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1 The Kimbery on Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:30 pm

Shiro Akamine

Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

Name: Kimbery
Tier: 5
Capacity Limit: 800
Type: Airship


Kimbery is, at first sight, a marvel of engineering, a very high-tech Airship propelled by positive-energy chemical reaction-powered turbines and arms that hold a neodymium superconductive magnetic circle at each side of the ship as well as above and below, allowing for flawless, uninterrupted flight and perfectly stable levitation respectively, as long as nothing goes awry in the labs where the reactions take place. As Shiro was running on a low budget while planning the airship's design, he had to settle for iron as the main material to be used (With some wood here and there), although he definitely plans to replace this flaw with much more durable materials once he earns his pay.

The ship itself appears to be an ornate, yet robust vessel mainly coated in silver metal and golden ornaments. However, people's eyes tend to be drawn towards the impressive-looking circle of electric and thermal energy connecting the ship's four arms, said energy safely kept in place via an insulating alloy that coats the outer side of the arms, while the inner side is coated with silver for peerless transmission of energy. There are some wooden bits here and there that make the ship look a bit more traditional as per the desires of the crew, but they are mere decorations and are not imperative to the proper functions of the vessel.

The ship counts with large rooms including comfortable barracks, a pristine kitchen, a little pool on the roof, public and private showers, restrooms, bathrooms, a library, a training space, four large laboratories, two of them connected to two of the four arms that keep the ship afloat, and other rooms that generally serve different purposes for the rest of the crewmates. If there's anything they need on the ship that isn't there yet, Shiro tends to oblige by building what they need inside his personal castle and granting them passage, depending on their needs. He might as well deny the request.

The ship has no means of defense so far, but Shiro plans on changing that very soon.

Speed: 30 knots
Hull: Iron
Body: Iron
Artillery Limit: 400
Artillery Slots Owned: -
Artillery: -
Upgradable: No
Den Den Mushi -
Link to Purchase or Creation: Revolutionary General Perk.

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2 Re: The Kimbery on Wed Jul 26, 2017 3:08 pm



The only problem I could see with this is the system you describe powering it. You'd need to invent/register/buy a system of that scientific integrity (fairly certain anyway, you can get another mod's thoughts if you so choose).

For example my airship is powered by 4 of my Fusion Cores which I personally invented. That is why it can be so large but also get up to 30 knots.

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3 Re: The Kimbery on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:16 pm

Shiro Akamine

Revolutionary Leader
Revolutionary Leader

I could certainly try my hand at making these reactors for the ship to be powered efficiently. I figure it falls within the purview of my Chemist occupation, but I'd have to ask what Tier should these reactors be in order to begin their fabrication (or at least the plans for them). I'm really sorry I hadn't answered this until now, I just realized someone had answered (had too many notifications from things like activity checks and this one seems to have been lost between them). But yeah, I'm completely fine with working on the reactors to get the ship moving this fast, it's just gonna take a bit of time for me to finish them.

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