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1 What a Warm Welcome! (Task) on Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:16 am

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Task Name: What a Warm Welcome!
Tier: 1
Location: Logue Town
Crew, Team, or Personal: Personal (Unless anyone wants to join)
Description: Finally! Joey has arrived to Logue Town for the beginning of his journey. His plans were to do some sight seeing, meet locals and of course try out some mouth watering food! Unfortunately he was instead met by some unwelcoming guests who he now has to take care of....which would only get him into MORE trouble.
Enemy Details: 4 T0 Pirates
Boss: No

The time has FINALLY arrived!!

A lot has been happening in the world ranging from the death of a former Pirate King, the rise of a new one, and with that a new era. The World Government appears to be growing in numbers as well to make sure pirates stay in their place, but despite that the level in piracy appears to be still growing with people who do not fear them. People who are looking to achieve their dreams no matter what.

One of those people being Joey Pryce. An orphan from the South Blue who dreams big, wanting to become a world renowned chef as well as an infamous pirate, living free without a care in the world, and to make his mentor proud despite her constant protests on the pirate part.

"Wow, the sea does look mighty pretty..." the teen mused to himself while rowing in his rowboat, a piece of hay swaying from left to right in his mouth. He stared out at the clear blue sea while his boat rocked some with nothing but a relaxed smile on his face. Without much of a thought, the young chef in training found himself in the East Blue, but has yet stumbled upon an island. Perhaps he will never find one! Maybe he's stumbled upon a sea with nothing but water for miles! These things did race around Joey's head at times, but it would only make him more excited to be finally out here starting his new life. The life he believes he needs. He may have believed that he is nowhere near an island now, but if he were to turn around he'd see one coming up. Unfortunately the simple minded blond dived further into distraction after hearing the kaws of seagulls flying by above him...

"Woooooowwww, so cool!!" he'd exclaim almost like a child as he now found himself standing on his boat which caused it to rock some. Despite getting up the boat still continued pushing in the direction of the island, inching closer and closer without the man's knowledge. He watched as the seagulls flew around peacefully with the sun blazing down and no clouds in sight, leaving the light blue sky exposed for all to see. Seeing them fly made him wish he could. Who wouldn't want to fly? He also wondered how grilled seagull would taste. Just thinking about it nearly makes the boy's mouth water, and was now tempted to go after one despite them being far from his reach. Joey balled up his fists and crouched some as if he were about to jump, having his sights on one of the birds, but before he could try his ridiculous attempt...


The small boat rammed into part of the land causing Joey to fly out of the boat into the other direction which was the water with a big splash. The splash caught the attention of some of the islanders who stopped to look over in the direction of the boat with puzzled expressions on their faces. A few seconds later, Joey rose his head from the water to the point that only his eyes were showing as he blinked a few times. At the same time a random seagull plopped onto his head, kawing as Joey peeked up. Without any warning, Joey rose some more out of the water with his arms in the air screaming,

"THAT WAS SO AWESOME!!!" which made the seagull fly away and the onlookers even more puzzled before going back to their activities. Quickly, Joey swam over towards the land, finally setting foot on this unknown island. "Didn't think I would stumble upon an island so soon. I wonder what the name is..." he said to himself as he looked left and right despite the sign revealing the name being right over top of him attached to two buildings which read "Logue Town." "Ah well, I'll just ask someone." he said before running off into the town with a grin on his face.

Finally the energetic pirate stopped running, and stood in the middle of people who were walking, going to places they needed to get to. "Excuse me lady, I was wondering if ya.....Hey sir what is the....Um hello....I just need a momen...." Every time he tried to ask someone they would just walk by either too distracted, or in a hurry which led Joey to cross his arms with a slight look of disappointment in his face. "Hmmmm..." he'd just stand there in the middle trying to figure out how to get other's attentions, but what he didn't realize was the group of four who looked to be thugs who were up to new good walking by. The people here were familiar with these pirates, and stood clear of their way as they passed. The four snickered at the frightened citizens only for one of the pirates to accidentally brush elbows with Joey who still didn't notice. Once contact was made, the one pirate stopped, and glanced at Joey with the other three following shortly after.

"Oi kid!" the first pirate said which got Joey's attention. "Watch where you're going boy! Do you not know who we are!?" he exclaimed, causing Joey to stare at him a bit before smiling. "Oh hey do you guys happen to know the name of this island?" he asked casually. The four looked at each other in confusion. Was this kid serious!? Did he not know who he was dealing with!? Even the citizens were just as puzzled. "You better apologize to us kid. With a small fee added onto that too." one of the other pirates said as the begun snickering. "Oh umm I don't have any money, but sorry about that!" he claimed, resting his hands behind his head which tilted from side to side slightly. The chef didn't even know what he was apologizing for, but did it anyway. The lack of money, and laid back nature of Joey only made the pirates more furious, with two of them taking out wooden planks.

"Wait a minute...." Joey placed his arms back down as he observed the four more. "Are you guys...pirates?" "Yea squirt, we ar-" before one of the pirates could finish, Joey chimed in again with a loud, and proud "I'M A PIRATE TOO!!" which caused the four pirates to pause before breaking out in laughter which Joey simply cocked his head to the side some as a confused response. "You? A pirate!? Whatever kid just give us your beli and we'll let you go on with your make believe." the pirate demanded. "Make believe? But I don't have any money." Joey said once more as the pirates got closer to him.

"Not gonna cough it up I see? Don't worry, we'll just beat it out of you..." one of the pirates said as he closed in with a plank, and was about to smack Joey with it only for the boy to quickly dodge to the left with a loud "Woah there!" As a response Joey quickly landed a fist into the pirate's cheek which quickly downed the guy much to the other three pirate's and citizen's surprise. The remaining three looked at each other for a second before attempting to bombard the teen, only for him to quickly look up and ball his second fist up. Without much of a warning Joey started to throw a flurry of about ten punches at the other three, hitting them in their chests and faces before they dropped their weapons, and fell to the ground.

"Well...that wasn't very nice of you guys." he said while crossing his arms, the onlooking citizens just looking....dumbfounded.

Did...that really just happen!? Does Joey have any idea who this people are!?

As everything got quiet, a couple quick footsteps could be heard followed by a loud "HOLD IT THERE!!!" Joey looked up to see it was a couple of....MARINES heading his way answering a response of a ruckus happening around the entrance of the island. The teen smiled sheepishly before looking left and right quickly. Being a pirate meant that the Marines would be on his tail, and that's the last thing he wanted! Quickly he found himself running in another direction past some buildings to get away only for some of the soldiers to start pursuing him while the rest went to the downed pirates.

This is NOT how Joey imagined his first trip to a new island wold be like.....


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