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1 Giovanni Matías on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:28 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

Restoring a scrap

Name: Giovanni Matías
Race: Half-Human - Half Minkman (Minkman-Lion)
Natural Weapons: Retractable claws, ears, nose, throat/vocal chords.
Tier: 4
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Mode: Hawd

Occupation: Blacksmith (Outfitter) | Martial Artist
Affiliation: Free Agent
World Position: Master

Head: When you take a look at Giovanni, the first thing you'd probably notice is the scowl that is rest idly on his face. It's not that he's upset, sad, not happy, etc, that's just his idle face. It makes him seem unapproachable, but he is actually a pretty cool guy. His hair is a striking golden blonde. Atop his head his hair is braided in cornrows all the way back, but loose at the ends. He has a few wrinkles that show his age on his face, but he does not look like he's ancient or anything. Despite being part minkman, the only discernible traits from his heritage are his teeth with are sharpened like fangs. His mustache and eyebrows end sharply and both angle upwards.  As shown in the spoilered picture, Giovanni's hair is pretty long. That's when it is not braided up though. He rarely ever lets it flow out like that, definitely because foes might grab on to it or it could just accidentally get damaged. He's fine with getting scarred up and bleeding, but he loves his hair and would never want it to get damaged. Sometimes he just can't help it and has to let his hair down on hoes though.
Upper Body: Giovanni's upper body bolsters with muscles. It is not lean muscle either. Giovanni is bulky and has some size to him. Along with these muscles he has many scars emblazoned over his body proudly. Each has some sort of story behind it surely, but his memory is not he best these days and he's forgotten many of them.

His arms are thick tree trunk like things. Huge and very well defined, they seem ready to strike out and crush his opposition at a moment's notice. On each of his shoulders is a large black tattoo of a shuriken. The blades of which are curved.

For the most part, Giovanni doesn't wear a shirt, but if the situation calls for it he will. It's not really much of a shirt though, just a loose fitting haori. Usually it is white and has a few kanji on the back of it, not in a mocking jab at the Marines, but just as a form of expression.

Lower Body: Starting off, Giovanni wears a golden belt around his waist that has a lion's face on it. Obviously it is a nod to his minkman heritage. It is gold all around his waist and stays in place no matter how much he moves. He won it from a wrestling tournament on some remote island. He wears black pants that are tattered at the ends. They cut off at his shins. There at his shins white leg warmers with red stripes going upward start. On his feet he wears black sandals. There is also a dark grey sash around his waist that drapes in a triangular fashion.
General: Giovanni's skin complexion is brown and sun kissed. He prides himself in his brown skin as not many people have it. Something he is even more proud of of course are his muscles. Ever sense a youth he prided himself in them and started building them. It is easy to tell that hasn't changed. His mannerisms and overall demeanor can range from chilling to being loud and boisterous. He is exuberant with his movements at most times and his size doesn't help that at all. Along with being brown he has fine hairs like fur on his arms, legs, chest, and the back of his neck. Sometimes he goes through the pain of keeping them trimmed down to levels that are a bit hairy than human, but still true to his heritage.

Alternate Gio:

Sometimes occasions call for him to wear something closer to an actual shirt or at least show less chest. For that reason he has this one actual shirt in his closet. It's a simple purple shirt, but he likes it because it has a deep v cut. This lets him still show off his chest a bit while wearing an actual shirt.  It has a high collar to it as well. Additionally he will sometimes wear a bandana on his head covering his hair to keep it laid and nice.

Height: 12'8
Weight: 775lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Stomach

Mule Headed: There are those who have seen the sun rise and fall many more times than Giovanni, but may have not experienced as much as he has. He's extremely hard headed and likes to do what he wants and doesn't like it when others, especially those younger than him, tell him otherwise. He knows what rational thought and logic is, but he also knows what he wants and his own abilities. Those who work with him find it's incredibly hard to change his mind once it is set on something.
High-Energy: Giovanni is a very high-energy type of person. He's loud with not only his voice, but vibrant with his mannerisms and how he moves about. It also doesn't help that he's taller than your average person. He's the type to laugh loud from the stomach, slap his knee, or even a person in the back hard enough for them to fall over. This ties in with him being care-free and a go with the flow type of person. While he's old, he has some young mannerisms.
Family Man: Giovanni is a family man at heart. He has many many kids, after he had about eight, he just resorted to naming the rest Giovanni Jr. or Giovanna to avoid forgetting their names. He loves each of his fourteen children dearly and they are his world. He has some tough relationships with his three ex-wives, but still feels he owes them the world for raising his many children. He's very respectful to people who are good parents. This family oriented mind-set extends to those he travels with. Once someone earns Giovanni's trust, he considers them family. He'll bleed, cry, fight, and maybe even die for them. To be family is to be linked for all eternity. To cross one's family is to burn in Hell for an equally long eternity.
Positive: Coupled with his high-energy, Giovanni makes it a priority to be positive. Not that he's all smiles, but he likes to see the light in things and focus on that light as opposed to what could go wrong. He's still realistic of course, but he focuses on bettering his situation rather than sulking and letting it get the best of him. That said, he doesn't like to be around negative people, as he feels energy is contagious
Battle Hungry: Giovanni is a fighter at heart. Ever since he was a youngling he loved to feel his fist digging into someone's gut or face or vice versa. It is not some sadistic fetish or anything of the sort. He just loves the thrill battle gives him. As he's grown stronger he's found it harder to find people who can stand to him, so engaging in a good fight has become all the more exciting to him. Though above all he seeks a challenge Giovanni shows no mercy even to those who are clearly outmatched. Raising a weapon to him on the battlefield means fighting to the death, only children find themselves exempt from this rule. Even then, some children he's encountered in the past have met grim fates that may even be worse than death. This stands above even his utmost respect for parents.

