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1 Broker Duties on Wed Jul 05, 2017 4:28 pm

Dial Assembling:

Ataru woke up from the crew quarters extra early this morning. He finished his morning hygiene no problem and spoke to Enryu before leaving telling him that he had some personal business to handle. He planned on doing some upgrades to his sword and gauntlets with his new dials. Ataru had an epiphany while traveling with the Emperors, he realized with enough ingenuity it was possible to attach more than one dial to a weapon. It had long been a theory he was curious about, it seemed the answer laid in more fighting experience. He would have to find a swordsman to spar with so he could find more inspiration but who knew when that could happen. After wandering in his thoughts and the town of Baltigo Ataru found what looked like a quiet enough mom and pop inn. He quickly paid for a room for the day somewhere he could work quietly, no offense to the crew but they could be a distraction.

Ataru started with his blade pulling out from the sheath he traced his finger over the whole blade. Holding it in the air Ataru studied its angles and how his current thunder dial sat on the hilt, he would definitely have enough room. Pulling out his Dial tool-set he started to carefully carve down the heat dial he had purchased while in Baltigo. It was important when carving down the dial that Ataru only took away the excess shell if he made even one mistake the whole dial would become ineffective. One of the reasons, you didn't see multiple dials attached to a device, it was very precise work with very expensive materials. With the shell shedding on the table he was working at Ataru swept it all into his hand and discarded it into a waste bin. Laying his sword on the table Ataru detached his thunder dial on the swords hilt and started to shave it as well. This would take a hour or so of work and when he was done Ataru would wipe the sweat from his head. Taking a small break to appreciate his dials he put one in each hand and felt its lighter weight as well as its reduced size. This time he planned on getting rid of the hilt all together to just replace it with both dials creating a hilt of their own. Ataru started to smooth the dials underside except for the button he had press to activate/absorb material. It was refreshing to work with his dials, it felt like it had been a while since Ataru had a different kind of project. His sales weren't doing the best either, he needed to work on his broker reputation. After all he was the only major dial dealer he heard about in paradise. After smoothing the dials out he finally started to work on creating a hilt, he took the shedding from the second dial Ataru mixed it with his own private recipe to create a dial glue of sorts. He used the paste to bring both the heat dial and thunder dial together. After the paste dried Ataru would start a small fire with his flame dial heating up the two dials and melting the dials together. It was another operation that was risky because the dials had to be fused at the perfect temperature, however after his work Ataru felt pretty confident with his product. Attaching the new dial hilt to his titanium blade, now the hilt design was a seashell design for his finishing touch Ataru pulled out a brand. He needed his name to spread and a brand was something that would help. He laid the sword on his bed out of its sheath he wanted it to breathe for a bit.

Next he pulled out his gauntlets he had also recently purchased. This project was going to be a bit more difficult he wanted to attach the two axe dials he had recently purchased into the inside of his left gauntlet while also attaching his reject dial into his right gauntlet. It would be a long day of work, he knew that going into the inn. His left gauntlet was where he intended to start he was going to place both dials in the palm of the gauntlet conjoining them together in a different way but similar to the method he used on his sword. This time he collected all the shavings from the axe dial to make a paste, it was a little quicker now that his hands had been warmed up. It also helped that the Ataru had big hands so he had room to work with inside the gauntlet. Next he started to measure the dials he had to make a pretty close to perfect hole in the gauntlets palm to fit the dials in, he then would have to modify the trigger to be less sensitive so he wouldn't accidentally activate the dials while being slammed in one direction or another. The trigger mechanism of a dial isn't to hard to modify, though it wasn't something that he did often, Ataru smiled as he put on his jeweler glasses to look closer at the dial. He took his small poker and started to move the internal components around, slowly pressing against the trigger to test the different variations of pressure he could place on it. It had to be something intentional but not something to difficult to use while feeling an adrenaline rush. It was the underlying reason why Ataru was using the palm for the dials, if one used their fingers they would find out that fine motor control was a hard task with adrenaline. That was a lesson he learned from his time in Skypeia, he had decided that once his business was grown enough he would revisit Skypeia. Content with the pressure needed on the first axe dial Ataru put it back together and put it to the side. He had to start the second axe dial now in a symmetrical pattern he repeated his steps. Afterwards he put that axe dial to the side as well and stood up looking out through the window. It was important to take small breaks while working so he wouldn't miss anything obvious in a rushed state. Each dial project was art to Ataru and as such he did not allow mistakes on a finished project. It needed to be something that would show the supreme quality and power of dials. He didn't brand either dial as this time Ataru would brand the gauntlets themselves, it would be the first of many of his patented brand of inventions he planned on releasing later. He would call them Operculum Gauntlets, since they only required air to charge they were pretty versatile. Plus Ataru didn't like the idea of handing over vast elemental power to just anyone. At least not without a custom job and appraisal of the buyer. Then again beli could be a powerful motivator for Ataru, either way he started to cut the hole in the gauntlet. This was the longest part of the process, and Ataru decided to do both gauntlets. While the left gauntlet would have a larger hole since there were two dials to be inserted, Ataru made a smaller hole not in the direct center of the right gauntlet in case he needed room to add another dial later.

