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1 Black tie on Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:08 am

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC

This was the second Holy land within all of the world, a place that many came to practice their faith. And a place that Tenzen was going to find his, as he was a man without a true person above him. Yes, there was the Celestial Dragon Anubis but he was a false god and a foolish creature. Born into the best standing you could have and he used that to his advantage, to get whatever he wanted in life. And Tenzen was tired of following those types of people, as it wasn't his true calling. Even when he had followed the Shogun all those years ago when it ended badly it was a sign it wasn't meant to be. Tenzen had to become master less or better yet his own Master. Ans how he would go about that is first gaining enlightenment and finding out about himself more, maybe even starting a family. So, that he could have a reason for all of this.

He had arrived before anyone else had, as he traveled faster than that of the Sea Train. He did though give word to Asura before heading out, as he wanted to speak with the man. It would be around three days though before the others arrived, stops and what not.

At this moment Tenzen sat in a coffee shop, he say all of the religious symbols around and wondered which called to him. As he didn't feel any type of way about any of these things, and that was strange. There should be something that gave him a calling, but there was nothing.

"What can I get you? Black tie." The Women behind the counter would ask Tenzen, calling him by that strange nickname. Tenzen wouldn't say anything about it though, as he didn't mind it at all.

"I would have them ugh...I really don't know what you guys have here. " Tenzen would tell her as he would look at the menu before him, as he didn't know what any of these things where.. This was the type of restaurant that did those weird names for things.

"We get that a lot from people not from the Island. Coffee or Tea?" She would ask him.

"Coffee." Tenzen would quickly tell her.

"Okay, how do you want it?" would be her follow up question.

"I don't know. I've never had Coffee before. We never had it on my Island, nor have I had the chance to really go out to places like this. My boss, or the bosses I've had, don't let me." Tenzen would tell her. Not knowing why he started to get a bit personal with what he said.

"Wow, hehe. That sucks. I'll just grab all the types, we are dead anyway. So give me a second, Black Tie." She would say and then she would get to work. Putting five cups in front of Tenzen and then going to make the different brews. It was early int he morning, no sunlight, early and when Tenzen headed over here there wasn't anyone even outside.

"So why are the streets so vacant?" Tenzen would ask.

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2 Re: Black tie on Thu Jun 22, 2017 9:40 am

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC

"Oh, yeah. You aren't from here. So, there are a few different religions that are mainly practiced here BUT the main one is what almost everyone practices. What they do on this day every year is head into the mountains for something, like everyone. Even sick people get up and go, with help. And they are gone for a couple days. I think this is the second to last day though, not sure though. I'm a christian though, so I don't do what they do." She would tell Tenzen has she began to fill the first cup. She spoke fast, but Tenzen was able to get everything she said. She seemed like a nice person as well and he wanted to speak with her more. It has been a while since he could actually just sit and talk to someone.

Tenzen would reach and grab the first cup, it was hot. He would then look into it as he held it. He never had even seen coffee before so he didn't know if it was good or not, "So you own this place."

"Yeah and no." she would quickly say. She would say her tone changing a bit to show that this was a sensitive subject for her. He also noticed this because when she went to reach for something she stopped and hesitated.

"Oh, this is delicious." Tenzen would say to change the subject. It worked because when she turn't around he could tell, from her large cheeky smile, that she liked getting compliments. Tenzen would return her warm smile, and continue to talk. They would talk for hours, as Tenzen tried new coffee and other things on the menu. They laughed and told many stories about their life, everything actually. And at this moment they still were talking.

"Wow, so he came in here and did all of that?" Tenzen had taken off his jacket and loosened his tie, as well as rolled up his sleeves. Having done that around a hour ago when he demonstrated how he had taken down some guy once.

"Mhm." She would say as she would chuckle.

"HA!" Tenzen would slap his head, not hard, and begin to laugh. Both of them getting consumed into laughter for awhile. "You wanna know something else funny, we haven't told each other our names." Tenzen would say as he would lower his hand, both now being placed on his legs.

"I am Isabella." Isabella would tell him. At this time there weren't at the counter but on the couch located in the coffee shop, the lounge area. On the table in front of them was around ten cups of coffee, most still with some in them.

"I am Tenzen, but I'm probably going to change my name when I start my fresh start." He would say. Earlier having told her about how he wanted a new life, one away from his current boss and everything that deals with him.

"How about changing it to Ira."

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3 Re: Black tie on Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:24 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC

The first day would pass and Ira would accept his new name, but hours later both of them would crash. Too much coffee and snacks. But, it was one of the best days that Ira has had in years. He was falling for this women that he just met, and he didn't know it yet but something between them could become more.

