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26 Re: The New guy [ARC] on Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:07 am

The beast never heard Dojima's approach. In fact it didn't feel him grab onto its back. It was too busy trying to fight the ensigns. Its paws swiping at the marines causing them to scatter and attempt to dodge the paws. Which made their attacks less effective causing them to struggle with the beast. With the knife in his mouth he would grasp onto the beast's back as hard as he possible could. His fingers curled around the hairs of the beast. Trying his hardest not to let go. The beast wasn't making it easy for him.

The beast bucked back and forth, constantly moving as he flailed trying to defeat whomever it felt was the enemy. Bullets whizzed passed its face causing it to move even more erratically. Dojima taking a deep breath, began to climb the back of the beast. He pulled himself up, moving further and further up on the back of the beast. That was until he got to the head. Once he would get to the head, he spat out the knife into his hands and held it into the air. Peering down on the blind beast Dojima whispered an apology. The knife flew down.

The beast screamed and threw Dojima off. Smashing into a wall, Dojima began to feel himself lose consciousness. The last thing he saw, was the sight of the beast smashing itself against the walls screaming. Dojima couldn't help but show a wiry smile at the sight of his knife in the beast's eye.

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27 Re: The New guy [ARC] on Tue Jul 18, 2017 3:20 am

By the time Dojima woke up, he was face to face with a carcass. Dojima jolted up as he saw his fellow ensigns standing over him. A soreness began to emanate from his leg and shoulder causing him to suck at his teeth.

"I see ya'll killed the abomination... what's it like out there... i hear there was a jailbreak?"

"No... it simply succumbed to its wounds... So care to explain how you got here? Also what was that?"

"I asked first."

"Fine, most of the higher ranked marines are subduing the pirates. Commander Slime has been deemed missing... possibly dead. Things aren't looking good... Now how did you get here?"

"No way, that be to fortunate. Slime put me here. Long story, but I'm not sure what those are. I think Slime had something to do with them... Said something about scrapping the entire island. He might have planned to set these things on the loose."

"Okay. Well then it looks like you're going to have a fun report to write. I hope that arm isn't your dominant one."

Dojima looked to his shoulder. He wanted to shrug but it would have been to painful for him to even attempt. So instead he got back to his feet and pointed towards the door.

"So where are we heading next?"

"Well after meeting up with you we are to head to the docks, we can't take you to the infirmary. The pirates have taken control of that area. So instead we will try to get you to the dock so they can get you to some help and get you to help recapture Base 45 as soon as possible."

Dojima simply nodded. He couldn't think of a better plan. Get him to a safe place so he could rest and recover seemed like the best plan he heard all day. With that thought in mind he would follow the men out of the room towards the docks.

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28 Re: The New guy [ARC] on Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:31 pm

Task Name: Oh yeah there was a jailbreak
Tier: 1
Location: Base 45
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After arriving away from the creature, Dojima finds that he isn't quite safe... not yet
Enemy Details: 5 Tier 0 Pirates and 3 tier 1 pirates
Boss: No

The sound of explosions and gunshot littered the marine base. As Dojima walked with his escort he noticed the bodies of both marines and pirates all over the grounds. How could Slime do this? Why did he do this? Dojima held his arm as he and the other marines walked. They kept walking until one of the ensigns stopped and began stuttering, "PIRATES!!"

The ensigns raised their guns. It looked like they were ready to fight. Though from Dojima's perspective they were literally shaking in their boots. They began muttering the phrase "what do we do?" He wondered how these had the courage to face the mutated animals but seemed to flinch at the sight of pirates. Maybe it was because the common idea was that pirates were a marine's mortal enemy? Maybe it was because they weren't beast but human? No matter what was the reason, Dojima could tell that if they didn't shape up they would all get slaughtered. There were eight pirates coming towards them and six of them. So for the most part they were out numbered. With a straight back and a clear voice Dojima began to call out to his ensigns.

"Everyone backs to each other. Front 3 prepare your rifles to fire!"

At first the ensigns just simply looked at him in confusion. One even asked, "Who died and made you leader." Dojima didn't respond to that. At least not verbally. His arm shot out grabbed the marine by the collar and with his injured arm he smashed his fist into the marine's stomach. The marine doubled over and Dojima looked at the rest of the ensigns.

"Do it."

The ensigns began to follow Dojima's instructions they formed a circle with Dojima in the middle. The three ensigns prepared their rifle and took aim at the pirates whom had now spotted the marines and began running towards them. Dojima warned the three to hold their fire for the moment. He wanted to be sure that his squad would land a shot. Missing was not an option for these newbie arms men. As the enemy approached Dojima would signal to his men to begin letting loose.

Bullets flew as the first 3 fired their rifle. Each one felling an enemy. A smile formed on Dojima's lips as he now was capable of putting his plan into motion.


The enclosement would rotate putting a new 2 people up front while the other 3 would reload their rifles. The two would then fire taking out 2 more pirates. At this point the pirates were almost upon them. The fight looked to be 3 vs 6 in Dojima's favor. Raising his knife, he cried out to his men.