After the holes have been added Ataru put both of the axe dials in the left gauntlet. Using his brand Ataru placed it on the inside of the gauntlets, then put on the left gauntlet. Sheathing his sword and reattaching it to his outfit Ataru walked down stairs out of the inn. It was time for a practical application of his two newest inventions, he could of finished his last gauntlet as well but Ataru wanted a break. He pointed his left hand into the sky, observing that there were nothing in line of fire. Activating the dial felt perfect, just the right amount of pressure needed, the compressed x of air shot out at incredible speed. Ataru jumped in excitement, then pulled out his sword and activated the heat dial. His blade started to glow with the fiery intensity and he sliced a rock with it. Turning of the heat on his blade he let it cool before sheathing it. He walked back into the inn very impressed with his own work. It was when he arrived back in the room that he noticed that the second axe dial in the glove had been moved a tiny bit by the activation of the other. Ataru sighed at that and laid it back on the table pulling out his glasses examining the inside. He knew it wasn't the hole so he wondered what caused the problem. It wasn't hard for him to find that he hadn't put the pressures of activation on both dials equally. He equalized them out as close as he could possibly do with his knowledge and experience.

Sighing Ataru looked at his last dial he had to work with his reject dial, so far his hopes had been maintained. He's never had to use the reject dial it was his last resort, since it would also damage him as much as the target, he hadn't told anyone about his owning of one yet. When the earthquake happened in the island of dreams he had almost considered using it there. It was destruction incarnate on a persons body, it was one of the dials he would probably never sell or attach to another persons gear. This time when he was shaving down the dial he was slower more methodical. As a result it took twice the amount of time but he was sure that he hadn't effected the dial in any way during the process. He took out his glasses as he looked at the inside, he would make the trigger activation a similar pressure as the axe dials, from now on he would use this same pressure setting on any of his gauntlets he was creating. The difference in mechanisms between a reject and axe dial were stark. The reject dial was definitely one of the more complicated dials, it was through the insides of a reject dial that Ataru had formulated ideas for other dials. Yet custom dials were for another day, much further in the future he had to focus on the task at hand. In his daze of an idea Ataru had messed up changing the pressure, when he refocused he saw it and felt shame. No more distractions its time to finish this! Ataru reassembled the inside of the dial the way the matter holding and reconstruction still confused him. Placing the dial in the hole of the gauntlet Ataru felt a little tinge of relief. So far nothing had blown up in his face, he picked up the right gauntlet and examined it slowly. It didn't seem to have anything that looked like it could cause a malfunction. Ataru wasn't sure how he would test run the reject dial, he didn't feel comfortable not testing it, he considered having someone weak throw the punch. Even then though he wouldn't have another body to test it on, there had to be something he could use. He thought of at his old Master's base how they had gel like human models to test some of the devil fruits and weapons he acquired. Now that he thought about it he hadn't been back there in a while, there were probably other things he needed to cement his place as the Ministrel. Gathering up all of his new gear Ataru started to walk back to his crew's ship he would need a couple more items before he pressed towards the old base. This would also serve to be the best time to have a practical application of his reject dial. Smiling Ataru paid the inn lady and walked towards the boat oblivious to the adventure he was about to be drawn into.