It was early in the morning and the heavy rain would wake Ira up from his deep sleep. Slowly he would open his eyes and look around, but he wouldn't move. He wouldn't be able to at all. Looking at his chest he would see that she was laying on him, and he could only smile at this. 'Did she really fall asleep on me?' He would think to himself as he would gently pat her head. Slowly he would lift her head up and get up, without waking her up. He would then lay her back down on the couch, still not waking her up. He would look around and see that there were so many coffee cups and plates, so he would begin to clean up. As that is doing his part since he was allowed to stay here.

Ira would take a glimpse outside the window as he finished picking up the dishes and trash, "The weather must really get bad here." He would comment as he would head into the back, as it was time to handle these dishes. He would place them in one side of the sink and start his water in the other. What he was using was dials.

After around thirty minutes he would finish them all up, including putting them up. And then he would head back to the front, and he would notice that she was sitting there, with two cups. She had already wipe down the tables and was just waiting for Ira to get done. "I see that you have finished." She would say to Ira as she would stand up and walk over to him.

"Please tell me that isn't coffee." Ira would joke as he walked over to her.

"No, it is water. I can get you some coffee though, if you want." She would say as she gave him the cup of water.

"No thanks." Ira would say as he would drink his water, as he was a bit dehydrated.

"We are going out, so grab your jacket and come with me." She would tell him, as she would do the same. Also grabbing a umbrella.

"Where are we going?"Ira would ask her as he sipped from his drink once more.

"First, I need to go home. Shower and change. You also will need to do the same, as you aren't going to be walking around with me, while stinking." Isabella would tell him.

"Ah, Okay." Ira would say as he would place the cup down and go over to grab his jacket. Once he put it on the both of them would head out, opening the umbrella right when they would make it outside. It was pouring down hard. "You sure we should head out now?!" He would say, raising his voice so she could hear him.

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4 Re: Black tie on Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:37 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC

After taking a shower and changing, acts done not together, they'd head out once again. But a second to talk about the magnificent Home, no Mansion, that Isabella stayed at made Ira wonder what she really did. As that coffee shop shouldn't be the only thing that would be her income. He wouldn't ask though as he didn't want her to be like she was earlier, sad. As he felt he shouldn't be anything other than a good friend to her.

"So, what is this place?" Ira would ask her as he would follow her into a strange establishment, as he could hear music whilst still outside. And it was pouring down raining.

"The Hell on Occulto, as they call it." Isabella would tell him as they walked in.

Ira would close the umbrella as he was the one to be carrying it, and he would place it in a holder next to the door. His eyes would grow wide as he would notice how lively this place was, and how so much sinful acts where going on. It wasn't any R-rated are stuff in this room, but you could hear something i the back rooms if you went by any of those doors. Truly, this was honestly just a place like any other on a majority pirate controlled Island. But, with this place being how it was, so religious, this was the worst place to be. A place where you could do whatever it was that you please. A place where no rules reigned over you, other than no heinous crimes. A safe haven that those that wanted to be free could go. A place that he had no problem being at with Isabella.

Quickly, the two would remove their rain coats and toss them to the side. Isabelle would grab Ira by the hand and rush into the middle of the room, where others were dancing. And the two would begin to fit in. Dancing and smiling as if they had no care int he world. Ira even forgot all about Anubis. Shit, he had forgotten about everything and was focused solely on the moment. After about thirty minutes of constant dancing they would plop down into some chairs, and order some drinks. Not coffee but some alcohol.

"Sooo, how much can you drink, Ira?" isabella would say as she held her cup close and looked at Ira.

Felling the moment Ira would grab his glass," I could drink everyone here under the table!" He arrogantly would say before drinking it all down in one go, and then slamming his glass down on the table. Not hard enough to break it but to make it make a thud. With his cocky smile he would look at Isabella but she begin to laugh, and the music was cut off. The attention of everyone was on Ira because of his claim.

"Yah here that boys!? THE GAMES CAN NOW BEGIN!" Isabella would say as she would drink her drink and slam the glass down. Ira was confused as some big guys, twice the size of Ira, would pull up tables and chairs to Ira. And then the waiter would begin to bring out drink after drink.

"What is going on Isabella?" Ira would ask her nervously, as he was confused on what all was transpiring. Why where they bringing out drinks like this. Why where these guys sitting around him.

"Well, you issued a challenge, Ira. And these the guys that accepted, including myself. This place is the only place we can drink without being told to stop! And you said you can drink us under the table basically, and well you can't. Simple as that! I like you, I like you a lot, but this is unforgivable! SO PREPARE! PREPARE FOR THE DRINKING GAMES!" Isabella would yell out as she would grab one of the glasses placed on the table and drink it in on go. Ira could tell they weren't made at him, as those not drinking started to cheer. It seemed this happened a lot or whenever it happened it was a great occasion.

