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1 Faleece Hodgens:: Marine Admiral ( DONE ) on Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:31 pm




Name: Faleece Hodgens / Kringle
Alias/Epithet: Two Trigger, Big Joint, The Second K
Race: Human
Tier: 3
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Mode: Hard

- Primary: Beast Master [ Spec: Ring Leader ]
- Secondary: Scientist [ Spec: Gear Head ]
Affiliation: Marine
World Position: Rear Admiral

General Appearance:
- Physique
Faleece's body, first and foremost, is slim. However, her form manages a decently endowed hour-glass type figure. Her skin is light, free of blemish and dirt and with a certain glisten with herself being a mild germophobe. Her thighs are her greatest and thickest assets, developed with a feminine plump to them without fat being the primary reason. As for her upper regions, her bust is in simplest terms a 'C' cup. Faleece's palms, however, are riddled with callus' from excessive training and usage with ranged weaponry and scrapes admist her acrobatic pursuits through tough and or rough terain. Meanwhile, her nails are trimmed to a perfection with a tasteful black polish blanketing each nail. Despite her prior toning being faint, after the given years and experience, Faleece's body tone, though notable and enough to denote extensive physical training takes nary an amount away from her feminine and soft exterior. Given the passing of her father, however, Faleece has accepted a tattoo'd engraving of the family name: "Kringle" traced in black, Japanese text and in a vertical fashion along the length of her neck.

- Clothing
Faleece's outfit begins with a rather simple white blouse with the top bottom released to intentionally break trend among marine attire. Said shirt is tucked firmly inside her rather form-fitting and undoubtedly expensive pair of dark gray business pants. Faleece is usually seen with a pair of heels which she's grown accustomed to even sprinting in after the extensive years of wearing for simple purpose of an added "crunch" when performing certain stomping acts that may or may not be against a windpipe, or groin region. As for accessories, with her numerous promotions, Faleece has adorned herself with certain jewelry un-befitting of someone who cherishes their funds. From the right ear, the marines have learned her pinned in golden studs stretching along the line of her ear's rim have become an enabler for Faleece's habbit of rubbing said ear in frustration with the level of frustration noted by which stud, from high to low, she rubs. Though her shades are less commonly used these days, they remain hanging from her waist for appropriate use: Spotting a weakling. She's become known to sarcastically use her 'special', yet not so special pair of shades to gauge whether a weakling, or "bitch" is in sight. Less intriguing, to complete her tasteful and profession choice of clothing would be a wrist-watch black with golden etchings to ease faleece's frustration should something make her check the actual time.

- Face / Hair Features
As for hair, Faleece's hair is a mid-darkish brown. Long, silk and draping downwards to the her buttocks with the ends in a routined fashion trimmed to perfection by a lesser among the ranks. Her brows are trimmed to a pristine and feminine arch, though partially thick and dark brown for one who finds art in the way of raising a brow. Her nose is partially pointed and her lips are full, yet pursed naturally. ( Or from excessively smoking ) and naturally pink thus offering her a prim and pristine appearance and or provide difficulty in deciphering whether she is annoyed, or content as this purse and un-amused squint rarely budges. Faleece's hair, in its extended fashion, adopts a simple draped down style on the average day. However, mid-battle or if swamped in work, Faleece's hair is pinned into a mussy dark-brown bun to become less troublesome for the provided time. Upon being pinned up, Faleece's left ear and its partially bit off characteristic can be seen without fail with the culprit being a certain canine of her history. Adoring the elegant style of appearance, she is never seen without make-up. Though she doesn't overdo it, her extended years of self applying products allows her a natural, blemish free and tastefully pale exterior with a faint trace of blackened eyeshadow running along the rim of her naturally squinted eyes. On a good day, she'd even apply a palette cohesive red lipstick to heightened her self-perceived limitless bodily charm and beauty.

