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1 Joyful Goodbye on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:01 pm

Baz in his taped up glory had finally returned with his brother and respective crews after they had officially liberated Baltigo from Wayland and Jane all the while making themselves the new rulers. Because of there exploits it was safe to assume that the world government wasn't pleased with the actions of the young men. "OI Baz if you keep moving like that you're going to open your wounds." With a sly smirk bazel turned to Kash "I'll be fine" faust on the other hand was getting several bottles of the good stuff out to celebrate the victory for his captain and brother. "Oi Baz, so shat are you and your brother doing now? Baltigo bares our banners but were to next?" Asked faust who bazel looked at with the same smirk "thats for later. Now we celebrate" said bazel as hr cracked open a bottle of sake straight from hia homeland of Alabasta. Bazel would make his way over to his brother through the course of the party and wrap his good arm aroubd him "cyrus. Lets have a little chat" said baz. If his brother responded with. Yes they would make their way to bazels quarter's on his submarine.

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2 Re: Joyful Goodbye on Thu Jun 22, 2017 6:46 pm



Bazel's crew had offered to see the younger man back to his ship to rest and recuperate while Cyrus's own crew filled the city streets and began cleaning up. After checking in on him Cyrus had returned to Jane's lab and met with Yuri to begin work on his latest pet project. Several hours later Cyrus had returned back to the docks to see his brother off. Climbing aboard the submarine, Cyrus wiped his blood and oil stained hands with a rag before snagging a bottle of sake for himself from the opened crate. Bazel found him quickly and the two descended to the lower decks of the sub while the rest of Bazel's crew celebrated topside. Sorry for being late, was wrapped up in something back at Jane's lab. I imagine it'll be several more days, maybe weeks before I've sifted through all of her data and gotten that lab fully operational.

He took a long swig from the bottle of sake before asking, So what's the plan for you then? No doubt the World Government will be on our asses in the upcoming months. We might not have killed some of their own, but no one takes kindly to having their toys broken. The Revolution is considering promoting me to General, or at least those are the rumblings I've heard from some of my contacts. Truth be told I have...mixed feelings about it. Cyrus said before taking another sip of the grain alcohol. Jane's words had haunted him the remainder of the night, how people had blamed her for what she did but in actuality she had simply been following orders. The World Government supplied her with bodies and people to experiment on while telling her what they wanted from her in exchange for these gifts. It was this scenario that Cyrus feared he would someday face from the Revolutionary Army; perhaps it was time to move on.

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3 Re: Joyful Goodbye on Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:19 pm

The two brothers had a drinking problem that would make you think they're actually related. Watching thenway Cyrus attacked that bottle made bazel smile a bit because it qas well deserved after everything the duo had been through recently. "Yea i could imagine everything she was hoarding in there" said bazel at the thought of Jane's life work being in the possession of someone as smart as Cyrus. "Eh, i gotta take Liz home to Alabasta and from there i hear rumors of a yonko being on Vulcan so that'll be my first stop for sure" said a smirking bazel as he took a long swig from his bottle of Sake. "As for the world government, I'll be waiting for them. I have a bone to pick with them anyway" said bazel in a rather serious tone. After the death of Love during the buster call on Jaya Baz has been on a personal mission to piss off the marines. The words that Cyrus said about beinf promoted made Baz smile genuinely considering both mens respective advancements. "It's almost time for us to make a push for the New world. Wouldn't you agree " said bazel giving his brother the side eye while drinking from his bottle.

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4 Re: Joyful Goodbye on Thu Jun 22, 2017 7:53 pm



Cyrus swirled his drink in the bottle, The New World, eh? He tilted his head back and stared up at the ceiling for a long minute, rolling the idea of the New World around in his head. It seemed like only yesterday he had joined Shark Face and the rest of that Revolutionary/Pirate rag tag team in breaking through Reverse Mountain. That battle had popped his cherry so to speak, then it was on to Drum Island to meet Avery, the place this wild goose chase for blood and vengeance all started. He had attended a Reverie, been promoted not once but twice in Paradise, and was now possibly being promoted a third time to boot. Now here he was, drinking with a man he hadn't seen since long before he entered the Grandline and they had toppled not one but two giants. Here he was, at the end of this long crusade. Perhaps Cyrus had reached the end of all Paradise had to offer and it truly was time to move on.

Hmm the New World, yeah that sounds right. He said finally. Sure there was still plenty of him to do on Baltigo. He'd have to get Drum up to snuff and make sure it was defendable in his absence, perhaps put someone in charge from his crew while he ventured into new territory. There were still a few other stops he'd have to make along the way before he made any real push for the New World, but for the first time it seemed Cyrus was ready to begin pointing his ship towards the archipelago. I'm going to be laying low for quite some time, but when we do enter the New World, we enter it together, aye? Cyrus asked, raising his sake bottle to his brother.

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5 Re: Joyful Goodbye on Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:15 pm

Bazel saw the way Cyrus thought to himself after the new world was presented as an option. It made bazel do tge ssme and then he began to think about thebplave he cslled home for most of is life. "New adventures, challenging foes. Sounds fun right?" Said a smiling Bazel. When Cyrus responded saying the new world sounded right Bazel was more than happy. "Damn straight it does" said a drunk Bazel. Cyrus would suggest the two mals that trip shen the time was right and bazel couldn't agree more.  Lifting his sake bottle bazel would clank his against Cyrus's bottle "sounds good to me." As Cyrus started to depart from his ship Bazel spoke "oh yea. I left my number along with a few changes i wsnted you to try out with that brain of yours. I'll be sending over two of my crew to help you shortly." Bazel would say his peace before his brother left his ship leaving Bazel to set sail to Vulcan. The message left for Cyrus contained detailed expensive items which is why Bazel left 50 million beli for his brother along with a picture of bazel smiling throwing up the peace sign autographed.


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6 Re: Joyful Goodbye on Sat Jun 24, 2017 9:58 pm



Cyrus nodded, I can only imagine what a request from you is going to look like. He embraced his younger brother one last time before turning to leave. It had been one hell of a reunion Cyrus thought as he waved goodbye to the rest of Cyrus's crew and jumped onto the dock. Above him a grunt working on Bazel's ship would call his name before tossing down a large sack of cash. Cyrus would catch it with an audible "Oomf." Apparently 50 million Beli weighed even more than one might expect. Inside were some notes of various schematics. One looked like a bird, the other a shark. They were crudely drawn by schematics standards, obviously by Bazel himself, but Cyrus could at least get a general idea of what his brother wanted when he eventually returned. Placing the note back inside of the large sack of cash, Cyrus swung the sack over his shoulder and made his way off the docks and back towards the city.

He had his own business to attend to, and urgently at that, before he could concentrate on his brother's request. Still, the money was good and it would go a long way in rebuilding this place. Ahead of him the city was still dark, the circuits and bulbs still fried from Cyrus's first EMP several days earlier. Baltigo citizens and his own crew would be working tirelessly for the next few weeks to replace the circuit boards, but a task that big in a city this sprawling would take weeks at best. Thankfully Cyrus still had power in Jane's laboratory and that's all he'd need for the next several months.


-50,000,000 from Bazel
+50,000,000 to Cyrus

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