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1 Leonardo Laniakea on Sun Jun 18, 2017 1:50 am

Name: Leonardo Laniakea
Alias/Epithet: Candyman
Race: Human
Tier: 2
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Culinary Artist
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Noble

General Appearance:

Leonardo Laniakea is the youngest of his parents three children, and as such retains a measure of his youthful glow. Standing at over nine feet tall he is definitely the tallest out of the three as well, which is rather ironic considering the other two are his seniors. He also weighs in at a good three-hundred and fifty pounds, a healthy enough weight for a man of his stature. Leonardo's boyish charm definitely stems from his younger features. His eyes sparkle with a vibrant electric yellow and are placed symmetrically on his face. Below his aquiline eyes rests his oh-so-average nose, definitely not one of his most interesting qualities. His mouth is pursed by thin lips that stretch into an almost child-like smile. His immaculate pearly whites also make for a picturesque grin. Even with all this in mind Leo's most noticeable feature is his hair. Upon his head sits a large mane of wild and unkempt hair, shining as silver as the devils tongue. His atrociously unkempt hair is so out of control that its uncommon to get a glimpse of Leo's eyes, seeing as they're constantly covered by his frenzied hair-do. To make things all the more sweeter Leo loves to wear a nice and tall top hat. The hat matches his suit as well, giving it an odd resemblance to the hat of Unclesam. He feels that it makes him look professional and fancy and what-not.

Leonardo likes to dress in classy attire, suits and ties much like other Marines he serves with. Naturally he wears a white dress shirt beneath his white and pinstripe dark blue suit jacket. His white slacks are also decorated by dark blue pinstripes, which match his all white dress shoes. Instead of an ordinary tie that most folks would wear, Leo loves to wear bow ties. Most of them are solid colors, however he prefers his dark blue polka dot bow tie with his Navy uniform. When not on duty he still dresses in nice suits, even if he tends to get them from the bargain rack at the local thrift store. If he isnt sporting his oh-so-delightful and tacky pinstripe suit, he's wearing his usual black suit. A white dress shirt beneath a black suit top. His black slacks match perfectly with his white socks and dress shoes. Even his top hat in his casual attire is black. A stark contrast to the white and dark blue of his on-duty attire. While Leonardo tends to think he looks flashy as hell - and rather sexy - dressed like this. It isnt rare for him to get insulted for how utterly ugly people think his suits are.
Height: 9'6"
Weight: 350
Crew Tattoo Placement: None


  • Adventurous
  • Blunt
  • Addict
  • Inquisitive
  • Objective

    Leonardo is a pretty out going and adventurous person. Every since he was a child he enjoyed trying new things and seeing new places, often bugging his father to take him on trips to see other parts of the world. While he is a fairly spontaneous person, he also has great amounts of self control....when he feels that its necessary. Not being one to beat around the bush Leo is a blunt person. He tells it how it is, even if it may seems rude. He doesnt say things to hurt others. He just doesnt spare the hard truth for the sake of peoples feelings. This has a lot to do with his objective view on life. Leo believes that truth is objective and exists outside of emotion or faith. He is a staunch individualist and has a deep hatred for those who violate the rights of individuals. Due to this people like the Tenryuubito, slavers, murderers, and all around unsavory people are among his greatest enemies. These are feelings that his siblings share as well. This is why they seek to do something about the corruption with the World Government. And perhaps even make those Celestial Dragon assholes pay. Leonardo's most obvious flaw is, perhaps, his addiction. After his father told him to stop making candy all day and get a real job, so Leo became a doctor. He uses his knowledge as a medical professional to make all kinds of interesting drugs. Sometimes he makes them for other people, but they're mostly for him. In fact, the only thing he likes making more than drugs is candy. Leonardo has spent a majority of the his life making all kinds of candy; sour candy, hot candy, chocolate, the works. Ever since he was a child he has loved making delicious and delectable delights for himself and others to enjoy....sometimes he puts drugs in the candy to make it better. He still hasn't been able to find a market for his "special" candy yet.