He's known to be a ruthless fighter and go to great lengths to claim victory. While he does believe in honorable victories, by no means does he bind himself to winning a fight in an honorable fashion.
Vengeful: To those that cross him, he sometimes finds it in his heart to forgive them. It's usually after a brutal beatdown, but still after the initial wave of emotions have passed, he can potentially find it in his heart to forgive someone who has done him wrong. When it comes to someone crossing a person Giovanni considers apart of his family, it is a different story. Even should his family member come to forgive this person, Giovanni seems to hold a grudge against this person forever. On multiple occasions he's sought out these people and killed them before his dear one could even ask him not to.
Brawn over Brains: Anybody can tell at first glance Giovanni puts a lot of hard work into his muscles. Not so much does he care for physical appearance, though he does like looking good, but he likes to be strong. He values strength and is very old school in the sense that if you want something done, you do it by force. May it be by him putting his hands on someone or blowing them out of the water with one of his custom weapons and artillery. He's knowledgable in some fields, combat and blacksmithing, but not really book smart. He doesn't like it when people throw big words at him, talk down to him in an intellectual manner, or just try to act like he's stupid. He's not dumb, he just doesn't put much emphasis on training up his brain.
Likes: Fighting, his Minkman roots, his hair, his muscles, his family, his children, women, winning, a challenge.
Dislikes: Weaklings, negative people, people who get in his way, people who talk down to him, ugly women.

History: Giovanni was born into an expansive family, much like the one he has produced himself. So from the start he was instilled with a strong love for his family or those he considers such. Though he doesn't consider it his home anymore, he was born the youngest of all his siblings on Zerene. His father was a human, while his mother was a minkman, this is regardless though as he was raised by his mother alone.

She was chased by a band of slavers and ended up on the island of forgotten souls. There she wandered and wandered until she finally stumbled upon another tribe. She was of course welcomed with hostility at first, but upon seeing she was pregnant and close to giving birth she was welcomed into the tribe and cared for. There on Zerene Giovanni was born into the Matías tribe as a warrior. At a young age he was taught how to fight, hunt, and various other survival techniques. Thanks to his minkman heritage, he was prided as a great warrior and was an extremely strong fighter.  Coupled with his Electro he made a name for himself on the island at the young age of 13.

Maturing into a young man, Giovanni one day got lost while on a hunting trip and due to the pollen of Zerene gradually lost memory of his way back home and his family. Wandering around aimlessly, he destroyed the tribes he encountered in self defense and eventually found his way to the shore of the island. Exhausted and famished, he was taken in by a crew of chefs that were hunting for a rare animal only found on Zerene. Their goal completed, they left Zerene and took Giovanni with them. It wasn't until his fourteenth birthday that his memory of his family back on Zerene returned to him. In the meantime he was working on a traveling restaurant, not the Baratie, as security. He fought many tough patrons that refused to pay their bill or just caused problems for the staff, but after a while and with memory of his family, he didn't feel fulfilled.

He soon left this restaurant with the chef's permission and went on his own journey. He did take up pirating for a while, something that came natural to someone of his talents and interests. For ten years, until he was twenty four, he sailed the seas as the right hand to the captain of the Baron Pirates. This man Baron Sr. was someone Giovanni came to regard as a brother to him. Though not bound by blood, they were bound by trust. On multiple occasions Giovanni had risked his life for the pirate captain, these actions earning him a lot of his scars that he's proud to wear today. There was one particular time that Giovanni couldn't save the man Baron Sr. The result of it was a scar on the mink-man's heart that still hasn't completely healed to this day. Blaming himself for the death of his old captain, Giovanni retired from the life of fighting and pirating for two years. During which he spiraled into a behavior of self-destruction. He had even given up on returning to Zerene for his mother and fellow tribesmen.

It wasn't until he discovered the true pleasures of a woman through love, not pussy, he had gotten pussy before, but through love, that his passion for life was reignited. Year after year a child was produced and not all by the same woman.