  • Gauntlets( 2 Axe dials, 1 Reject Dial)
  • Noah(Thunder Dial, Heat Dial)
  • Vision Dial

Total Equipment slots used: 5 (dials count for half so they equal 3)

After gearing up on the ship he would tell Enryu he had one more thing to do today, at this point it was around 4 pm, as Ataru had spent the entire day working on his inventions. Walking out onto the streets of Baltigo Ataru saw the huge city in a different light as an armed free man. No longer did the streets wind into depressing pathways back to his old master's mansion. He could get to the manor from practically anywhere in the city, he had done it for so long the muscle memory came back in an instant. Traveling through one of the cities many slums Ataru smelled the rot and paid little attention to the transients and others moving their way sluggishly through the quarter. Unbeknownst to Ataru it was here that he first started being followed by Jaize's gang there were 10 T2  and 5 T3 gang members trailing him. Sadly for Ataru he was to busy in his nostalgic world to even notice, and he continued to travel it wasn't until he was near the end of the slums that they would initiate their ambush against him.

A sword came straight at Ataru's shoulder it didn't have enough power to cut through his tough skin. It was then that Ataru realized rather late that he was surrounded. He laughed as he turned around and pointed his left gauntlet at the man who had initiated the ambush. The x air blade cut through 5 of the T2 gang members and he quickly fired the second shot off in the opposite direction taking out another 5. It was when he observed the after action that he felt a little shock as they were dead, body parts cut littered the streets. I will have to be very careful with how I use these it cut through them so easily. The other 5 gang members started to encircle around Ataru making sure none of them were lined in a way that he could take out two with one shot. Pulling out his Noah Ataru was ready to fight, 3 of the men had swords with the last two using pikes, they were closing in the circle while swinging in front of themselves as protection. Ataru went for the pike wielding member, he swung his sword underneath the pike while running towards the wielder. Making it there he sliced both of the mans ankles and kicked him to the ground. He continued to battle dodging a slice from the left while blocking a sword slice to the right, Ataru slammed his left gauntlet into the man's stomach. He heard the air escape him as he fell to the ground Ataru was already on the move again he needed breathing room so he moved backwards 15 meters before reassessing the battle space. The men were moving towards Ataru there were only 3 left, the man with the pike was in the back to try and offer the two swordsman protection. Ataru decided to just slide in and try to cut both swordsmen legs and hopefully dodge the pike. The first part worked as both swordsman went down screaming, the pike part didn't go as well as the pike-man managed to strike Ataru in the chest with his haft. It didn't hurt to badly as Ataru dodged the next strike of the haft while the pike-man backed up to stab downward with his pike. He blocked the strike with his blade this time while running the pike-man into a wall with his momentum and strength. As his back hit the wall Ataru would drop his stance and run forward to punch him in with his left gauntlet. While his right hand hit the man with the flat of his blade to knock him out. Looking around at the aftermath Ataru wasn't to pleased with the deaths, but then again they had tried to kill him first. Man the city must be poorer than I remember for so many to gang up on one man.

Not giving the incident much thought since it allowed him to test his new gauntlets  Ataru kept on the path towards his old master's place. On the way he was wiping the sweat from his face his sword was still drawn, he didn't want to be caught by surprise again. This drew a couple of weird looks from the people he passed by while he moved through the streets, sometimes Ataru wished Baltigo wasn't such a big city. He felt like every corner was another ambush waiting to be sprung on him, he could try to relax but being ambushed has a way of changing your perception afterwards. He finally reached his goal after a couple more minutes of high caution walking. There were two separate occasions where Ataru was sure that he was walking into a trap. Both times he proved to be just too jumpy for his own good so he was a little more relaxed as he entered the run down base. The entrance he normally entered had been destroyed by rubble. It was then that Ataru spotted a couple men hanging outside about 100 meters away from him. They hadn't noticed Ataru yet they seemed to be deep in some kind of serious conversation. He said serious because they were being particularly loud, Ataru would line up a good angle to fire off his axe dial and not murder the targets this time. The air x blades cut through the air and the silence as the men who were cut down started to scream, Ataru ran forward closing the distance in seconds. He sliced one of the two men still standing elbow and his sword fell as he screamed while the other pulled out his sword and squared off against Ataru.

