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1 Thunder God{WIP} on Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:04 pm

Mode Name: Thunder Dragon
Mode Tier: 3
Skill Set Derived From:Electro
*Allow the user to move at speed of lightning {Goro which is tier 6 speed}.

*The user produce an natural field of discharge electricity for 6m like Aura.

Mode Description:In this mode Anubis tap into the abilities of electro. By pumping out large amount of electricity he can create a small field of electricity{6m} that is capable of fully paralyzed his foes for 1 post, and giving his foes 3rd degree burns should they enter into his field. In addition he is grant with the ability to temporarily move at the speed of lightning{6} for as long as this mode is activate. Unfortunately the discharge of electricity isn't able to kill the foes that enter the field but only remotely burn them{3rd degree}, and paralyzed for 2 post for as long as they are in contact with his field. While using this mode Anubis eyes turn bright yellow, and he have purple discharge is surrounding his body.

Drawback: After the use of the mode you will suffer -1 in speed, and aren't able to use electro until the 1,500 WC is done.


Tier: 3 {But really is 4 due to the mode rules}
Type Offensive
Speed: Self
Description: This technique allow the user to demonstrate this mode destructive power by same basic principle as the original iteration, a simple punch, but this time is infused with purple lightning generated from the mode. The lightning generates 4th degree burns on anything unfortunate enough to come in contact with it and paralyzes the targeted area for 3 full posts. The destructive power this

Tier: 3 {But really is 4 due to the mode rules}
Type Offensive
Range: 30m
Speed: Self
Description: -

Tier: 3{But really is 4 due to the mode rules}
Type Defensive
Range: Self/Contact
Speed: Self
Description: -


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