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1 The Lenny Pirates (Task) on Wed Jun 07, 2017 11:10 am

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: The Lenny Pirates
Tier: 1
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal
Description: Well, thanks to the ruckus the local Marines were called in leading to Joey having to fight and run from them. Fortunately he was saved by a little girl who brought him to meet her family, finding out that the people he beat up were among a crew of pirates who stole from them. Joey takes it upon himself to go retrieve this thing for the family with a little help on a dangerous adventure that will lead him to Dawn Island.
Enemy Details: 8 T0 Marines (Only beats up 3 and runs from other 5)
Boss: No

"Alright everybody stay back!" one of the Marine ensigns ordered to the islanders. A group of six marine soldiers stood there around the unconcious pirates. They quickly recognized who they were, and proceeded to get cuffs on them. Three other ensigns were going around questioning the citizens who were there when the brawl broke out. Some of them having rather insane, and just plain stupid responses to other being a bit more accurate, talking about some teen with a straw hat strapped to the back of his head taking down all for of the pirates before booking it.

Too the marines that also sounded ridiculous but the blond teen still ran from the scene of the fight, and needed to be questioned. "You got a similar story too?" one marine asked another only to get a nod as a response. "Four of the Lenny Pirates....taken down by some kid?" one of the soldiers questioned to themselves as he turned to look at the four pirates being walked off in cuffs. "Sounds ridiculous..." "Yeah. Still, Commander Richards should be notified of this." two of the Marines conversed before one pulled out a Den Den. Among the crowd of islanders, a little girl hidden under a ragged hood looked on before scurrying off, maneuvering around the crowd.


Eight other Marine soldier have been tasked to look for the blond youth who escaped from the scene for obvious reasons, and are somewhat spread across different parts of the town due to...losing him....somehow.

After running for awhile, Joey finally stopped in the middle of two buildings as he rest his hands on his knees, trying to catch his breathe. " hungry.....for this!" he claimed, huffing after almost every word. "HEY!" came an unwelcoming voice. Joey quickly turned his head to see a marine coming up behind him. Then the young pirate heard more footsteps in front of him, turning to see YET another ensign coming towards him. With a sheepish look on his face, Joey sighed before standing back up, his expression now turning into a smile. There was no way to go left nor right, so the only way to go seemed to be...

"FORWARD!" he shouted before running at top speed forward towards the incoming marine. The marine he was on a collision course with raised his eyebrows some. "Is this guy serious?" he'd question but before he could do much, Joey rose a leg up once he was close enough and delivered a breathe taking kick at the ensign's stomach with enough force to topple the marine over. After that Joey jumped over the ensign and continued running, the other marine that was behind tripping over the downed soldier, landing face first onto the ground. Joey continued on with sweat dripping down his face, but accompanied by a smile which showed that he was actually enjoying this! Is this what a pirate's life feels like? Going around picking fights, and running from the law? It's almost as enjoyable as cooking!

As the young blond continued to run, he passed by yet another ensign who was patrolling the area for him. Not noticing who that was at first, the marine simply shrugged, and continued on for a few seconds before raising an eyebrow. "Wait a minute...." Quickly he took out his den den mushi and alerted the remaining Marines who were tasked on finding this kid. There would be no way he can take them all on at once!

Now while being completely unaware, Joey was being chased down by five marines as he ran down a not so busy street. As he continued on, a sixth marine came up from by a building, and started running beside Joey who glanced over at him. "Hey! The name's Jojo!! How about you?" Joey would ask as the soldier simply attempted to grab the simple minded pirate. As the ensign moved an arm towards Joey, the pirate grabbed him by the wrist before throwing him to the other side back first into a building. "Sorry but I really need to get something to eat!!" he shouted before continuing on. As he was about to pass another set of buildings, Joey was suddenly pulled in between them with a yelp! The five remaining marines saw this, and went into that direction only to find themselves on a busy street.

They freakin lost the suspect!! Despite that, they maneuvered around the crowd of people, trying to look for him, but still coming up short. Now inside of a family restaurant which also doubled as a house on the top floor that is currently closed, Joey watched through a window while standing on a table as some of the marines passed by. "Woah. Didn't know those guys were after me. You really saved my butt back there little gir-" as Joy turned around to look down at the little girl, his head suddenly shot up to see a menu board. Taking a better look around he finally realized where he was. "Is this a...." his stomach begun to growl while drool slid from the side of his mouth. "FOOD!!" Joey bounced off of the table and to the counter to get a better look at the menu, not even realizing the husband, wife who appeared to be middle aged, and their son who also seemed to be in his teens, a bit older than Joey.

"Y-yes, you must be really hungry after all th-" before the father could finish..."Two of EVERYTHING PLEASE!!" the family looked towards each other completely dumbfounded.

A few hours later.....

"The Lenny Pirates?" Joey asked with his mouth full of food. "It isn't polite to talk with your mouth full!!!" the son exclaimed. The father nodded before continuing. "Yes...the Lenny Pirates. Those four thugs you beat up a while ago are from that crew." "They are from Dawn Island, and tend to come here to harass people despite there being Marine influence here.....They...they even took" The wife couldn't continue talking, and broke down into crying. Her husband came over to comfort her as their son stood with his back against a wall with arms crossed, and their daughter sitting besides Joey with her head down. Jojo simply looked at her while still stuffing his face.

"Those pirates came in one day, and robbed us. They took our money, but most importantly they took something that was dear to my wife. A watch that belonged to her Great Great Grandfather." the husband explained as he hugged his crying wife. Joey put another piece of food into his mouth before rubbing the under part of his nose with a finger. "Hmmmm" he mused to himself before swallowing. "Dawn Island huh? Wonder what kind of animals they have there..." he asked, sounding as if he entirely missed the point of this sad story. "I'll go get it back!" Joey claimed, causing the family to all look at him, the son looking more displeased than surprised. "You'd...really do that for us?" the husband asked as Joey simply nodded with a grin.

"The least I could do for you guy's saving my butt, and that delicioussssss food." he claimed. "Dad please tell me you're not serious. This kid must've gotten lucky or something taking out those lackeys. Plus he said he's a pirate too! How can we trust him!? I already said I will go and ge-" Charles hush your mouth!"  the father said, causing his son to immediately stop. "There is no way we are going to risk losing you boy. He may be a pirate, but he is willing to help us, and has proven to be capable of taking these guys on. So I don't want to hear ANYMORE of this, do you understand!?" After that, everyone just went quiet for a few seconds only for the silence to be broken by...

"The name's Joey by the way, but you can call me Jo-" Charles immediately stomped his way upstairs." "Don't mind Charles. He was always the stubborn type. We appreciate this very much, Joey. There is a rowboat you can take at the docks nearby. Would be better to go at night in case those Marines are still out for you." the father explained only for Joey to nod with a small smile before looking up towards the stairs that Charles went up to.

It seems that the real adventure is just beginning.


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