Ataru was curious to see how strong the swordsman was so instead of rushing forward to attack him he let the swordsman exchange slashes between each other. His swordplay wasn't terrible he was a little outmatched by Ataru but under the right circumstances Ataru could lose against an opponent like this. He used his slicer skill to catch the swordsman across his shoulders and he fell down in shock from the blood loss and the fire. Sheathing his blade Ataru started to count the men who were lying on the ground most were still screaming some had passed out . Either way Ataru would walk out to the street looking for the nearest person, it happened to be a younger child which would certainly do. He spoke gently to the child being careful not to scare the child."Hello child, I need you to go to the nearest marine, or nearest Marine base and tell them their are a bunch of criminals in this abandoned place over here."

It was during the battle that Ataru realized that the men who he fought earlier were connected to these men they worse the same weapons, this couldn't all be a coincidence there was too much. The thought of people hunting him, even worse the thought of people hunting him through his master base, they could even know about his history. He would have to kill everyone inside anyone who had a glimpse of the important documents. Surely the foot guards would have none of this knowledge but the leaders would.

(Continued in next post)

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2 Re: Broker Duties on Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:26 pm

Ataru walked back towards the base, he would walk over the bodies including the ones still screaming walking through the makeshift entrance they created. Once inside Ataru knew that he was entering a trap for one the lights were all off. His senses were great enough to know where the men were but he definitely heard someone else in the dark with him. Ataru tried to use his other senses smelling nothing but decay and stale air, his sense of taste wouldn't be much help in the situation. He pointed his sword straight in front of him and swept in an arc hoping to catch something. When this returned no result either Ataru decided to take a step, where he immediately fell into a pit trap. As he fell he could only think to himself how he needed something to help him with his vision. Maybe some custom goggles he wasn't sure yet. In any case his body hit the ground with a hard crash, he felt a little bruised but none to worse for wear. He was in some kind of foul smelling water as well it drenched his clothes and permeated.

His sword was still in his right hand and good thing for he was once again surrounded. I'm never going out by myself again this is so tiring who surrounds someone so many times anyways! There were 8 swordsmen surrounded Ataru if he took these men out that would total up to 40 bodies today. They weren't as incompetent as the last couple groups they were maintaining a distance so if Ataru tried to go in at any of the targets they could all slash at him. He had another idea however, he launched himself into the air and pointed the sword down releasing an arc from his thunder dial. It coursed through the water the men didn't even have time to scream as the shocks had their bodies convulsing before they hit the ground. Ataru landed back in the water he could see some stairs that lead back into the main floor of the base. Traversing them in rather a hurry he made it back to the main floor. Listening to the surroundings he didn't hear anything. At least not at first but then he heard someone speaking in a rather loud voice.

"Did you take care of the intruder I have business to attend to we can only run this scam so long. Eventually the real Minstrel will come looking for who's been doing business in his name. We don't want to be anywhere near here when he realizes it.That is why I Jaize am the greatest criminal alive." Ataru followed the voice as it spoke most of the hallways and doors were destroyed they had only carved out a pretty small area for a base. After turning down a couple hallways Ataru found himself in an cleared out room. It seemed to be an office of sorts and he could see where the man in front of him kept most of his belongings. It wouldn't take long for him to realize Ataru was in the same room as him. He jumped then spoke his voice was even more cocky up close. "Who are you and what are you doing in my base" He flicked his blond hair back with one of his fingers, then he charged straight at Ataru.

Ataru was a little caught of guard and barely put his gauntlets up to block the kick the power of the blow forced Ataru to activate his Reject dial. Absorbing the kinetic energy of the blow, Ataru jumped to the left 10 meters away from Jaize. Well at least he's a martial artist, I'll be able to just slice him to ribbons. Ataru drew his blade and assumed a more defensive stance he wasn't quite sure how fast Jaize would be. He didn't seem faster than Ataru from his first strike but, Ataru didn't want to underestimate his opponent again. Jaize saw Ataru's defensive posture and must of mistook it for fear. His next attack was rushed and more sloppy than the first like he thought he would break through the defense with ease. The first kick came in the same fashion as the first and Ataru nimbly dodged it while swinging his blade for a counter attack. Jaize caught the blade with his right arm, which was  transforming right before the block now it had a  grey black coating covered it. His blade dug a tiny bit into the skin but it was obvious that it wouldn't just cut through it. Ataru had to rethink his tactics he had yet to go against a martial artist with a skill great enough to stop his blade.

