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1 JoJo's Updates on Tue May 30, 2017 7:33 pm

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents


Character Name: Joey Pryce
Link to Approved Character Link
Affiliation: Pirate
Crew: N/A
Occupation: Culinary Artist/Martial Artist
Tier: 2
Bounty/Reputation: 10,020,000
World Position: N/A
Fate Perks:
Born to Brawl (1)
Hawk's Eyes (1)
Hard Worker (1)
Devil's Meddle (2)
Fate Points: 1

Primary: Strength (IV)
Secondary: Speed (II)
Non-Prioritized: Durability and Perception (II)

Stamina: 280

Haki: C
Kenbunshoku Haki:
Perk 1:
Sixth Sense - Sixth Sense allows the user to feel those who are around them, even if they aren’t visually looking at them. This alertness allows the user to sense and perceive incoming danger within its range of effect based on the amount of intentional killing intent coming from the assailant. Regardless of the amount of people or objects present, this type of sensory cannot be overloaded with information. This ability to perceive a threat undetected by conventional senses only applies to intentional attacks from beings with their own consciousness.

D-Rank - 30m diameter
C-Rank - 75m diameter
B-Rank - 150m diameter
A-Rank - 300m diameter
S-Rank - 750m diameter
SS-Rank - 1km diameter
Busoshoku Haki:
Perk 1:
Intangible to Tangible - This Perk simply allows the user to strike a Logia user or anyone that is intangible, as if they were physical. But more so than that, it disrupts Logia intangibility as well, so even if the target is in their elemental form, the Busoshoku enhanced limb/item renders them out of the form to be hit. This also effects Devil Fruits like the Gomu Gomu no Mi rendering them vulnerable to blunt force attacks.
Haoshoku Haki: N/A

Devil Fruit: Hachūrui Hachūrui no Mi, Model: Tyranosaurus Rex

Link to Primary Skill Set: Iron Chef's Might, T3 Skill
Link to Secondary Skill Set: Hachūrui Hachūrui no Mi, Model: Tyranosaurus Rex , Form Perks
Link to Tertiary Skill Set: N/A
Link to Support Skill Set: Jojo's Homestyle Cooking

Weapons: N/A
Armor: N/A
Items: Hushpuppies (20), Baby Den Den Mushi
Ships: N/A
Pets: N/A
Grunts: N/A

Completed Topics

Completed Topics This Tier
Tier 1:

Tier 2:

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2 Re: JoJo's Updates on Sat Jun 03, 2017 12:29 pm


Free Agents
Free Agents

have fun

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3 Re: JoJo's Updates on Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:51 pm

Gabriel Lucas

Free Agents
Free Agents

Current Tier 1
Oceans RP'd In: East Blue
# of Task Completed: 7
# of Other Topics Completed: 0
What has you character done since they've been the tier they are now?: Joey has just started out on his path of path of being a pirate, and it has already led him into some trouble. Not only did he manage to get caught up in a brawl with other pirates in a middle of an island, but the brawl ended up alerting the marines stationed there. Instead of sticking around to answer questions, or even worse, Joey thought it would be best to just run from them, actually beating on some of them in the process to get away which has put a bounty on his head. This bout led him to meeting a family who lost something precious to them to a pirate crew. Joey agreed to help them, and with the help of one of the family's own, he traveled to another island where these pirates were located, and caused yet another ruckus there, gaining a bit more attention, and even killing off the captain of this pirate crew. With the item retrieved, Joey, and his friend went back. The family, along with Joey who helped, made a big feast in celebration for the the safely retrieval of the item, and return of the boys. The feast was unfortunately cut short as the marines showed up, still needing to take Joey in, but this time they were accompanied by their commander. Not in the condition to fight, all Joey was able to do is run. He managed to get away for a bit, but the Commander soon found him, and made Joey rethink his purpose. The once cheerful teen who set out, claiming himself to be a pirate was left a broken mess at the end both physically, and mentally as the Commander put in his mind that he was no pirate. On top of that, Joey's friend came in, and got himself arrested so that Joey could escape. Joey wanted to help him, but in his current condition, all he could do was leave...leave and abandon his friend.

What has changed in your character since the last time they tiered up and what brought on these changes?: At first, Joey was a cheerful person who believed he was a pirate, and that a pirate was mainly about being free with other pirates. He soon learned that he couldn't just trust every other pirate as he was faced up against the much more sinister Lenny Pirates. Joey's confidence in himself has lowered, once believing himself to be a pirate, only to be utterly humiliated by a marine commander who told him exactly how he wasn't a pirate. He made Joey feel weak, and pathetic. He learned that his actions not only have consequences on himself, but on others as well as the things with him ended up with him completely beaten up, and his new friend now arrested. It's hard for him to see himself as anything, but useless now.

Why does your character deserve to tier up?: Though he hasn't done much, I feel Joey has been through a lot, and has made some progress. He came out into the greater world thinking everything would just be simple sunshine and rainbows, only to be hit hard upside the head with the reality stick in the end.

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