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1 Now we FEAST! (Task) on Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:16 am

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: Now we FEAST!
Tier: 1
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: The pirates have been beat and the item retrieved! Joey and his friend now make it back to the family who feel nothing but joy to see them back in one piece along with the item. To celebrate, the family along with Joey have a feast which will unfortunately be short lived...
Enemy Details: N/A
Boss: No

It is over. It is finally over. The small journey, Joey, and Charles went on to retrieve the precious watch that belongs to Charles' mother from the Lenny Pirates was coming to a close! Joey didn't expect his first real adventure as a pirate to be up against other pirates. He assumed that he would be up against more of those irritating marine officers, gaining a large bounty in the process, but things like this come with time. He didn't mind how this all went out in the end however. He should've expected that he would be up against rivaling pirates out in these oceans. Unlike the World Government, not all pirates worked together, and this is something he needs to come to learn.

The rain cleared up and the clouds parted. Joey, and Charles rowed back to Logue Town after the small ruckus they caused at Dawn Island. Charles looked down at the watch in his hand with a smile while Joey was the one doing the rowing this time. "LAND!!" Joey would suddenly yell, causing Charles to almost drop the watch into the water out of surprise. He managed to regain a proper grip on it, sighing in relief before looking up to see that they were finally back at Logue Town, pulling up to the docks they sneaked to in the beginning. "Finally home..." Charles said with a small smile as Joey nodded. "Your parents are gonna be glad to have that watch thing back." Joey brought up, causing Charles to freeze up a bit as he just remembered something.

"What's wrong?" Joey asked, tilting his head slightly. "We-well...." Charles rubbed the back of his head, glancing to the side. "I did not exactly....get permission to go..." Charles confessed with a sheepish smile.


The two soon got off the boat, and onto the island. After some walking, the two would find themselves in front of the door to Charles' family restaurant/home. "Maybe they won't be that mad? I did get the watch back after all..." "Or they might disown you. Throw ya out on the street." Joey casually added, resting his arms behind the back of his head. Charles simply glanced over at the laid back country pirate in silence before sighing. Charles opened the door, but before he could say anything...."CHHHAAARRLLEESS!!" He was suddenly pulled into a teary embrace by his mother, and kid sister. Charles just stood there, shocked that he wasn't getting punished, but as soon as the two finished hugging him, his father showed up, and smacked him upside his head. "What did I tell you NOT to do!? We told you not to go, and instead you go around our backs, disobeying a DIRECT order from your own parents!?" the booming anger in the father's voice was clear that he was upset. Charles looked down, and slowly brought the watch up to show them. "I-I got the wa-"

Charles was cut short as the mother slapped said watch out of Charles' hand, causing him to wince a bit. "Who cares about that!? You're home. You're here in once piece...." She'd hug her son once more. "That's ALL that matters." The sister, and father nodded in agreement. Charles couldn't help, but tear up, and began to cry, returning the hug while the father, along with sister joined in. Joey simply stood back with his arms folded behind his head with a grin on his face. "Thank you for bringing our son back safe, and sound. If there is anything we can do to repay you, just name it." the father said, looking to Joey. "Ahhh, don't sweat i-" Just then, the pirate's stomach growled. Now that he has thought about it, Joey hasn't eaten anything ever since this journey of his started. "I can go for somethin to eat actually." "Of course. Let us fix something for yo-" "No no let me help!" Joey interrupted. "I am a cook after all."

A few hours has past. The family along with Joey cooked up a large feast as a celebration, but instead of keeping this to just them, the family reopened the store, and people came pouring in. The restaurant was packed once again with various people. Music could be heard playing, and everyone was enjoying themselves. Joey stuffed his face with tons of food much to Charles' and a lot of other people's surprise. Things were going well for the close of this chapter. Everything was wrapped for one last thing that slipped Joey's mind....

Suddenly, the music stopped, and everyone was wondering what happened save for Joey who just continued stuffing his face. Suddenly, pouring through the front door was a number of Marines holding rifles. "EVERYONE STAND CLEAR!!" they'd demand. The marines would soon find themselves at Joey's table while the lad just continued to eat. Charles who was there too, looked up at the soldiers in fear for Joey, gritting his teeth some. As everything went silent, footsteps could be heard coming in. The Marines moved away a bit, making room for someone. It was another Marine, but he wasn't just another ensign. He was a Commander....Commander Daniel Richards. He just looked down at Joey who finally decided to look up.

"Oi oi. So here you are, Mr.Jojo."


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