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Character Name: Annabelle Laniakea
Link to Approved Character
Affiliation: Marine
Crew: N/A
Occupation: Marksman + Thief (Hard Worker Fate Perk)
Tier: 2
Bounty/Reputation: 1,650,000
World Position: Noble
Fate Perks:
Gold Blood: 2 points
Cursed Hands: 1 point
Devil's Meddle: 2 points
Predator: 2 points
Hard Worker: 1 point
Diligent Spirit: 1 point

Fate Points: 9 used, 0 unused

Primary: Perception
Secondary: Speed & Durability (Predator Perk)
Non-Prioritized: Strength

Stamina: 150

Haki: N/A
Kenbunshoku Haki: N/A
Busoshoku Haki: N/A
Haoshoku Haki: N/A

Devil Fruit: Numa Numa No Mi

Link to Primary Skill Set:
Link to Secondary Skill Set:
Link to Tertiary Skill Set:

Misery's End
Love and Cherish
Weapons: (Weapons in a spoiler or link to weapons.)
Armor: (Armors in a spoiler or link to armors.)
Ships: (Other Equipment in a spoiler or link to other equipment.)
Pets: (Pets in a spoiler or link to Pets.)
NPCs: (Link to NPCs you own)
Grunts: 100 island only grunts (Noble fate perk earned)

Completed Topics
Completed Topics This Tier

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Current Tier 2
Oceans RP'd In:
# of Task Completed: 2, both tier 3 with a boss.
# of Other Topics Completed: None. One would be done but one of the posters is MIA.
What has your character done since they've been the tier they are now?: Annabelle has killed an entire gang of hunters, all marksman like herself, and their boss on her own. No backup was given during this mission.
She also, with her sister's help, stopped a pirate crew from razing the island of Ohara so that they could turn it into a tobacco plantation.
What has changed in your character since the last time they tiered up and what brought on these changes?: Started at this tier.
Why does your character deserve to tier up?: Annabelle is doing everything in her power to better herself as a person and a marksman. She is taking on missions on her own/with lower numbers of people than what would be normal for someone like her in the Marines and is showing no signs of stopping herself from doing so.

Character | Character Updates
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denied, you've barely done anything. do more topics, interact with more PCs, do some stuff

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