    Being an adventurous type of person it goes without saying that Leonardo likes to explore and see new places. He has seen quite a few islands in his time, though has never set foot in the Grand Line. One of his favorite hobbies is collecting souvenirs from the places he has visited. A souvenir can be anything he finds interesting, anything that would remind him of where he's been. His parents even brought him several souvenirs from their trips through Paradise and the New World; a seashell from Alabasta and even a toy from the island of Dressrosa. Leo tends to be a very inquisitive person. He likes to see what makes things tick and know why things happen. Its not uncommon for him to ask one too many questions and annoy someone. However, this exact same inquisitive nature is why he could make it as a Doctor. His habit of observing and noticing pattern and what works/doesnt work kind of made him ideal for the profession. Well, that and being a doctor has all kinda of perks.


  • Candy
  • Minks
  • Drugs
  • Collecting


  • Altruism
  • Celestial Dragons
  • Slavers/Murderers etc...
  • Storms

History: None
Face Claim: Undertaker | Kuroshitsuji
RP Sample:
Leonardo Laniakea was never the most average person him his family. In fact, he was much more of a black sheep then most people tended to realize. Not only was he born with an unquenchable sweet tooth, he was also a recreational drug user. He never found importance in the same things his Noble lineage did, Leo was often more concerned with his own exploits. And it was one of those exploits that brought him to where he was now. Standing out front of the local thrift store, Leo tossed an assortment of medication in his left hand. A small group had also formed to await the stores opening. Having enough spare time the young Noble decided to get down to the shop early, before the doors opened, because why not? The group of shoppers seemed to keep their distance from him. Seemingly afraid to piss off a Noble and taste their vengeance. It was an understandable precaution albeit totally unnecessary.  

The impatient twitch of Leo tossing the meds up and down came to a stop when the doors swung open. He popped a few of the pills into his mouth and dumped the rest into his breast pocket. The young noble couldnt help but smile and tip his hat at the shops attendant, a kindly old woman who had come to expect Leo as a regular to her shop. Ah, young master Laniakea the woman's voice was hoarse from age but still unmistakably female. How's your family doing? I hear that older sister of yours has been giving those Marines the what-for.... it was obvious the woman wanted to say something but didnt want to disrespect nobility. Leo chuckled and leaned in a bit Don't tell anyone I said this, but Annabelle can be a real pain in the ass. Not sure where she got the idea that she's the boss, but its often easier to just listen to her then deal with the consequences. That being said your secret is safe with me. The store quickly filled with customers as Leo conversed with the woman for several more minutes, before leaving to browse the discount rack for tacky suits.

He sifted through the suits on the rack for what seemed like and eternity, each suit being more ghastly then the last. Or atleast thats what most people would say. As far as Leo was concerned each suit was better than the last. After balancing his options for a few moments he finally decided on the green suit with orange polka dots and a red bolo tie. It was truly a work of art meant only for the greatest of men to wear. Customers audibly gasped in disbelief as he purchased the horrid suit, almost as if they werent used to seeing the man wearing attire of similar style and quality. This is the one, my old friend. Ring me up so I can go do some more.....candy. he began to itch his nose as those last words tumbled smoothly out of his mouth. Those hitters he had taken earlier were starting to kick in. Leo paid for the suit and casually strolled out of the shop whistling Dixie.

Bonus: None
Location: West Blue; Yotsuba

Fate Point Allocation:

  • Gold Blood (2)
  • Devil's Meddle (2)
  • Hawk's Eye (1)
  • Born to Brawl (1)

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2 Re: Leonardo Laniakea on Tue Jun 20, 2017 10:17 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

approve d

This is the last one person approved with the event rewards. The new rule was created when Iayui came back and this will be the last one approved....

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3 Re: Leonardo Laniakea on Tue Jun 20, 2017 7:45 pm

revamp denied. new rule was implemented prior to creation denied

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4 Re: Leonardo Laniakea on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:10 pm

Removed Hard Worker, Diligent Spirit, and Revamp from title. Ready for reapproval.


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5 Re: Leonardo Laniakea on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:15 pm

what turf u claiming as a Noble?

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6 Re: Leonardo Laniakea on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:18 pm

Iayui and I are sharing the turf. Not sure if we share the bonuses or not, but idc if we dont. Just wanted to do a sibling thing.

EDIT: Youtsuba Island


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7 Re: Leonardo Laniakea on Tue Jun 20, 2017 8:28 pm

the proceeds would be to whoever claims them first or just claim half or w.e. approved

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