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1 Learning To Stand Tall[Training] on Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:32 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents




Baron and Lance stood in a rocky area completely devoid of life. The type of training they were amount to do would be extremely destructive and anyone nearby would be in danger of dying an extremely painful death. OK Baron the point of Hasshoken is causing destruction without using your own physical strength, but it is still recommended that you dont use the technique unless you're really strong. Baron looked down at the extremely small Lance with confusion as to how he could be very strong. Lance got a giant tick mark on his forehead before he jumped up and hammered Baron on the top of his head. I SAID IT WAS RECOMMENDED NOT MANDATORY YOU IDIOT!! Baron could see that Lance was becoming upset and because he needed him to teach him hasshoken he had to apologize I'm sorry Lance, just finish what you were saying. Lance calmed down and went back to his explanation, Like I was saying, hasshoken allows you to destroy things your regular strength wouldn't allow you to. Baron understood that, it was the whole reason he wanted to learn the techniques. Okay, the first thing i want you to do is try and destroy this rock with one punch. When Lance was a child his mother had him punch boulders to train his hasshoken, it took him months to even crack one of them, and it was a year before he could actually destroy a rock in one strike. Okay here we go. Baron took off his cloak and let it blow away in the wind, he would have Erin grab it for him later but right now it would only get in the way. 'This should take him a little while which i can use to get some alone time with Erin shishishishishi' Lance's perverted inner thoughts were interrupted by a large crash. He turned around to see Baron standing over a large crater where the huge boulder once was. Did I do that right Lance? Lance felt like an idiot after realizing his severe miscalculation. Baron was 1000x stronger than he was in his youth, and was stronger than him even now. Yes Baron, that was exactly what you were supposed to do. Lance didn't want Baron to know about his severe blunder so he just struggled to come up with something that Baron could actually use to learn hasshoken. When Lance was a young boy learning hasshoken from his mother he struggled for a very long time to smash boulders using his minuscule physical strength. After months of striking these huge boulders and breaking his hands multiple times he finally manages to create a crack in one of them. The strange part though, was the facts that this crack appeared in the boulder before he ever touched it. It was after he remembered this that Lance figured out how Baron was going to learn hasshoken.

Okay Baron, the next thing I want you to do is destroy this rock. Baron was confused because Lance was now pointing to a rock that was much smaller than the boulder Baron already destroyed. Ok then Lance. Baron shrugged and then went over to the rock and cocked back his fist. -without touching it. Baron gets extremely confused after Lance finishes his assignment and looks at him with his head tilted to the side. And how the hell am i supposed to do that? Baron starts to think that Lance has possibly begun to lose his mind. When you're using hasshoken you have to make use of your vibration more than your fist. So doing this will allow you to activate these vibrations. It makes sense in Lance's head and he just hopes it will makes sense to Baron or he's screwed. That makes sense Lance. Lance  breathed out a sigh of relief because if Baron didn't like the idea there would be a huge problem.

Baron went over to the rock and swung towards it, stopping his fist just short of completely obliterating the rock. The rock showed literally no signs of damage because it was untouched.  Baron tensed his muscles and went to strike it a second time, again stopping himself just short of destroying it. And once again there was no damage. Baron was already beginning to get frustrated and could tell that this was going to be extremely irritating.

Two Weeks Later
After two weeks of trying without any results Baron was nearly at his limit. After the first day, Baron has smashed the small rock with his bare fist out of anger. He had moved on to multiple rocks and even some trees, destroying them all in anger. He was in the middle of working on the last tree in the small area, knowing that if he failed here he would have to move on to a different area. Get away from me you creep! Upon hearing Erin yelling in the distance Baron smashed his fists directly through the tree. Baron turned around and saw Lance and Erin walking into the barren area, Lance with a small nosebleed and Eric blushing heavily. What happened Erin?This old pervert has been unbearable these last two weeks. Baron's face contorted into one of complete rage as he realized that Lance had him doing this bullshit "training" for no purpose other than getting him out of the way to he could harass their lone female companion. You bald bastard! Baron shouted as he went to strike down Lance. Lance grew enraged at being called bald and he jumped up to meet Baron's fist with his own, vibrating with the power of hasshoken. Lance was fully prepared to launch Baron back but was surprised when Baron's own fist began vibrating, and was even more surprised when Baron's fist completely bypassed his own, before striking him in the chest sending him flying back. Hmmm, I guess the old perv actually did know what he was talking about.

Hasshoken Unlcoked:
Wc: 1013/1000


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