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15 Re: Gaining Traction [Haki Training] on Sun Jul 30, 2017 7:51 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents




The extra speed from his hasshoken technique would allow him to avoid the initial shot from Tenzen as he lunges towards the clone and attacks. The clone attempts to grab Baron's foot but fails, allowing the attack to land. When Baron's kick lands on the head of the Doppler clone it should have been cut straight down the middle. Rather than being destroyed, the clone survives the attack and reached towards Baron to pierce him through the stomach. Baron would be able to basically shrug of the attack due to his very high durability. While the clone was still grabbing him, Baron would vibrate his fist with hasshoken and punch the clone in the cheek, blasting it away from Baron. As soon as the clone was far enough away Baron would lung forward before the clone could turn back to him delivering a second blow causing the clone to be destroyed. When Baron saw his opponent become a ball of strings he went immediately on alert. If this was a clone the real opponent must be nearby.

Baron knew the opponent had to be nearby so he decided to try and bring him out. Baron yelled out as he caused an earthquake around the forest, his attack caused huge tremors that actually shook up everything within 165 meters. Anyone or anything within 65 meters of Baron would feel vibrations of a t4 skill and the damage equal to a t2 skill was felt for 100 meters after that. If wasn't possible for Tenzen to be outside of Baron's range, so it was all a matter of getting as away from Baron as possible. If Baron is able to get his attack off uninterrupted he would walk away into the forest, getting far away before he attempted to leave. After the clone attacked him and interrupted his training, he was more interested in simply leaving to learn more about haki than searching for Tenzen and fighting him. Baron definitely wanted to meet Tenzen in battle again, based on his clone he would be a formidable opponent. But this was not the time for that, and when that time came their battle would be epic.

Skills Used:

Skill Name:Hasshoken Punch
Tier: 1
Type: Normal
Range: Contact
Speed: 1
Description: Baron uses hasshoken to vibrate his fist and then punches his opponent. {Used Twice}

Skill Name: Tremor
Tier: 4
Range:65m+100m of collateral
Speed: 2
Description: A small earthquake happens wrecking everything within its range. Equivalent to a 6 on the magnitude scale. It can destroy buildings and cause anything on the ground to be tossed around. Earthquake also causes the ground beneath to shake, damaging anything underground. Collateral damage as strong as a t2 skill.

Man I just wana get out of here and start to use my haki


[20:00:50] Hiroko Young : i feel like they are retard
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16 Re: Gaining Traction [Haki Training] on Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:46 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC
Edit marker caused you goofed

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17 Re: Gaining Traction [Haki Training] on Mon Jul 31, 2017 2:12 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC

Parasite hit claimed since it was basically ignored, and you'd probably not be able to see/react to it anyway.

Also you would not know what you are fighting is a clone at all. Even if you struck it and strings would be revealed how would you know that he is a clone rather than just a regular guy with a devil fruit that allowed him to reform using strings after taking damage. Tier 1 attacks do nothing at all, well yours doesn't, to the clone. BUT i'll let you push me back, but not as much as you want.

Also if I am thinking correctly. Your Durability is t6 so that'd equal treasure tree adam. I lightly damage that in my MDC, so this would be a moderate wound. So I'd cut into you and with my strentgh be able to hold you up. So I don't know if that makes your skill use(Tremor) void or not. Cause I don't know if you need to be in contact with the ground or not. Even if it didn't I won't be affected in anyway, Clone or original, due to me being off of the ground.

We can also take this(my next post and those prior) to dispute if you want. I'm just going to post though, so you can't pull a 48hr, under the assumption my hits connected and my clone didn't get send flying(which it wouldn't).

Tenzen could just fill the connection from him and his Parasite, and he was excited. He wanted to try it out so bad, but wouldn't. He didn't need it at this moment at all, and would save it for later. In case he would face off against this guy, Baron, another time. Which he doubt as anyone after facing Tenzen would rather avoid it. Reason up to their fear of being killed or bested once again. Tenzen would lower himself to twenty meters, 'Play with him and protect me if I am in need' Tenzen would mentally say before going back up, but this time not stopping. Putting the pedal to the metal, pulling his strings till he would reach his limit. His command was given at the time another, failed, attack from the Baron would ensue. Tenzen would only release his haki once he had gotten to half his max height in the sky. And if anything dangerous came his way his course of action would change, if needed. It was created like a flat sheet, but barbed on every inch of it.

The Clone would feel the punch, but not be fazed by it. Different tactics would need to be taken; or the spiral of death would soon follow. The grab was purposely failed attempt by the Clone so that it's sword attack would be able to be pulled off smoother; though such action was wasted on something like this. And will be used on someone more skilled. As such small maneuvers didn't need to be used on someone of this skill level, and should think about taking the easy road instead of the hard one.

The Clone, once his blade, had puncture just a little bit would change entirely. This being the part that was underneath he skin and on the muscle tissue, but the rest would still seem like a regular katana The Tip not being forced deeper, as that'd be a wasted effort. Rather it would spread out, under the skin of Baron. And as it went flat it would be barbered, and would tear at his skin as it spread. If he couldn't be killed, he'd leave his mark. This happened right on entry of the blade, and would complete right when the Clone was struck. Unless the Baron would change his actions. Flying back the Clone went but no damage was taken on it's part, it just wanted to go back on it's own. Allowing itself to seem as if it was really being fazed by the attacks of Baron, which it wasn't. But that was part of the game. The skin of the entire belly area was the target, well first one. And from it' being sent flying, if this happened, the damage would increase and would remove all flesh from that area instead of just cutting it. If though it's attack would be avoid, in any way, before the punch the Clone would back up. Gliding backwards two feet. If the tremor went off the Clone wouldn't be affected it, as even when punched it didn't allow it's self to hit the ground. It would take a mental note, that later would be passed to the Original, on the abilities the Baron possessed. The Clone hoped it's attacks would go through, but nothing was ever set in stone. He, well Tenzen, knew this from many fights he has had in the past.

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18 Re: Gaining Traction [Haki Training] on Fri Aug 04, 2017 5:05 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC


I'm not going to RP on this further, unless I need to, but do I get PvP rewards? Since he scrapped in the middle of the fight to get away from the L.

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