"So what do we do?" Ira would ask.

"Well, everyone gets their own drinks. The top two people to drink the most don't have to pay. But those that lose have to pay for everyone here." The Bartender would say as he sat at the bar. Speaking loud enough so everyone could hear him, even though he didn't yell.

"Easy enough." Ira would say as he would grab a glass. "To a good competition!" But before he even said that everyone else was on their third drink, and he was lagging behind. So, he would begin to toss them back. The cheers rose more and more as people drunk more and more, and when someone passed out they rose again. It was a truly amazing spectacle. It came down to three people after a hour of drinking, and they were all neck to neck.




Is all you heard. As Ira wasn't the only new person to join in on this today, as the other guy was new as well. There though was something weird about him, but no one said anything. As they didn't judge here like others outside this place did, as this was a safe place. He also was two drinks ahead of Ira, but five behind Isabella. All of them though seemed like they were at their limit. And it would quickly happen, they all would pass out.

Ira would be woken up by Isabella with a warm drunken smile, "You WON!" She would say as she helped him up, waking up a few minutes ago herself.

"I did? NICE!" Ira would yell as he was drunk still. But looking around he wouldn't see the other guy, "What happened to what's his name?" Ira would ask.

"He left due to not wanting to pay up for losing. We don't know where he went." Someone would say.

Once Ira and Isabella had awoken they were allowed to head to the back room, to sleep it off. The room they went to was the Bartenders personal room, as he didn't want anyone taking advantage of them since they were drunk. He also would tell Ira to keep his hands to himself, as he didn't want anyone to touch Isabella. Only reason they both were in the same room was because Isabella didn't want to leave his side. They wouldn't do anything but rather pass out once again when they got into the room. Ira though would wake up, after a few hours, as he would heard lots of screams. His head also was banging and as he stumble over to the door he would open it, and what he would see was a large brute in front of him. But before Ira could know what was going on he would feel the fist of the man against his face. And Ira would be sent flying back and into the wall, breaking it.

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5 Re: Black tie on Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:22 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC

Blood gushed from the broken nose of Ira, and he didn't move. It had felt as if he was hit with a brick wall, as his body aced all over. If only he hadn't drunk so much before and woke up with a hangover, then maybe he couldn't reacted quick enough. No, that was a excuses that he wouldn't use at all. He needed to always be on point as he always had to protect important people. As the most important person he needed to protect right now was Isabella, as she also was in this room. So, he had to push himself. He had to get up and move and stop whoever this was. He didn't care for the reason that he had come here and attacked them, but he wouldn't have it. He would slowly pick himself up and out of the hole he was in, and look forward. The guy was still there, standing at the door.

"Leave now. Or I will kill you." Where the grim words that Ira would tell him, but he wouldn't get a response. His eyes where heavy and he could barely see in front of him, only making out the silhouette of the guy.

"IRA MOVE!" Isabella would scream out to him, having now awoken. She would see it clear as day. The large blunt weapon the guy had would be sent directly toward Ira, and it would hit him. Sending him completely through the wall. More blood would come from Ira, but this time his mouth. The guy would head over, breaking through the wall himself, and grab his weapon. Isabella wouldn't sit idly by though like some damsel in distress but would get up and attack the guy. But when she did that she would be backhanded and would tumble across the floor.  She would be a good enough distraction and Ira would come forward and strike out, with his Devil Fruit. Producing the strongest strings that he could and would slash out, but it would't do anything major. It would cut just inches into the guy's armor, but Ira didn't feel it hit skin. And that shocked Ira as his strings were one of the strongest things within this world.

Ira shocked would leave himself open and would be punched once more, and this time he would be knocked out cold.

Ira would slowly open his eyes. He felt wet all over and felt the rain hit his body. He was outside now and he wasn't the only one, everyone he saw in the safe haven was also outside. All tied up. All he could hear, along with the rain, was someone preaching. Though Ira was barely awake and went in and out.


Ira could barely understand what he was saying but could heard the good stuff, or should I call it bad. He needed to stop them from killing anyone. And if he couldn't save everyone he had to save Isabella. He also wondered who this Netul guy was, as there where other people around them. Someone holding each person that was tied. Then there was the preacher. Moving his head more he would see someone stand beside the preacher, that was Netul, it had to be. They would also bring someone before Netul, and then it would happen. Netul would crush the head of the person, in brutal fashion.

