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1 Roman [NPC] on Sat Jul 08, 2017 8:44 am



Name: Roman
   Alias/Epithet: Slave bitch, butler, torch
   Race: Winged
   Gender: male
   Age: 18

   Occupation: Blacksmith
   Affiliation: Rev for now
   Use: Non-Combat
   Tier: 3
   Haki: Kenbu
   Haki Perks: sixth sense, aura sight
   Attribute Priority: Strength

   General Appearance:

Also has long, black, crow like wing protruding from his back
   Height: 7'8
   Weight: 300
   Personality: Roman is a completely submissive, broken man who follows Hestia's commands without question. He was once a teenager belonging to a family of blacksmiths on water 7 before Hestia's slave ring abducted him. Due to years of psychological and physical torture by Hestia, Roman has developed essentially super Stockholm syndrome and there is no one he fears or adores more than Hestia. Due to years of torture Roman has become a complete masochist to deal with the pain. He enjoys being punished or humiliated and constantly begs for Hestia's attention. Roman has no pride and will debase himself no matter the location or number of people around if Hestia wishes. He would die for her at this point if she simply asked him to. Despite how he is treated, Roman is one of Hestia's personal slaves and helps manage new slave imports and get them accustomed to their new life. Despite having his personality and mind essentially destroyed, Roman still retains an interest in weaponry and crafting and is often put to work as a blacksmith.  
   Story: Roman was a teenage belonging to a family of winged blacksmiths on water 7. One night he was wandering the streets of water 7 after having a fight with his parents when Hestia's slave ring ambushed him. They had stopped for the night in Water 7 on their way to paradise and had been ordered to abduct any special people they find, such as winged race members with strange black wings. Roman was Hestia's first torture victim and was put through disgusting inhuman torture in order for Hestia to make a good example. His fragile teenage psyche broke after a week and he became submissive bitch he is today.

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2 Re: Roman [NPC] on Sat Jul 08, 2017 11:07 am

that's already a PC Face Claim, so pick a new one

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3 Re: Roman [NPC] on Sat Jul 08, 2017 12:50 pm



fiiiiiiiine den

Hecate Mágissa- The Witch
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4 Re: Roman [NPC] on Mon Jul 10, 2017 1:39 pm

Just a link needed to confirm the purchases please ^.^

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