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1 A Baller Broker story in Baltigo on Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:28 pm



  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Vision Dial
  • Baby DDM

Total Equipment slots used: 5 (dials count for half so they equal 3)

It was another typical day in Baltigo, Ataru started his day much of the same with his typical hygiene routine. There was the joy of being on his own ship now that it had arrived with his first companion. He looked over at Rosa who was currently busy staring at Ataru hoping to lure him into some sexual encounter. Even if he found Rosa attractive, which he didn't, sex slaves were who Ataru pitied the most. They often had the largest psychological problems to overcome regardless he turned to her and spoke. "I've got orders to go meet up with a potential broker in Baltigo. Man the mushi I'll maintain contact."Ataru was pretty content with his current system with his slaves, he found the thoughts of rebellion were quieted better this way. Plus the knowledge from being a slave helped quite a lot in making sure none of the same mistakes were repeated. Grabbing all of his gear, he set out for the Coliseum he had his own box seat. Though he honestly rarely ever visited a place of such blood sport, but when meeting with other brokers its important to have an expensive background setting. Ataru never had much worries he had not heard of any sellers on the market for dials, so this was to be more of a cooperative meeting rather than an aggressive.

Walking through the districts of Baltigo it was more peaceful than usual, and by that Ataru meant that he personally didn't get mugged. As a result he was in a pretty auspicious mood, apparent by the smile on his face as he passed by all manners of individuals. Once he arrived at the coliseum one of the guards recognized him smiling and Ataru greeted him warmly. "Hi whatever floor has the special I'd like my room there. Also I have a guest coming another broker, give them directions or escort them." Ataru waved and smiled as he walked through following another guard who had appeared to lead him. Ataru could never be sure what floor he'd be on whenever he entered the Coliseum there were so many he had stopped trying to keep track after his fourth visit. Though Wayland was gone, the Coliseum was to big to fail with or without its original master. Ataru had no guarantee that the other Broker would show up he did send a letter from his network to theirs hopefully they wouldn't see it as some kind of ruse. Patiently Ataru waited there his favorite Rum in a decanter in the right corner table of the room but he had not partaken any yet. He was sitting in the center of the room there were 6 regal brown leather chairs, and a glass window to see the fight that hadn't started yet. The room itself was 30 x 30 ft besides the chairs there were 4 corner tables and a table in front of the 6 regal chairs with enough space in between the chairs and the table to walk. Ataru would stand up whenever the room was entered and walk 5 feet from the door to greet whoever came in saying. "Greetings, I am the Minstrel the party that called you here today."

Receiving a call from the room Ataru answered it. It was time for him to leave the broker must not of trusted him that was ok.

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