Height: 6'2"
Weight: 169 Lbs
Crew Tattoo Placement: Bottom Back, Above Buttocks
Elegant Faleece:
Photoshoot Faleece:
If Kringle Never Died:

Faleece initially comes off as stern, but not cold. She has zero sympathy or pity for weak willed individuals and would prefer them dead. She favors order and for things to be followed to the letter. However, only when she's the one dishing them out. She rebels against authority without a single care and is angered quickly by being told what to do as her days in the marines are exclusively for connections and power. All the while, she expects immediate results and lacks the patience to wait for others who don't have diapers or a raddle in hand. In her eyes, what she says is correct. And those who oppose are either idiotic or simpleminded. On the opposite side of the spectrum, she is a critical thinker. She weighs her own values and plans against others and chooses which benefits her best. Faleece naturally speaks in a proper and rather powerful tone while sustaining feminine qualities. Her hearing is extraordinarily selective and her keen sight pays attention to the smallest of details whether in battle, or in a mere conversation. She displays a hard outer shell but beneath she grows attached to things very quickly. Even more towards her few soft spots: Children, and Animals. The woman enjoys the company of animals over men any day.

However, Children are the exception as she becomes kind-hearted and protective of them with a flick of a switch. She favors confident, strong leader type males and someone to dominate over herself where few can. Faleece's dreams are only of having the reputation and power to move mountains without lifting a finger in order to spend her days catering to her children and their well being. Beyond that, in combat she is aggressive and will resort to any strategy to ensure heads roll. Hodgens' morale code can be altered with ease depending on if it provides her with an advantage, or her enemy with a disadvantage. The woman is overly opportunistic and grows immensely furious with missed chances or wasted opportunity from herself or others. Regarding her interior, the woman despite all the years, wishes to be scooped up by a dominating figure and protected from stupidity and the stupid. When without a smoke for extended periods of time, she reveals a new layer of vulnerability that is immensely prone to either lashes of frustration or downright tears. She will kill without reason, or sob without cause and grow hungrier than ever before. If her power is blatantly above someone else, she will toy with her prey as opposed to downright slaughter unless angered or inspired. Despite how enraged or any other factor of altered emotion, her greatest vulnerability is a child by which she would either lay down her life for or forfeit any battle if it ensured their safety. This side of Faleece is overbearing, caring and clingy to any figure she could recognize as a child or offspring. On the more selfish aspects of her personality, she prefers form-fitting attire when in public if not always. Oversized or baggy clothing will demoralize the woman whose motto is: "Kill in style, or don't kill at all."

She personally believes her physique should be on display for everyone to admire despite her modest clothing selections. To not be attracted to Faleece in her eyes is to not be attracted to women in general. She is the very definition of beauty and absolutely can not be proved otherwise. Admittedly, Faleece holds a heavy tendency of being jealous towards females dressed more elegantly or flashier than herself. She will hold a grudge until the individual is either stomped into the dirt, or dead or if its admitted from said person that Faleece reigns in beauty and elegance. Though she is attracted to very few men, she is a heavily impulse-driven woman and will pursue her lustful desires despite whatever opposition comes in way: Bride, wife, girlfriend, and etc. She is ruthless and uncaring in her pursuit for the perfect soulmate. As for men, she holds heavy preference over divine sense in style and expensive pursuits. She will by no means marry for money, but will find her brow raised in intrigue. With money, she believes it holds no purpose being collected and stored for long periods of time and thus has the tendency of spending her dollar on the flashiest, the shiniest and the things of highest quality without a single bat of the eye as to price or how empty it'd make her wallet.

- Babies: She wants children. Now.

- Classical Music: She  enjoys the fine melodies of classical and olden music.

- Order / Power: The words, "Yes, ma'am!" are music to her ears. She loves to seize control, possess control and conduct herself as if she has the authority to control others. Being able to manipulate others reluctantly to lighten her load or aid accomplish her goals.

- Machinery:
Small guns, big guns ..and bigger guns. She loves them. Anything that is constructed of parts that can give her an upper hand and makes beautiful 'bangs' when fired. She fires a gun to hear the sound more than to hit the target. Beware.

- Wild Life: Her freedom from...people. Beings that in most cases can't speak and with enough training become perhaps even more obedient than humans. Be they fluffy, scaly, big or small, she has a certain soft spot for animals and tends to lighten up around them.

- High Living: The woman is naturally attracted to the finer things in life. The more fancy, the more shiny and expensive things. Though she can't be bribed by cold cold beli, she can be bribed by jewels and fine clothing.

- Ugly: If you're unattractive, she hates you.

- Grape: She is absurdly allergic to anything grape.

