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1 Generic Strong Boy [Task] on Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:02 am


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Task Name:Test of Strength
Tier: 4( Can be raised to Tier 5 if 2 or more bosses are added due to PCs)
Crew, Team, or Personal:Personal or Team
Stede enters a town and using someone to spread the word get a group of people to surround him. These groups being usually Pirates, Cut throats, bandits, or run of the mill bad guys. How he gets them to come is by giving a empty promise or two, using his Shichibukai title to get them to go along with it. Whatever the promise is int he topic also has the potential to have those people do horrible things. There though is always one person that doesn't like how Stede came and did this and guys right at him, and gets dealt with. Also, each time a PC joins in on this task the amount of people(bosses) that want to go against Stede is increased by one.

Usually after a few hours those left attack Stede, due to what he told them being a lie.

Enemy Details:75 T2 & T3 generic bad guys(Pirates, bandits, etc. )

1 initial T4 Boss ( All extra bosses will have their states varied in the topic. )

Boss Name: Big Boss
Tier: 4
Description: It always ends up being some fifth-teen foot guy that weighs a lot(usually it is pure muscle). That steps to Stede, having the usually i'm real good or i'm too bad to follow you persona. They strictly fight with their hands. Against others they are pretty skilled, and only get showed up by Stede. Cause Stede is the main character.
Devil Fruit: N/A
Haki: Buso & Ken
Equipment: N/A
Strength: 4
Durability: 5
Speed: 5
Perception: 5

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2 Re: Generic Strong Boy [Task] on Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:11 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Looks good.


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