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1Giant Mode Empty Giant Mode on Fri May 12, 2017 6:01 pm


Pappa Smexy
Pappa Smexy


Mode Name:Giant Body
Mode Type: SkillSet
Mode Tier: 3
Skill Set Derived From: Dame Dame no mi

*Increased tot he size of a Giant + his current height

*The users as able to send back any attack back unto the one that struck him.

Mode Description: Simply the user increase his body to the size of a giant 75ft, added on to his current height. Just being a giant also give him the strength of one. This happens upon entering this mode.

The second perk is that all attacks are reflected back, with double the potency, at those that attacked the user. Meaning it's damage and speed is increased. This is not a ability used effortlessly, the user must perceive the attack first. They don't need to just stand there, as they can move around, but attacking simultaneously will not allow him to utilize this perk. Common sense applies here, Seastone based attacks can't be reflected. Also, how this works is because the user it put into his peak his body doesn't need to absorb anymore attacks to convert to power, so they can be pushed back. Things reflected cannot be converted to power[points].

Drawback: Can't initiate a attack when sending it back. Also doesn't reach max height in the same post. Increase 25ft each post.

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