receive the task at hand. After their talks on the ship Ataru had come to understand that this was primarily a treasure hunting crew, however their were times when they would serve the revolutionaries. Ataru couldn't be sure what kind this would be until he was breifed by Mangetsu. It didn't really matter to Ataru, what kind of task it was as long as the payout wasn't piss poor. Plus if it was one of those tasks for the revolution the bright side would be Ataru learning more information on what exactly happened to Wayland. At least he hoped it would as he started to move towards his captains sub, so they could rendezvous before they headed out. It never ceased to amaze Ataru how much power that his captain wielded they may be treasure hunters but he seemed important in the revolution as well. He would need to find out why Mangetsu was more interested in money than direct aid to the cause, or maybe it was a little bit of both.  

The docks that held both Ataru and Mangetsu's underwater wasn't particularly luxurious. You could see the different kind of sailors from around the seas moving about looking for one more bar to get too before it was their post or time to ship off. The rancid smell of alcohol with the sea water didn't leave the fondest memories, but at least he wasn't in chains. Walking down the dock no one took mind of Ataru he wasn't wearing anything to eccentric and he made it to Mangetsu's submarine in no time. Once he arrived he would knock on the hatch as usual, he was never sure which crew member would open it. Whoever it was they would greet Ataru, and he would return with a token of sincerity, if they wanted to talk he would.

After speaking with whoever opened up the sub Ataru would ask for directions to Mangetsu and follow them. Ataru was pumped to do anything to clear the memories of his last battle. He wasn't exactly proud of almost being bested by an impostor, after being jumped multiple times. Ataru normally didn't care much for revolutionary causes , but this time would be an exception for he needed to prove himself. He wouldn't hold back he would give 100 percent, any enemies they might face on the way better beware. Finally finding Mangetsu in the navigational layer, Ataru would smile and greet him.

"Hey Captain, I heard you had info for us so I came as fast as I could."

WC: 465/400

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2 Re: The Heavenly Clean up on Mon Jul 24, 2017 6:31 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

The Jade Emperor
It had been a few since the Heavenly Emperors had found their way into Baltigo after the whole fiasco in the island of dreams had happened. Their travel to Baltigo was suppose to be a mini vacation for the crew, relaxing and training being the main point before the big things started once again. Mangetsu had wished that he could have had a bit longer to just rest, as he knew the journeys ahead would be nothing but tough and full of trials that would be needed for them all. Sitting in a bar earlier that day by himself and drinking most of his day away, a mysterious male with his face covered approached Mangetsu and gave him a sound dial along with a folder. Managing to slip it to Mangetsu without others taking notice of what was going on between the two but as the mysterious man walked away, his face looked grave then anything he had ever seen before. Even without listening to the dial or reading the papers given to him, he already knew that it was information from the army. The revolutionary then knew that it was no longer a vacation and that it was time for them to move out once more. However the grave look from the messenger bothered him slightly, what did the revolution what Mangetsu and his crew to do? He would only know once he left and made it back to his ship to read and hear the things provided to him.

Following the exit of the messenger, Mangetsu secured all of the things that he needed and left the bar in a calm manner. What could be his mission now? Was it more information on the poneglyphs? Did another member need help with something? It was unusual for Mangetsu to ask so many questions but something bugged him about this. The bar wasn't too far from his submarine and he managed to reach it within fifteen minutes, being greeted at the door by the ever so shy Fujitora. "It seems the army has provided us with a mission Mangetsu would say once Fujitora would close the hatch behind them, letting him catch a glimpse of the folder and sound dial that was secured onto him. "Call Carla, Enryu, and Ataru to the Navigator's room. I'll be waiting He would saw to Fujitora who nodded and ran off somewhere in the sub to find Enryu and Carla while calling Ataru. He made his way to the navigators room where their stood a 15 feet round table with several chairs. Mangetsu sat at the head of the table, first making sure that the door was closed before placing the sound dial near his ear. Their was a deep voice he recognized as one of the many revolutionaries in Baltigo that he had not managed to work with as of yet but he was a reliable source.

