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1 Annabelle Alexis Astora Laniakea (Revamp) on Sat Jun 17, 2017 10:02 pm



Name: Annabelle Alexis Astora Laniakea
Alias/Epithet: Eldest Daughter
Tier: 2 (Revamp)
Gender: Female
Age: 21 and three minutes
Race: Human
Mode: Hard

Occupation: Marksman
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Noble (Fate points used)

General Appearance: Anna is quite tall, people of average height needing to crane their neck if they wish to look her in the eyes. She is small framed, and as such is a lower weight than the average for her height; though she will not reveal it to anyone. Her white hair is long, reaching down to her thighs, and is kept in the best possible condition at all times. Her blue eyes show an intelligence underneath if one is looking for anything beyond the surface and tend to have a more serious look to them when she is out in public. A few scars mar her left shoulder, a small accident from childhood leaving a what seems to be an injury from a knife wound, that tends to be covered up completely at all times.

Many would call the oldest of the triplets vain due to the amount of time she takes for the way she looks. Makeup is almost always on, and her clothing is always something that costs more than the standard wages of the people that work the shops in towns. Even though her garb is expensive, it is not something that hinders her movement. She prefers to wear lighter clothing so that she can run when shooting, to keep as a harder target as well as achieve better positioning. It can lead to interesting situations, some clothes revealing a bit much, but it is what she wants to wear and no one but her sisters are really going to argue about it.
Height: 6'6”
Weight: Won't Say (175)
Crew Tattoo Placement: (Not happening, but bottom of right foot)

- Argumentative
- Vain
- Strategic
Annabelle is the type of woman that will argue with you over anything she disagrees with. It does not matter if she is right or wrong, she is going to get her point across. With her siblings, this leads to some strange conversations that are quite humorous to those around them. With others, it tends to result in bad days for whoever is stuck on the receiving end of the tongue lashing if they try to argue with her rather than nod and smile. The elder sibling also has a vain streak that rates up with the best of them. She is beautiful and she knows it. On top of that she loves to wear makeup and the best clothing she can buy that she likes. The woman acts as if she has the best accuracy with her guns, looks the best, talks the best, leads the best. When someone does better she tends to pass the blame onto a lame excuse, even if she knows better, just so she does not have to admit it aloud around others. When it comes to battle she tends to think quickly to find the best chance at success for the situation. This means taking into account people, resources, opposition, and a multitude of other things that she is able to consider. She is able to keep a sound mind during times of pressure, unless the pressure is from her younger siblings, and hopes that she is able to continuously keep it up throughout her life.
- Being the oldest, it means she is in charge.
- Giving orders, it's fun to see people do as commanded.
- Going shooting, she enjoys using ranged weapons.
- Her siblings arguing with her, she's in charge!
- Celestial Dragons, just a bunch of scumbags.
-Close combat, she prefers to stay at longer ranges.

History: N/A
Face Claim: Nier: Automata | A2
RP Sample: "No! I will not apologize to an insubordinate, incompetent, lazy ass grunt! The tall woman was furious, rightfully so, as a captain argued with her over the rude grunt that had tried to push past her on the street in the town they were in. How dare they try to move her! "They WILL spend the night in jail or pay the five thousand beli fine, or I will have you and your crew do so as well!" The captain she was looking at had a face of terror as he tried to stutter for words before they finally poured forth from his mouth. Her name had been dropped, the full 'Annabelle Alexis Astora Laniakea,' and now he realized what was going on and why this broad was in such a fury.

"I am truly sorry, my lady Laniakea, and I shall let him take the night in jail if that is what you wish. I apologize for my ill manners and my lack of knowledge on who you were. It will not happen again, I swear!"

A smile would finally appear on the woman's face, though her eyes would keep the fire in them as her anger had not settled just yet. "Good, it would be a shame for you or your crew to have a repeat incident of this. Next time it may not be someone as nice as I am. He is lucky I did not yell assault or he would be in even more trouble than he would have been. Just think! A man slain because he pushed a noble! Oh, the problems that would cause!" The words would turn the captain's skin a pale white as he nodded and mumbled some words before saluting and running off to whereever his ship was docked. A laugh would leave the woman's lips as she watched the one that pushed her get dragged to where he would be incarcerated for the time being.

The people here were so afraid of nobles that it was fun to see them react to her outbursts, even if she was not really that mad about it. Her siblings would find this quite amusing, or at least a little bit so, if they were available to hear about it before she stopped caring about it herself. What were they up to, the elder Laniakea daugher wondered as she began to head back to the place they resided in. She had not seen either of the two the entire day, and it was a curiosity of hers to look into their workings throughout the day to see if she could help out. Whether that help was wanted, or needed, was not too much of a concern. She was the eldest of the group so she had a good reason to want to do what she wanted. After all, why would they not let their much more mature sister help them with anything they needed help with?

With the grunt being hauled off to jail, and a ship captain brought into line about how to treat nobles, Annabelle Alexist Astore Laniakea would head home and see how her family was doing.

Bonus: N/A (Revamp)

Fate Point Allocation: (9 points; 6 base plus 3 points from the event, listed in sidebar currently)
Gold Blood: 2 points
Cursed Hands: 1 point
Devil's Meddle: 2 points
Predator: 2 points
Hard Worker: 1 point
Diligent Spirit: 1 point

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2 Re: Annabelle Alexis Astora Laniakea (Revamp) on Sun Jun 18, 2017 8:02 am



Where's the race section of your app? It seems to have been erased accidentally.

Also while I respect your dedication to your character, you need to put a weight just because some skills people use rely on the target's weight. Don't want you getting vague maniped.

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3 Re: Annabelle Alexis Astora Laniakea (Revamp) on Sun Jun 18, 2017 9:57 am



Not sure how I managed to delete it.
Edits all made.

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4 Re: Annabelle Alexis Astora Laniakea (Revamp) on Sun Jun 18, 2017 3:15 pm



S'all good


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