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1 WIP [Arc] Inciting Revolution: Flevance on Sat Jun 17, 2017 12:47 pm



Arc Type: Standard
Arc Name: White not the color of surrender
Arc Tier: 3
Sea: North Blue
Island: Flevance
Arc Description: Aloues will investigate Flevance’s monarchy in order to prove they not only knew about the toxicity of Amber Lead but kept the citizens in the dark in favor profit.

Task Name:
NPC or PC:
Crew, Team, or Personal: personal
Description: A person died while the corrupt guards were in pursuit of Aloeus, Elphi, and Gerald. Reach out to the grieving family. Be wary the guards might not know what you look like but they know that they are looking for a dwarf.
Enemy Details: (Just a rough number of enemies and their tier(s))
Boss: No

Task Name:Capitalize on a reputation
NPC or PC:
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Between the people who witnessed the tragedy at the bar and the family of the deceased word is spreading about the compassion of Aloeus. Use the trust built up to talk against the monarchy.
Enemy Details: (Just a rough number of enemies and their tier(s))
Boss: (Yes or No)

Task Name: Raid
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Queen has caught wind of decent and rebellion being stirred up. In a public show of power she sends her guards out to end any thoughts of rebillion through force if need be.
Enemy Details: 20 T0s
Boss: (Yes or No)

Boss Name:
Tier: (1-6)
Description: (Just a run down of how they look, act, etc.)
Devil Fruit: (If they have one what is it.)
Haki: (What Haki do they know if any.)
Strength: (1-7)
Durability: (1-7)
Speed: (1-7)
Perception: (1-7)


[20:59:25] Venus : super saiyen dragon slaying uchihas with bankais
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