- Cold Temperature: She reacts horribly to colder weathers.

- Authority: The woman despises authority and generally being told what to do. She views her potential as limitless and having people to tell her how to act only tampers with that belief. Is she self-indulged? Perhaps. Will she shoot a marine superior that shoves rules and restrictions down her throat? Your guess is as good as .. *body getting dragged away slowly in the background* ..."Cut the camera-"

- Dirt: Faleece adores the glisten of her skin in the correct lighting. Dirt tends to tamper with that and thus she hinds herself immensely hateful towards dirt and generally sticky things. Human contact is heeeavvily situational but oddly enough she doesn't mind interacting with animals in the slightest. Be they covered in dirt, or flees. She has a deluded sense of whats dirty, and what's clean.  

- Giants: Be they giants, or giant humans, she loathes every fiber of their being. To constantly be looked down upon makes her skin crawl and without hesitation she will voice her opinion.

--------------\\ Flashback: One
"D-daddy!" A child called. "Daddy! This one! This one here!" Within the walls of Goa Kingdom and located in the high town, a small child pointed at a jeweled necklace. A man stood over her, sporting a bejeweled top hat, elegant clothing and a cane. "Why Faleece..that there necklace is the most expensive thing in the shop." -- "B-..But Dadd-" -- "I'll tell you what, little miss." He'd lean over to match her height. "You grow strong and powerful and you'll have a necklace many times better than that. Does that sound good?" She'd smile brightly with a nod, his words fueling her ambitions to gather power and adorn herself with the finer things in life. "Mhm!" -- "Mhm!"

------------\\ Flashback: Second
Two Years Later. The child's mother, a notorious shadow amongst the grand line returned home. Her reasons unknown to Faleece but nevertheless she savored each day. She herself upon returning was forced to part ways with her companion: Kojack, a massive snarling wolf of which she shared travels aplenty with. Instead, she returned with the wolf's cub: Koju, an infant furry creature to win the heart of her daughter and also to introduce her to living amongst and caring for pets. However, the serene state of living expired as quickly as it was presented to Faleece. The air grew silent, everyday nobles and commoners alike holding their breath at the announcement of a world noble docking. Tall in stature and adorned in fine clothing, the highly esteemed noble would tread through Goa Kingdom until he reached the High Town, namely where Faleece had grown up the majority of her life. "YIJOJOJO~" The noble would announce with a booming tone, standing outside Faleece's residence. Meanwhile, her mother would be convincing Faleece to remain quiet and stay hidden within the closet. "B-..But Mommy. I don't want you to go-" -- "Mommy is just catching up with an old friend, do you hear me?" She'd lean down to wipe the child's tears before kissing her forehead and closing the closet door.

Exiting the home, Faleece's mother would be approached by a world noble amongst an entire squad of blade totting and rifle carrying individuals. "Ahh Ms.Hodgens. Quite the sticky fingers you have," the noble would begin. An underling would nudge his friend, snickering. "The bitch really thought she could steal from the boss and live. HA! She's gonna get it." Faleece's mother would withdraw two pistols, effectively mowing down anyone who stepped two close. "Oh. Did I Forget to mention? Since you enjoy stealing so much I figured I'd try my hand and it." He'd reach to the side, his underling handing him Faleece who squirmed and screamed with tears in her eyes. The back door could be seen busted wide open, along with Faleece's father face down on the floor lifeless while next to a closet. "So what'll it be, Ms.Hodgens? Your life? Or hers?" He'd press a gold embroiled flintlock pistol against Faleece's temple, her mother clinching both pistols intensely before cursing to herself and dropping both pistols onto the ground. "Release her. Now. Do whatever you will with me." She'd approach with her hands up, Faleece put onto the ground and allowed to run into her mother's arms. "Grow to be beautiful and powerful, my Faleece. Promise me that, okay?" The child would hesitantly nod, incapable of more than tears and constant stuttering. "How touching." The noble would say. Faleece hearing a powerful a bang behind her before --*drip* .. She'd look up to a solid hole through her mother's forehead and her eyes cocked back as she reeled back and collapsed onto the floor. "Oops~" The noble would chuckle. "Finger Slipped. YIJOJOJO~" Faleece's eyes were reeled back, her jaw unhinged as she cried and screamed like never before. With the pistol now pointed at Faleece, his fingers steadily clinched to pull the trigger until ----*Crrnch!* A solid pair of teeth bit deeply into his arm. The noble looking to see a puppy biting into him. Faleece would raise to her feet, thanking Koju before she began to run off.