'WHAT THE FUCK!' Ira would think to himself as he would try to get up, but he would only be able to get to his knees, as he wouldn't be allowed to stand up. The man holding his down wouldn't say anything, none of the captures would. Only thing heard was rain and cries. The streets, still, where vacant of civilians. So, no one would come to try and stop this. Shit, Ira didn't even believe anyone would be able to. More and more people would get killed as Ira would watch, unable to do anything. Tears streamed down his face, as well as snot, as he watched this. He spent so little time with them, but he liked them and loved Isabella. They helped him forget about all his bad times, and he wanted to keep this. The bartender would be next and he would look over to Ira, and give him a smile before being thrown to the ground. Ira couldn't take this. The potential family(frined family) he could've had was being taken away from him. He couldn't even move his hands to use his Devil Fruit ability, and he was forced to his knees so he couldn't use his feet. And then it was the last person, beside himself, Isabella would be put in front of Netul.

"! NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! STOP THIS! IF YOU ON'T I'LL KILL YOU ALL! I'LL KILL YOU ALL! STOP!" When Ira would first speak he would have a aura cover his body, it being a dark green. As he spoke more and more it began to grow in ferocity. And then it would burst from his body and send a shock-wave through the whole area. He would then see everyone, but the preacher and Netul fall to the ground. They would stop and turn their attention to Ira, as they knew what he had just used.

"C-conquers Haki." Is what the preacher would say. "NETUL! KILL HIM, NOW!"

Ira would see the brute heading toward him and would grab the bladed weapon the person that held him down dropped. Quickly he would cut his arms free right before Netul came down with his weapon. Ira pulling himself high into the sky and then back down to be right in front of the preacher, but he didn't touch the scared man. But rather gave him a menacing glance that would make him back away. Ira would then quickly pick up Isabella and take off into the sky. Successfully escaping with her.

"Tch! How could someone like that come here....did she not sense another one? NETHUL! We much clean this mess up before the people head back. And also report this incident to Her." The Preacher would say as she would gather himself, having been frightened before. 'Someone with that type of Haki here is dangerous, we must get rid of him.' The preacher would think to himself as he went to wake up those knocked out.

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6 Re: Black tie on Sun Jun 25, 2017 3:52 pm

Event NPC

Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy

Event NPC

Final Day before arrival of the Celestial Dragon Party

Ira had taken Isabella to her Mansion, and placed her in her bed. He wouldn't leave her side at all until she would wake up, nor would he sleep. He had though, once, went to get something to stop his bleed and that was all. Other than that he hadn't fixed himself up at all, and was still in pain. As he waited for her to awake he wondered what the hell it was that he had done back there. What the hell was Conquers Haki. He knows he was told this before, in the passed, but he can't remember. And then it hit him. The basics of what he had done. There was a third type of Haki out there, and he had it. So, if he has that type he must have the other two.

"I-ira." Isabella would faintly say as she began to open her eyes and look over to him.

"Man am I glad you are okay." Ira would say as he would smile at her, moving his face and talking hurting. But, he would still do it and would try his best not to show his pain to her.

"T-they..." Isabella would begin to tear up and Ira would rush and would hold her close into his chest. He knew he wouldn't be able to stop her from crying, so he would let her cry on him.  
As he cared for her greatly, no he loved her. Though, they had only known each other for a total of three days he loved this Women with all of his heart. She was the one that he would change the world for. He would wait to tell her this though and just spend more time with her, as he knew Anubis and the others should be arriving today.

Hours would pass and Ira would make breakfast for the two, after changing his bloody clothing. They both ate in silence and then Ira would ask her why they did it. "Why did they do that to them? To us?"

"Because what we where doing was illegal. And that was the punishment they picked for us. That is all to it, Ira. We broke the rules....and we paid the price. I knew it would happen. But...but I thought it would at least happen after you got to know everyone. Actually maybe this is for the best. As I feel I've lost a part of me. And I'd hate for you to feel like that." Isabella would tell him as she fought back tears.

"In a way I felt like I knew them for years, though that isn't the case. They treated me like they treated you, and I haven't had that from anyone other than you. Didn't see me a a tool. But...I might be in the wrong saying this, but as family." Ira would tell her as he began to smile.

"I'm glad." She would say as he would smile at him. They would talk more and Ira would ask he could take care of her business for a while, and she would agree as she was in no condition to do anything. And what he would find out is that she owned more than just that coffee shop. Hench why she owned this type of Mansion. Also owning the land from here to xxxxx. Ira wouldn't hide the reason why he needed these places, as it was for what he had planned for this place. No it wasn't that he was going to conquer this place for Anubis, but rather for himself and her. So that he could guarantee change.

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