He was a little pumped he was finally going to use his special, he had no idea it would be useful so soon. Thinking about the moment when he would activated his heat dial Ataru smiled. It needed to be set up first, that was the only problem with dials they were needed for specific moments using them to early or to late could lead to an early demise. He moved with a purpose as he engaged Jaize he danced with him for a few seconds as they exchanged blows. He wanted Jaize thinking his armor was impenetrable. It was during one of his last swings that Ataru activated his heat dial. The searing hot intensity of the blade cut through his armor and arm at the same time. Luckily for Jaize it was hot enough to be cauterized. though he would feel the pain of the burn and slice. He would let out a scream that echoed through the halls.

"So you did have something up your sleeve. Who are you anyway not often a man loses a  limb to an stranger."Ataru wasn't one to fall for baits like this, he was to concentrated on the battle to even consider responding. The silence between the two was only broken by the sound of Ataru's blade slicing through the air. It had a red glow to it from the heat and a slice would take a clean cut out of Jaize. Ataru was faster than Jaize but he never got enough space to get to full speed. So for now they were both just draining each others stamina except Ataru had a timeline. The heat dial would only be activated for so long before it needed to recharge. Ataru had to either figure out a way to get to top speed or to surprise Jaize again. He also had his last resort but he'd rather not use that so early. Jaize was in a more defensive posture focusing more on dodging Ataru's strikes then letting off his own. He must of fought against a dial user before, his tactics were obvious. Ataru kept up the pressure on Jaize swinging a little slower than usual to conserve his energy while also formulating a plan.

While trying to think of a move Jaize caught Ataru by surprise with a rising knee skill. It managed to hit him square in the chest, it knocked the air out of Ataru, he knew that if Jaize managed to get on top of him it'd be over. He let off two X air blades from his left gauntlet. Jaize was cut by the first on his leg thinking he could repel the air with his kick. The second he dodged putting him 10 meters away from Ataru. He was just standing up and Jaize was back in his immediate area, Jaize was careful to strike while avoiding his blade. He had gone on the offensive and so far had managed to dodge all of Ataru's swings. He knew that if he let this go much further he didn't stand much of a chance of using it. He swung at full speed at Jaize and he had to immediately switch to defensive just to dodge in time. Then Ataru made a predictable move on purpose causing Jaize to disarm him. When that happened Ataru's right hand connected with Jaize, the next thing they would both feel is unbearable pain.

Ataru would hit the ground, it was only for a couple seconds mind you, he was screaming in agony. The reject dial had a way of making everyone feel like a loser, though he couldn't say that Jaize had the same luck as him. When he unleashed it his stub of an arm erupted blood while he screamed one last time before dying. Ataru stood up picking up his now normal colored blade, and sheathing it. He could walk, but not very fast the battle had taken more of a toll than he wanted. Then again he hadn't come looking for a fight in the first place, he was here for other reasons. Looking around the room he spied something that would be helpful in his quest. A journal of sorts it looked like Jaize's diary and once he opened it Ataru found just that. Sadly he didn't have time to read it with the Marines on their way at any second. There wasn't time to grab much of anything but Ataru saw the one thing he needed. On the table was a list of different underworld contacts it was something that Ataru was always on the look for, the most important thing to him in the business was who you know. Hopefully he would find a way to speak to Wayland, while he was on the Island of dreams he had heard rumors. Though he was sure they were just that, when he had been in Baltigo there was no one close to his power.

Either way Ataru would limp out of the base back towards his crews ship. After he made it a couple streets he finally saw the marines on their way. They seemed to be pretty serious they had a good number of troops, they probably new it was a former Underworld Broker's base. Ataru was honestly more focused on just taking a good nap, his insides still felt fucked up. It would be a bit before he would think about going on a solo adventure, crew mates made life a lot easier. Making it back to the ship he would greet whoever was around before getting undressed and passing out in bed.

The end.


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