The child ran and ran and in the distant two shots would be heard along with the whimpering of an animal. Nevertheless, while crying and being turned a blind eye by the citizens too scare to face against a world noble, she ran in a desperate attempt to escape to the Gray Terminal. A land full of waste, scrap and the more desperate individuals who thrived off of it. She'd find herself running through the forests before long until finding a rowing boat. However, a bullet would pierce through her earlobe and she'd hit the ground with heavy tumbling. She'd quickly be surrounded by the Noble's Goons as they laughed aloud. They'd simultaneously aim their weapons at her until a ear-deafening howl shook the very forest itself. From the depths of the forest, two gleaming red could be seen before a massive wolf emerged and with a mere swipe, the lot of goons went tumbling and flying in fleeting directions. She'd find a wolf glaring at her before lifting her by her shirt and placing her in the rowboat. "K-..Kojack.." She'd say with immense soreness in her throat. Faleece would rub his nose before the rowboat was nudged and she was set adrift. The child would smile brightly, waving the wolf goodbye before the island itself was no longer in sight. "KOOOOOJAACCKKKK!~" -- "I WON'T FORGET YOUUU~"

------------\\ Flashback: Third
At the age of 14, Faleece found herself a chore girl amongst the marines. Her rowboat had drifted to Shells Town where she was taken in by a local family of ex-marines until she came of age to join the ranks herself. She'd refuse to speak of her origins, of why her ear was injured and anything of the past. However, she'd never forget the horrific sight of her mother dying in her own arms. Faleece grew up with an obsession for power. She wished to become strong as quickly as possible to kill the world noble who destroyed life as she knew it. She'd steal her god father's pistol at night and practice with it for hours on end. Assembling them, firing them and getting a well enough aim with them in general. However, now a marine and forced to scrub and clean for most of her days, she quickly grew to loathe being told what to do. It wasn't until she found herself nearly pulling the trigger on a captain who'd recently yelled at her did she decide to control herself well enough to stay alive long enough to raise through the ranks of the marines. To order, and instead of being ordered. To eventually establish the contacts to learn the where abouts and ins and outs of the world noble who she blamed everything for.

------------\\ Flashback: Fourth
Amongst the Island of Rare Islands, she found herself higher in ranking from years ago and at age 17, she was assigned to clear a group of pyromaniac-themed pirates. They aimed to burn the forests, the animals and any marine ships which passed by. The days were long, the nights mercilessly silent yet filled with exchange gun fire. While firing with her dual set of flintlock pistols, she'd notice a set of cannons flying overhead. "W-..What!?" Her background was lit with fire, explosion and smoke as the marine ship was set alight with remaining marines on ship jumping overboard. By the second week on night fall, bodies littered the Island of Rare Animals. No breath was exhaled, no able body left to fire or stab. Both sides were completely wiped out.

------------\\ Now: Chapter One
Buried below a pile of corpses, pirate and marine, Faleece scrapped together the will to do what no other had done: Stay alive. She'd be bombarded with scenes of her past, of the world noble, of her entire family being removed and her undeniable hatred and will to press forward. The woman would scream aloud, pushing her body through the many heavy corpses piled ontop of her. She'd capture a gasp of air with her fists clinched once she emerged. In pure frustration, she'd scream aloud and weep as she looked at the battlefield full of death, blood and gun shells. Though so much had ended on this day, this was just the beginning of Faleece's story. She'd salvage together what materials she could, ripping the cloth of her shirt to temporarily mend her wounds and set a burning signal to flames to send an 'S.O.S' for any passing marine ship to find her.

This is the story of Faleece Hodgens, or rather the introductory.

------------\\ Now: Chapter Two
Years later, a woman would light a cigar before resting it between both lips, eyeing the newsletter of a certain: Asher Kringle, and his death. She'd stare offward, folding the paper before allowing it to drift. "Gone and . .fucked up, didn't you? Pity. Never gave me a little one to call my ow-" ---"Rear Admiral Kringle!" A marine would call, saluting before insisting her presence in important matters. She'd look towards the drifting paper before turning around with her new justice cloak in tow and walked offward. "I'll be sure to do what you couldn't. Ash."