The trio of pirates collided with the squad. Dojima had ordered that the ensigns focus on one pirate as Dojima would take on the other two. Even in his wounded state he wasn't concerned that he would be put down by any pirate on this island. The two armed pirates simply smiled and bared their knives seeing as they got to 2v1 a marine. Dojima didn't care though. If these pirates were anything like the ones he took on earlier in the night. They were gonna be no issue. Either way he was still gonna have to deal with the knives in their hands. He already took enough damage fighting the wolves, he was not gonna be sashimi by the end of the night. Fortunately for him they came one at a time. The first one ran at him, with what looked to be an attempt to stab at Dojima's body. Dojima simply side stepped the assault. Spun around and landed a elbow strike to the back of the man's head causing him to fall down. With that Dojima planned to bring his knife down to end the man's life. Instead the other pirate rushed at dojima interrupting his coup de gras.

Being knocked away Dojima took a glance at his comrades. It looks like they had completed their duty and were now looking to see if Dojima needed any help. Dojima at first was going to ignore them and continue his struggle against the pirates. Instead he would scream out, "Help." The men hearing Dojima's call would begin to rush out to help their fellow ensign. The pirates never stood a chance. The bayonet's stabbed deep into the pirate's bodies. Dojima could see the life drain from their body. Once they stopped moving the ensigns quickly gathered their stuff and continued to the encampment. Not saying a single word on the way to safety.

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29 Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:37 pm

Task Name: Fuck you #45
Tier: 1
Location: Base 45
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: After the events that occured its been a few months since then. Dojima is offered to stay at Base #45
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

Once they arrived at the camp, Dojima couldn't wait to find himself a seat. In fact he was so impatient that he took a seat on the ground near the enterance. The ensigns at first looked at him surprise but instead of questioning him, they simply dragged him into a tent. Inside the tent Dojima noticed a pair of familiar marines. Staring directly at him, the two looked at each other. One of them began to open their mouth to say something but Dojima quickly cut him off.

"Save it. If you're the ones who sent the help, thanks. So how soon till we start looking to take it back?"

The second one was next one to speak. Shockingly enough Dojima hadn't expected him to speak.

"You won't, you ensigns are going to go on the next ship out of here. You're to wet behind the ears to be dealing with pirates. Also we didn't authorize for them to go save you. They did that on their own, thank god you didn't run into any trouble.... you didn't run into and trouble right?"

Dojima remained silent, but one of the ensigns began to blurt out the entirety of the situation. Going as far to even point out Dojima's actions explicitly. Dojima didn't respond. He couldn't, he was way to tired to do anything of the sort. In fact he wanted to sleep if more than anything. The two marines, stared in shock as the ensign told his story. One of the marines turned to Dojima and sighed.

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30 Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:45 pm

He must've noticed Dojima was about to nod off when he spoke.

"You're a troublesome one you know that? Well I guess that is what makes good marines. Men! Get him to the infirmary tent. We'll have him out of here before he wakes up."

Dojima didn't remember much after that. He felt his body become light as a feather. Almost as if he was lifted from the ground and into the clouds. From there he remembered a bright light. People always say never to approach the bright light. To run away from it, keep oneself out of it less one wants to enter the other world. Dojima however didn't even have the inclination to walk towards it. Instead he sat there watching it glow. In his mind he wondered about his entire experience at base 45. Did he really want to be a marine after all this? The Commander had released a group of beast on the island and attempted to kill him, for what? To hide some research? Dojima wondered what the research could be used for. He didn't think much about the abhorrent at this moment, and in time his mind would begin to rest as he felt the sweet embrace of sleep take him.

When he awoke, he nearly headbutted another ensign. Mostly due to the fact that they had been standing over him. Dojima looked up at them and asked,

"Were you watching me sleep."

"No time, your ship his here." a feminine voice replied.

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31 Re: The New guy [ARC] on Thu Jul 20, 2017 8:56 pm

Dojima opened his mouth, but didn't have time to get any questions out. Before he knew it, he was pulled by some strong individual and taken to a ship. Once he was freed of the strong grasp, Dojima felt a stinging pain in his shoulder. He looked over. His shoulder was completely bandaged, Dojima reasoned that he had been receiving medical treatment while he was unconscious. He tried to stand, but found it difficult until he grasped the railing. By the time he was up and about he noticed that Base 45 was in the distance. It seemed that his time there had been put to a pause.

Dojima looked at the island and scowled. He didn't have too many good memories there, and why should he? He had been beaten, abused, and almost killed. Not only that he had almost became animal chow to a beast that was not of nature. Though Dojima didn't hate the base itself, instead he was more curious than anything. Why were they doing that sort of research? What was it supposed to accomplish? Why did he need to die for being in the wrong place? Dojima stood and meditated on it for a moment before coming to a conclusion. He wanted answers. There was one man who could give it to him. Slime, had fled during the prison break. Hell, he could still be on the island. Dojima knew that the man was his only lead. Since it was unlikely for him to comeback. Dojima sighed as Base 45 disappeared in the distance.

Im coming for you Slime.

[Exit task]

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