"Marines are looking into what happened to Wayland and Jane in the great battles that took place two years ago thanks to the influx in power the marines have gained. The sound dial went silent for a second and Mangetsu thought it was at the end of what he needed to say but he was very wrong, it was something he could have never imagined. "They have sent chiper pol agents near you in Baltigo, I have no clue wether or not they will find out about us revolutionary stationed here thanks to a general being involved with the defeat of a shichibukai that ruled Baltigo but we need you and your crew to take care of them before anything happens. The folder is full of locations that the chiper pol could be at Mangetsu took a quick peep at the folder that lay in front of him before tuning back into the words of the information. "Please take care of them as swiftly as possible Angel of the Revolution, we know you can do it the dial finally went silent and Mangetsu crushed it with his gravity powers so that it would never fall into the wrong hands. "Cipher pol, are we really ready for that? Mangetsu said to himself before realizing that the army had given them this mission for a reason and that they would complete it, they just had to believe in themselves.

Just as he finished listening to the message, Ataru had walked in followed by Carlaa, saying that he had heard Mangetsu had information for them so he came rushing. "Yes it is very important, sit down please Mangetsu would say as Fujitora made his way in right behind them, leaving Mangetsu to wonder where his vice captain could be. Once everyone was seated he would begin to speak to his crew on what was happening. "I've been informed that Marines have flooded Baltigo, looking deeper into the two major loses they had here two years ago again Cyrus Kincaid and Bazel Wiggins Mangetsu would make his way out of his seat, grabbing the folder with the location of the cipher agents. "Now you may ask what that has to do with us, well among those marines who came here it seems that the higher ups have Cipher Pol dispatched as well He would pause once he saw the pure shock on their face, he knew they too wondered what he wondered as well. [color:75c7=ff66ff]"I have the location for them and our job is too make sure they disappear, for good Mangetsu would throw the folder in the middle of the table so that everyone could see it. The revolutionary captain had no idea what his crew was currently thinking or going to say but if he knew them, they would take the challenge along side him.

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3 Re: The Heavenly Clean up on Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:24 pm

Ataru mind was a little in the clouds as he sat down to listen to the briefing with the rest of the crew. He never particularly liked hearing revolutionary briefs, it was definitely one of the cons he had listed when he quit. He just found it so hard to listen to people when they were reading some other revolutionaries instruction because you could tell they didn't fully understand the situation. Glancing around Ataru could see that Enryu was missing from this meeting, an odd thing but not entirely out of the ordinary. Ataru hoped that they'd be going against a marine detachment or kidnapping a noble. Sadly, the situation seemed to be more complicated as Mangetsu started to speak. Ataru attention was gone as he was staring out into space but luckily Mangetsu kept it short, an uncommon trait among leaders. As he finished up the summary Ataru knew he had missed something important the rest of the crew looked shocked at his news. Knowing this Ataru assumed that Mangetsu would be wondering why he didn't seem as surprised as everyone else. Fuck I'll have to pretend like I know what they're talking about. I know I'll just volunteer with bravado that always impresses leaders.

Standing up with a serious face, Ataru looks at Mangetsu and speaks "Captain, honestly just you and I can take out such an enemy. It's time we started to blaze our crew into the world let them know that the Emperors are here to stay..." That was when he heard Fujitora whisper that cipher pol is no joke. "Also with just two of us, we can keep their unit looking for us with coordinated hit and run tactics. I don't think the rest of the crew could keep up with our speed." Ataru was already feeling the pressure of his words wrap around and constrict him with anxiety. Cipher Pol wasn't a group he had ever wanted to make an enemy of even when he was in the revolution. Hopefully the rumors of some of their strength was exaggerated or else Ataru was just making his hole deeper. Either way the final decision was completely on Mangetsu as he was the Captain.

After giving his two cents Ataru would sit back down and wait for Mangetsu's response. After that Ataru would follow Mangetsu, this was a matter of secrecy and urgency. This was a completely different scenario from their last task, Cipher Pol wouldn't hesitate to use lethal force at a moments notice. That meant that Ataru wouldn't be using the flat of his blade, while every strike wouldn't be a killing blow Ataru wouldn't hold back an inch. Knowing all this Ataru still didn't feel confident about the situation. Even if they won the news would spread, unless he had misjudged Mangetsu and they were going to leave no witnesses. He couldn't make a suggestion like that during a crew meeting that would have to be something he talked to the Captain about in private.

Ataru would walk behind the captain on his left if they left the boat he'd keep a close distance as they moved. While moving around the city Ataru would stay on alarm, his paranoia in the city increased by his experiences.


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