RP Sample: The New World would mutter not a sound nor whisper as the very air between two transcended beings clashed with another spunk to quake the very earth beneath them. "Fleet A-..Admiral Hodgens!" A marine would struggle to spit out, the debris subsiding to reveal the well endowed woman with a well decorated black and gray suit and marine jacket resting idly upon her shoulders. The cigar resting between her lips would be spat sideways, her very sight piercing through remaining smoke and fog to glare The Pirate King himself as his head cocked sideways in interest. His fist would tighten, cocked skyward before launched into the very earth, rippling through rock and the like until spiked pillars emerged forth to puncture the admiral. With squinted eyes, she'd adjust her shades before her the veins among her forehead would branch like wildfire, her right arm lifted before her before the hole residing within her palm was revealed, her left arm clinching her wrist before a yellow hued glow shook the vicinity and gave way to a tiny ball emerging before her palm along with mechanized audibles. The ball would swiftly explode in size before being fired, surging forward in an brilliant blast of destructive energy which effortlessly eviscerated the pillars of earth sent her way. Attacks canceling one another, the King Pirate would grunt before launching a fist into the very air itself, streaks of white stemmed from his fist as his Gura Gura abilities permitted him access to manifesting massive vibrations in the form of a wide-scaled shock wave that aimed to soon engulf Faleece along with the remainder of the island.

The earth below them split in half without announcement, the Fleet Admiral speaking the mere word "KOJACK!" Before a massive shadow dropped from the sky, shaking the ground from sheer weight and mass and providing a gust to remove debris and smoke. Shielding The Fleet Admiral from the wide-scale attack would be a wolf of gargantuan proportions, surpassing the height of majority of marine ships and fitted with a suit of his own along with a large eyepatch and a cigar which he managed to smoke with a half-litted snarling gaze upon the Pirate King. "Excellent, Kojack. Now prepare yourself." She'd kneel briefly, allocating enough strength in her legs to bound upward enough to land ontop of Kojack's head. "Together. Give it all you've got!" Simultaneously, as Kojack's jaw unhinged to reveal an ever-expanded and ground quaking charged beam of light, the Fleet Admiral herself would position both hands together, conjoining the two and allocating the remainder of her energy into charging a light beam of island-toppling capabilities. All the while, The Pirate King would encase his fist in a hardened coating of busoshoku haki, further kissed in an intense coating of flame from a quick succession of vibrations alone. Together, both the Fleet Admiral and Kojack would usher forth a dear-deafening and conjoined beam of light that pierced through the very air and toward the Pirate King. He himself, with guts and all, single-handedly launched himself forward and into the blast only to unleash a rapid succession of flamed punches by which further cracked the earth which each vibrated jab until the scene was bathed in a blinding light of white and yellow.

Debris would fade to reveal the entirety of an island being leveled to nothingness, two pillars of earth where both the Fleet Admiral and the Pirate King themselves lying bruised on the ground remained. The two massive forces proved equal, and only until they both awoke did the battle go onward. Until both were reduced to nothing but scarred skin and bone.

Bonus: Log Pose
Location: Marineford
Face Claim: Lisa Lisa | Jojo No Kimyou Na Bouken
Face Point Allocation:
* Cursed Hands
* Hard Worker
* Diligent Worker
* Quick Learner  

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2 Re: Faleece Hodgens:: Marine Admiral ( DONE ) on Fri Jun 16, 2017 11:48 am


Free Agents
Free Agents

Appearance: 538/650
Personality: 751/650
History: 1,500/0000

Everything seems good. Appearance needs to be lengthened at bit. Also, Location, fate POints, and everything should be at the end of the App. :/ Not a huge deal. But Messing with the order of things makes it hard to find the information.

Where is the Bonus you are choosing for T3?

And the three pictures in the spoilers are broken for me. Just huge blocks.

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3 Re: Faleece Hodgens:: Marine Admiral ( DONE ) on Fri Jun 16, 2017 12:25 pm



Changes have made. @Magnus Dayne

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Free Agents

o k

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