  • 1st Born - Mateo Matías - Age 30 - 1st Ex-Wife
  • 2nd Born - Claritá Matías - Age 29 - 1st Ex-Wife
  • 3rd Born - Julianna Matías - Age 28 - 1st Ex-Wife
  • 4th Born - Julian Matías - Age 28 - 1st Ex-Wife
  • 5th Born - Sergio Matías - Age 22 - 2nd Ex-Wife
  • 6th Born - Cervantés Matías - Age 20 - 2nd Ex-Wife
  • 7th Born - Khalifa Matías - Age 20 - 3rd Ex-Wife
  • 8th Born - Giovanni Matías Jr. - Age 19 - 3rd Ex-Wife
  • 9th Born - Giovanna Matías - Age 18 - 3rd Ex-Wife
  • 10th Born - Giovanni Matías Jr. II - Age 16 - Just a Baby Momma
  • 11th Born - Giovanni Matías Jr. III - Age 13 - Current Wife
  • 12th Born - Giovanni Matías II - Age 13 - Current Wife
  • 13th Born - Giovanni Matías Jr. IV - Age 10 - Current  Wife
  • 14th Born - Giovanna Matías - Age 3 - Current Wife

After the twins Julianna and Julian were born, Giovanni's flame for adventure and fighting were reignited. It wasn't until his first wife had caught him with another woman (soon to be second wife) and hit him over the head with a brick, however. This sharp pain coupled with blood trickling down the head reminded him what it was like to live. Not even a woman with the tightest poom-poom on the planet could reproduce the joys Giovanni experienced from fighting up until Sergio was born. Sergio and Cervantés were the only children his second wife made for him. From there Giovanni learned the stresses of keeping his children in touch with not only him, but their other siblings. It was hard and still is, but he makes a special effort towards making sure that all his kids know each other and have a relationship with one another.

Next came his third wife, who gave him Khalifa, Giovanni Matías Jr., and Giovanna. This is the woman he loved the most and still to this day treasures and yearns for. Every man with multiple baby mommas will tell you there is one he still has the hots for. Claudia is that woman. She left him after his life began to pick up again, as he had finally gotten a lead on getting to Zerene to visit his mother. Practically obsessed with this goal, he lost sight of the family he held dear to him and disappeared for two years after having made no progress. Claudia had moved on from Giovanni during this time and he returned to see she had already found another lover who happened to be a woman. He usually knocked the shit out of the new men his ex-wives got with, but with this one after a failed pitch for a ménage à trois, he counted his losses and moved on.

Hurt over these events, he had a drunken night out on the town and conceived Giovanni Matías Jr. II. This woman never got a ring, but she did stick around long enough to earn a place in Giovanni's large heart. Taking time out to himself, Giovanni rested on the baby making for a while and invested in himself. He started up his own group, not a crew, but a group. It consisted of various people with trades just banding together and traveling the seas as a conglomerate. They do get in their fair bit of trouble, but they do their fair bit of good deeds as well. Anything for a nice bit of Beli or to have some fun. During one of their antics, Giovanni fell in love deeper than he ever had before and met his fourth and current wife, Madine. With her he's found longevity. She's a woman that puts up with a fair amount of Giovanni's bullshit, but also keeps him in check and his head on his shoulders. He knows deep down that he needs her, more than she needs him and that alone has kept him close by her side and never away from home in Briss Kingdom too long.

He's since then found balance in his life that lets him keep up with his private life and stay committed to Madine and the children he's had with her.

Face Claim: (Naruto|4th Raikage)
RP Sample: N/A

Bonus: 5,000,000 Beli
Location: Baltigo

Fate Point Allocation:
Race Change - 1
Hard Worker - 1
Kami Haki I (Buso) - 2
Predator - 2

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2 Re: Giovanni Matías on Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:02 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents


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3 Re: Giovanni Matías on Mon Jul 10, 2017 11:19 pm

The Jade Emperor

Revolutionary Captain
Revolutionary Captain

Approved yo

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4 Re: Giovanni Matías on Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:35 am



im just gonna ask for one edit, you can make it brown by all means BUT im gonna need you to actually edit in to your appearance that you have fur over your body. Right now this comes off as wanting the minkman abilities without having to look like a mink.

Minks are humanoids with animal features. Similar to fishmen and merfolk, each individual takes after a specific animal. So far, the animalistic traits of the minks have all been fur-covered mammalian.

fur is the main trait of all minkmen [given that they literally call it mink instead of fur] and that despite what mammal they mate with they all retain fur even if theres no actual genetic similiarity [given how both pikoms parents where different animal types and no lion minks].

It can be really fine fur, but there just needs to be fur instead of simple skin. it doesnt need to be covering your entire body.

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5 Re: Giovanni Matías on Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:59 am


Free Agents
Free Agents


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6 Re: Giovanni Matías on Tue Jul 11, 2017 7:00 am



all good

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